New Year's Meditation

Of all the inspirational messages I have read this last week regarding the transition into the new year, one in particular has caught my fancy. The writer focused on the holidays reminding me that 12 months ago, we celebrated the holidays but a whole year has passed. I am not the same as I was 12 months ago. He went on to write that 12 months from now, again, the holidays will occur. More changes in me will take place. What was his point? None of us have arrived yet! We're improving (hopefully) but not complete yet. The written piece left me with a feeling of hope. It reminded me of the encouraging words in Phillipians 1:5-7. "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."

So as I look back over 2008, I embrace the journey. I've gained some strides in last year's resolution to get more organized in my home, but I hope to accomplish more in 2009. Spriritually, I've gained some ground in patience over the last year, I long for so much more! I've evaluated my relationships this past year and I hope to cherish more my valuable friends and not take them for granted. 2008 brought new dynamics to our family with the birth of Susanna in October. I look so forward to what I will learn in grandparenting this precious baby in the coming year.

I want to laugh more in 2009 and eat more sensibly and I want to learn more blogging techniques, and so forth and so on. God has begun a good work in me and it's not over until He says it's complete!

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  1. Wonderful goals I hope you archive them all. Happy new year.

  2. excellent goals! Happy New year!

  3. You have such a beautiful blog but I have to tell you my first thought was, "That desk is too clean." Ha! (I'm teasing you) You have such a beautiful smile.

    A relationship with Christ is a journey! If we were done we would be with him. Improvement, steps forwards, is what my goal is also.

    Thank you so much for participating. Happy New Year.

  4. May God sweetly bless you in 2009.

  5. Thank you for visitng my blog. I hope that you have a Wonderful New Year.

  6. That passage in Philippians is one of my favorites both for myself and my children.

    Those are great goals. I don't have grandchildren yet but I am so looking forward to them.

  7. Isn't that so true? No matter what has happened, we are still being worked toward perfection... What a great reminder through Scripture of that. Thank you for sharing!!! I am loving reading these - so many things to think about on top of my own. It gets me excited to think of all I should be reading through the year as God DOES the work!! Be blessed!

  8. Thank you so much for visiting me and letting me know you are a new grandma. You are going to love it like nothing else ever!!! I also love that we are all works in progress and will not reach perfection this side of heaven:) There is so much that goes on from the "begun" part of that scripture and the "complete" part. This is where we live. May we do it well and please him. And being grandmas makes it so much more doable too!!

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  9. Thanks for visiting my reflection blog...just stopping by to congratulate you on becoming a grandmother (I have only been one since September and am loving it).

  10. Hi.... Thanks so much for dropping by my site.....

    And giving us a happy glimpse of where you sit and blog. Nice pic.

    I'll look forward to visit your place. Enjoyed your thoughts about the new year... Blessings!

  11. Great goals. I love the laugh more and eat sensibly too. Happy New Year to you.


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