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Pocket Change

From the beginning of time, we women have been trying to train our husbands as illustrated in this cute cartoon from

Since I work with my spouse, I’m always interested in couples that work together so I can observe how they fare in life. When we had dinner with Rick and Barb, we laughed when Barb said that she would never trade in Rick for another guy. They’d been married a long time, and she said that she had him trained. I knew what she meant with her debilitating disease and the way that Rick gets up early and makes the coffee, breakfast and cares for their animals so she can take her time getting ready before they leave for work. I tried to train my husband once but it didn’t work.

My hubby had a habit of leaving loose change all over the house. I let him know this annoyed me, but pocket change continued to be on every shelf and in every nick and cranny. Once, he admired a carved, dark wooden gift box I purchased at a curio shop. When he smoothed his hands ov…

True Story Film

This is the second week my plans were foiled on my day off, Thursday . We discovered a water leak that took priority over anything else in our day. We were able to fix the leak quickly, but decided to skip our trip to Flagstaff and stay in town and get the oil changed on the truck. While in town, we got a lot done and stopped for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. We bumped into an old friend who stayed and ate with us and it was wonderful to connect again. So with our tummies full, we went home and watched a great movie.

An American Rhapsody is a true story that takes place in Hungary and Los Angeles. I found the story line very interesting. A family escapes from Eastern Europe during the Stalin era, just years after World War II and settles in America. Unable to take their baby with them, she is left behind in the safe care of a loving childless couple in the countryside of Hungary. Eventually she is transported to America and the story goes on to show her adaption …

Thankful Thursday - Security

As I look back over this week, I am thankful for God’s protection over me and all of my family. The theme this Thankful Thursday is "security." When I am afraid, I want to hide. God says in Psalm 27:5 that He hides me in His pavilion in the time of trouble. It says that “in the secret place of His tabernacle, He shall hide me. He shall set me high upon a rock.”

I’m thankful for the recent increase in customers. We are paid on sales commissions so we’re grateful for several appointments this week. I’ve learned over the years that my security has to be in the Lord and not a paycheck.

I’m thankful for my church and the new ministry team. They are making things happen in powerful ways! The first Women’s Meeting of the year last Friday was so much fun and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to visit with two friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Women’s friendships warm my soul.

I’m so very thankful for my family. Every family has ups and downs and we are far f…

Photo of the Week

Our kids did a great job of playing tour guide in Newport when we visited them in Rhode Island last year. We had the best time visiting some of the mansions. This mansion is called "The Breakers." It has 70 rooms and was built in 1895 by Cornelius Vanderbuilt II, who was the Chairman and President of the New York Central Railroad System.

Things Aren't Always What They Seem to Be

Sometimes things are not the way they seem to be. In the fall of the year that I enrolled in the Extraordinary Women course, I needed to lose some weight. I looked around my class and chose weak-willed Becky to accompany me in my short term goal. Why? Because I knew I could win. She liked the idea of my challenge and liked the prize even better. Our goal was 20 lbs by Christmas and the loser had to take the winner out for a holiday dinner at a nice restaurant, the kind where you dine with cloth tablecloths. During our months of weight loss, the whole class became involved in cheering us on.

One evening, I decided to do some grocery shopping before class. Even after shopping, it was too early to go to class so I decided to stop at the grocery store deli/bakery and get a bite to eat for my supper. There was only one elderly gentleman there, also eating. The deli clerk asked me what I would like to drink with my one piece of chicken breast. I hesitated. Just water, I replied.…

Bound For Reading

In a conversation that I had with my friend, Julie, I asked her if she wanted to read my current book. She exclaimed: “No way. I’m currently reading six books and can’t add another to the mix.” For the most part, I’m a one-book-at-a-time kind of girl, but currently I am reading two and switching from one to another, and I’ll tell you why.

When I started reading Fool-Proofing Your Life by Jan Silvius, I knew it would be the kind of book that will hold me accountable and I bought a journal just for it!
This book is based on the book of Proverbs that states that the definition of a fool is someone who does not consult God, always thinks they are right and does not listen to another’s opinion. See Proverbs 12:15. Fools use anger to control you. Jan Silvius was a Precept Bible Teacher with Kay Arthur. Her background in Christian counseling and deep knowledge of God’s Word attests to the wisdom of dealing with people. Relationships are important to me; thus, I’ve been journaling as m…

Sunday in Sedona

Our kids invited us to go hiking in Sedona this morning and took us out for a delicious brunch afterwards. It was cloudy and windy, but all in all, a good day for a little mountain climbing and family fun.

