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  A gal at church asked me how I feel about Memorial Day coming up earmarking the first year of my husband’s death.   “Oh, I don’t know how I’ll feel,” I responded.    Grief is funny that way.   It’s hard to predict with its pattern of strong days vs. fragile days, but I felt touched by her concern.   In fact, my take-a-way of this past year, when I think about it, is feeling deeply loved.   Family and friends have been so encouraging. The kids and I continue to carry on their father’s passionate legacy of love of God, country and family.   Our flag waves tall in our front yard with colorful flowers planted beneath it just as he designed.   He feels near.   Happy Memorial Day, dear ones, and stay safe this weekend.   May we always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom in this great country.
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Book Review: Homespun Devotions Volume Two

I thoroughly enjoyed Volume Two of Homespun Devotions by Author Cheryl E. Smith.  It is refreshing to read about Cheryl's faith expressed through her family relationships with her husband, Kevin, and son, Zach.  Stories of growing up in a home with wise Christian parents teach us principles which never lose value and are much needed in our present world. I especially liked the old-fashioned country charm seen and felt in Cheryl's words which grace the pages of  compiled stories of her life. Cheryl is the author of Biblical Minimalism: Following Jesus from a Life of Abundance to a More Abundant Life.  She also writes devotionals at and plays guitar and sings on You Tube Channel, Mountain Hope Band.  

Hitting the Road

  My friend, Cindy, offered great advice at the onset of widowhood.   “When friends or family afar invite you to visit them, be sure to accept.”   Cindy was right.   People like to help, to nurture in times of grief.   During Tom’s memorial last November, his cousin extended an invitation to me and my girls to visit them and spend a few days.   The time for that special road trip to Las Cruces, N.M., arrived and we couldn’t be more excited to get away together and leave our responsibilities behind.   We loaded up the car with snacks and Starbucks gift cards, along with the fun conversation game, “Talking Point.”   We enjoyed four hours of catching up on everything, listening to Oldies and laughing. Our family welcomed us at their lovely ranch home which afforded us private rooms to enjoy much rest.   Its fun to stay at another woman’s home and use her hair and shower products, isn’t it?   Excellent homemade cooking blessed our tummies and it felt wonderful to be served.   We hike

The Refreshing Snow

  I think the reason I like snowstorms is because the snow settles on all the imperfections of my property and leaves a much improved version.  I am thankful for all the rain last week.  My pine trees soak it up, but it leaves ruts of accumulated water across my front yard and ugly potholes in the street forcing drivers to slow down to avoid a muddy car wash. This morning's sun rose up over our small community in central Arizona where almost four inches of snow fell in the night.  The perfect white flakes covered all the imperfections of weeds, ruts and mud on my property. Everyone posted photos on social media of their snowy porch railings, their parked cars hiding under a white coat of snow and my favorite--dogs jumping in the snow with white, wispy snouts. I bundled up in my winter coat and shoes and forged a path atop a perfectly packed accumulation to greet the strong sun and to assess and capture the beauty with my cell phone. I sat in my kitchen with a cup of hot coffee and