Twists and Turns

  It’s funny now when I look back to our drive home from Tucson yesterday how the upbeat sermon we heard along the way prepared us for what we would face. My daughter, Amy, told me:   “You can drive home with me, mom, but you’re going to have to listen to Joel Osteen, okay?”  I replied:  “I am totally on board with it!”   Joel’s sermon reminded us about those twists and turns which come along in life and how God will get us to our destination as long as we trust and follow His lead.  Osteen used examples from his actor friend who taught him sometimes the best movies we watch are not filmed in sequence.  The last scene might be filmed first.  Surely, God sees the end result as we face challenges and He can get us to finish well just like a good movie!   The CD just about ended when we noticed the lull in traffic on the interstate highway.  Why were cars exiting in Chandler just before we headed into Phoenix?  In a few miles we came to a complete stop.  My GPS showed a traffi

Don't Whine; Get a Spine!

  “All Americans need to ‘step up’ And get to the bottom of election malpractices.” Gen. Flynn   I like the question we discussed in our prayer meeting.  How should a Christian respond to the chaos in our American election?  An astute intercessor explained it by using her own story. “Have you ever been scammed?”   She then went on to describe her roller coaster emotions when she got taken big time in a rental property situation.   “I paid a first rental payment plus a deposit and then I learned my new place is not vacant.   Another renter lives there with a lease that extends well passed my move-in date.”   She met the true landlord and learned he was different from her original contact.   She’d been scammed by an operation that ran smooth as ice. How did this Christian woman react?   Anger toppled her emotions and rightfully so!   The scammer stole her hard-earned money as well as her new dwelling.   After contacting the police and choosing to prosecute with a jail sentence, she signe

Finish the Race

  We’re in the final week of a general election race in our nation.  My spirit sags with advertisements, propaganda lies, debates and speeches.   My spiritual muscles ache with late night prayer meetings, fasting and waking early feeling the nudge to pray, once again, in authority and power for protection for America and all who love her.   I know God’s hand is upon us.   My part is to pray and to vote!   Persistence is key when it comes to getting the victory.  Here’s the definition of persistence:  firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition!   Recently, my friend Gail shared photos of her daredevil hike in the Grand Canyon.  As I viewed her breathtaking pictures, I remember her words.  She felt worn out and asked herself:  “Why do I put myself through this torture every year?”  But the next day, she began to plan next year’s Grand Canyon hike! Our family toured Mt. Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains last week where we inhaled fall f