WOW What A Women's Meeting!

Our Women's Group at church held their first kick-off meeting this year on Friday night. This photo is just a part of the dessert table. I brought my Cake Balls and posted the recipe on my other blog, Kitchen Favorite's Through the Years

Besides eating a lot of dessert, we watched a few funny videos, won prizes for doing some crazy feats, made some new friends and hugged a lot of old ones!

You're Funny, Honey!

I was driving to work this morning and cracking up as I listened to the local radio station’s latest promotional challenge. As we head into Valentine’s Day, the station wants to send a prize to the couple that sends in the most humorous memory in their marriage.

My memory is when we were newlyweds and preparing for the first presidential election we would be voting in as a married couple. In fact, it was the first time I was old enough to vote and I was excited as I responsibly researched the candidates and filled out my registration papers. The day finally came and proudly, we drove to the voting poll right after work. In the most serious manner, my new husband questioned if I had my voter’s registration card and list of candidates I wanted to take into the booth with me. Then he went on to instruct me that after I sign in at the poll, I would be asked to place my hand on my heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance. It got quiet in the car as I repeated the Pledge over and over…

Thankful Thursday - Prayer

I’m praying for the military today. I have never fully appreciated the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform until members of my family began to serve our country. I’m thankful to the people I meet who express their care for my loved ones in the military. Their prayers bring so much comfort.

Americans have changed. It wasn’t like this back in 1970 when my husband was finishing his second tour in Viet Nam. He, like so many his age, came home in uniform that spring and Americans at Chicago O’Hare Airport shouted obscenities to him. Taking the bus home to the suburb where he lived, war haters tried to spit on him. Thankfully, those days are behind us. I think we’re wiser today when it comes to our troops.

It appears that Michelle Obama is wiser for having toured the country during her husband’s campaign listening to Americans tell their stories of losses and sacrifices for this country that their loved ones make on a daily basis. Michelle said: “If there’s one thing …


My friend, Lynn, called and told me she had a dream about me and was praying for me. “Gee, Lynn, am I in trouble?” I replied. Lynn is a no-nonsense woman whom I greatly respect, so I knew she wasn’t playing games with me. Lynn revealed her dream: I was kidnapped.

The first thing I did was pray about this dream. I knew God can help me determine what all this was about. I felt peaceful and remained in that peaceful state despite the nagging of my husband. “Make sure your cell is always charged”, he barked. Make sure you call me and let me know just where you will be hiking and with whom, etc.

Why would anyone want to kidnap me? I’m not wealthy and couldn’t promise a substantial ransom.

I forgot all about the dream. Then one day I noticed how I kept thinking over and over about the phrase “held captive.” I looked up the meaning of captive in the dictionary: A prisoner taken by force or stratagem, esp., by an enemy, in war; one kept in bondage or in the power of another.


Picture of the Week

I took this photo of a Ginger Plant on a Rain Forest Tour in Costa Rica at the La Anita Macadamia Nut Farm.

Thank you, Mr. President

I'm working on a thank you card for a very special person and I want it to be just right. I want to say thank you to President Bush. I'm not a Kool- Aid person by any means. There were times in the past 8 years that I did not agree with him and wanted to call him up and tell him so. I prayed most days for him, and here are a few things I thank him for:

Keeping our country safe from an enemy a lot of people fail to understand.
Modeling family values by loving his wife and children
Starting his day with prayer & Bible study
Respecting the oval office with his actions and words
Appointing justices that respect life
Not compromising his values in the face of the Washington elite.
Supporting Israel.

President Bush knew God raised him up for such a time as this in our country. I do not underestimate the courage he had. He amazed me how he was able to focus on what he thought is right despite the feedback around him. He was mistreated by a sick media, but modeled to me that i…

Change in 2009

Change has come to our house in 2009. Here, I thought “Change” was just a buzzword carried over from last year. My hubby changed his sleeping habits, getting much more needed rest. I changed my hairstyle.

The change that came to my morning Bible study a few days ago surprised me. Another brother or sister in the Lord might give me the thumbs up, but an unbelieving soul may read this and get the hibby jibbys.

