The Pie Surprise

  A brother blogger inspired me to make a sweet potato pie today after I read his account of a dessert he made for his wife to surprise her.   His hilarious navigation through the order of ingredients kept me laughing especially when he carefully fluted the pie crust edge and then added the liquid filling but forgot to include the mashed sweet potatoes.   He hurried to the oven but could only save the sugar liquid from the failed pie crust.   Fortunately, he made extra pastry to redeem his creation.   Last night, I looked at my bowl of vegetables and spotted two lone sweet potatoes.   “Why not?”   I thought.   I took his suggestion to make pie crust from scratch using famous chef, Melissa Clark’s recipe here .   I whipped up a batch and went to bed trusting the ball of pastry will roll out like a gem in the morning.   When the husband awoke, I summoned him to the kitchen to help me.   After all, professional baker is one of his titles.   I lined up all the ingredients on the kitche

Too Much of a Good Thing

A pile of old photos lay in heaps on my bedside table.  Some slip out of album pages where sticky backing tape once held them in place.   Some are so discolored, people look like purple shadows.   A project of this size fits right in to my life now since I can’t be on my feet much after foot surgery three weeks ago.   I’ve got another three weeks of rest so I’ll work on things which keep my foot elevated and my mind active.   Things like shredding sensitive files, reading, creating greeting cards, and reorganizing years of photos.   My children laugh at my pictures with mile high hairdos, outdated clothing styles and fun memories of their earlier years!   Bulging bags of photos sit ready to distribute to my girls, my siblings, and my niece.   These wonderful memories of family gatherings, past Christmas times, and travel provide an incredible high for me during recovery.   Photos tell stories.  The album currently on my lap dates back to 1995.  Tom and I decided to get away to Mexico. 

You Are Loved!

  My mom use to comfort us and cater to us when we kids got sick.  I have memories of her taking my temperature and asking me if I craved anything specific to eat.  She would fix whatever I wanted and it didn’t take me long to capitalize on her offers; I opted for my favorite foods, craving or not.  These times were special times and Mom delivered my order on a tray for my lap while I recovered because, after all, it was all about me.  I still do that with my family.  Sometimes the body reveals what food component it needs by a longing for what is missing in the diet.  Or, maybe what you crave is comfort itself!  That goes for emotions too.  Do you ever need a hug and ask for one?  Or, have you thought of someone you miss when, lo and behold, you get a phone call or email from them? I’ve been praying about a decision I’ve recently made with a course of action I am taking.  Mostly, I feel confident as I proceed.  Yesterday, however, I needed encouragement.  I stopped and asked the Lord