Book Review: Too Many Voices

It is one thing to visit a Women's Bible Study and admire the leader's teaching but then read her life story and learn she transitioned from a weed smoking Hippy to a powerful follower of Jesus.  I review Alane Haynes' new release, Too Many Voices/My Journey from Confusion to Clarity on my other blog, My Calm Corner, here.

Prayer and the Middle Child

Looking back, I got a hint of the Sunday morning sermon.  It’s just another one of God’s divine surprises!
As we drove to church this morning, I mentioned to my husband that my garden sectioned by grapevines and hedges needs serious attention.  We lost one of the grapevines so I researched foliage on line with plans to replace it and I asked him to dig new holes this coming week.  I call this private area my prayer garden, but I recently moved out the chair and rarely meet there to talk with God. 
Middle Children and feeling overlooked   This morning’s sermon touched me deeply when the speaker correlated unanswered prayers that never seem to reach the Lord’s ear with being the middle child and feeling invisible.
I’ve been discouraged in prayer so the teaching about persistence to stay the course in faith and trust without visible results ignite new hope to believe for the impossible that’s only possible with God.
Our church is big on altars My favorite sermon bullet conveyed that prayer gi…

My Father Danced

A friend shared a You-Tube with me this week and I’m still laughing.  The father in the story took his toddler to her ballet dance recital.  The wee one walked on stage, plopped down and refused to dance with her class.  Her cool dad enters the stage, baby in his arms, and begins to dance next to his daughter who’s still in meltdown mode on the floor.  But the dad had the routine down pat!  I thought he looked pretty funny in his casual shorts with his hairy legs bowed to the music.  His ballerina toddler took notice and soon she rose to dance too, twirling with her dad.
Sentimental Double Date I enjoyed a double date with my husband and another couple last Saturday night when we attended a summer concert in the park.  The Sentimental Journey Band played mostly tunes from the 40’s but threw in some Beatles songs and a few rockers began to dance in the aisle.  That’s when my eye caught the young family sitting in our section.  I watched the fun dad dance with his two-year old son but his…