Somewhat awake, I grabbed my cup of coffee and proceeded to my perpetual calendar for the daily scripture as I gathered my Bible, notebook and study guide, Extraordinary Faith, written by Shelia Walsh. First, the calendar verse read:

“He who brings an offering of praise & thanksgiving honors and glorifies Me; and he who orders his way aright, who prepares the way that I may show him, to him I will demonstrate the salvation of God.” Ps. 50:23

A pensive type, I don’t usually utter a sound during my study time, but I desired to praise God with my best singing voice! I felt H…

Movie Review

We viewed a good movie in our house last night, Miss Potter, which we rented from Netflix. Renee Zellweger is the main character. It was an interesting film about Beatrix Potter, the famous author and illustrator of Children’s books including the classic, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I wanted to brush my hair up in a bun and sip a hot beverage in a china cup and saucer while watching this one. The Victorian d├ęcor, vintage clothing and breathtaking English countryside were enjoyable. This was definitely my cup of tea!

Word for Word

I grew up in home with a mother who loved words. Knowing the answer, I asked her the other day if she still does daily crossword puzzles. At 93, she replied: “Yes, every day!” I picked up interesting idioms in my youth. I have fond memories of Mom talking on the kitchen phone exclaiming: “And how!” or describe something by saying: ‘it’s six of one or half a dozen of the other.” She called her coffee a “cup of joe.” Referring to her car, she said: “we bought a lemon.”

My daughter who is a writer for a living also loves words. Once on a visit home from college, she remarked that she heard someone use the phrase “Johnny on the spot”. “Mom, I thought I was in your kitchen,” she said.

My husband said his Dad always referred to his money as a fin, a sawbuck and a double sawbuck.

I was watching Fox News a few months ago and did a double take. The smart, lovely blonde captivated me with her interview, especially when she exclaimed: “And how!”

Do you use idiomatic phrases? I’d love to…

Thankful Thursday - Possibilities

When I think of possibilities, I remember my mulberry tree. For years, I had a hard time blocking the strong sun on my back deck, right off my kitchen. The strong winds would come and blow off every umbrella I would mount on that deck. In my frustration, I stood on the side of my deck one day and prayed to the Lord for help. I truly believed with all my heart that He would give me wisdom but I never would have guessed how the problem would be solved. The following year, a mulberry branch began to grow between the planks at the end of the deck on the side right where I prayed. Each year, it grew so strong and thick that two years ago, my husband had to cut a ten-inch hole in the deck so as not to impair its growth! In the spring and summer, the shade from the tree covers one half of the deck providing the needed relief from the sun so we can enjoy barbecues.

Yesterday, I studied the passage in Luke 17:6 and read that if you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulbe…

Photo of the Week

Notice the big screws my hubby used to affix this campaign sign to the fence last October. “Pleeze take it down,” I plea! The neighbors will think we’re losers. “After the inauguration, it will come down,” he says.

Thankful Thursday

I got the neatest gift! I'm loving my new adapter for my shower in our master bath. My daughter, Carrie, and her family gave us the solution to our hard water problem and my hair and shiny ceramic shower tiles sparkle with this gift! Then Carrie said: "Please ask me when you need a new filter. Don't wait for Christmas or birthdays to ask losing all the correction for your water in the meantime." Wow, a gift that keeps giving! But I have to ask.

Many years ago, I was introduced to Jesus in a neighborhood Women's Bible Study. I noted His red words to us in John 4:14:

"but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up to everlasting life."

Wow! A never ending supply of Jesus, of hope, of love...I want that! I was told I had to ask. I was offered a relationship with Jesus for sure, but I had to ask Him to dwell in my heart. I thank Jesus today for bei…

Photo of the Week

This rose is called the "Christmas Orphan." Just kidding! But it does say to me that when the winds blow, and the temps drop, and the frost comes, and everyone is celebrating the holidays and not paying attention, a pretty rose can still bloom where it has been planted! It's just like some people I know that keep going strong, despite the odds!

Honey Bunny

Grandparents' Advice

Don't pamper the baby
Don't run to each cry;
Don't rock that new infant
And don't lullaby;
Don't coddle or cuddle,
That's all there is to it!
Don't spoil that sweet baby
Let us grandparents do it!

Mary R. Hurley

New Year's Meditation

Of all the inspirational messages I have read this last week regarding the transition into the new year, one in particular has caught my fancy. The writer focused on the holidays reminding me that 12 months ago, we celebrated the holidays but a whole year has passed. I am not the same as I was 12 months ago. He went on to write that 12 months from now, again, the holidays will occur. More changes in me will take place. What was his point? None of us have arrived yet! We're improving (hopefully) but not complete yet. The written piece left me with a feeling of hope. It reminded me of the encouraging words in Phillipians 1:5-7. "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."

So as I look back over 2008, I embrace the journey. I've gained some strides in last year's resolution to get more organized in my home, but I hope to accomplish more in 2009. Spriritually, I've gained some ground in patience over the last ye…