My Choice for Women's Day

Today we celebrate women worldwide.It’s nice to reflect on missionary Elisabeth Elliot or humanitarian Mother Theresa.There is one woman I especially admire right here in my one-mile radius; she is the one I spotlight this year as we focus on women who change the world.
Karen changed my world.I met her in January for the first time.She lives down the street but due to severe autoimmune diseases, she has not been able to walk from her bed to the living room.Four years ago, Karen’s husband strolled by my home with his dog and chatted with me as I worked in my garden.We shared faith in Jesus and this desperate husband asked me to pray for his wife.I stormed the heavens for that girl but every time I asked him thereafter, he replied:“No change.”
There was something about Karen, like a connection in the spirit, when I asked God to encompass her in his arms and raise her from her sickbed.The prompting made it easier to not give up but pray.
Just after the holidays, I heard a knock at my door.I…

Wordless Wednesday


Donuts or Church? Which Do You Choose?

The last thing I wanted to do last Sunday morning was attend church.  My husband insisted we go so I said a quick prayer of exchange while putting on my makeup.  “Lord, I exchange my shoddy attitude for your will and I know you’ll lead me and I’ll follow.”  Amen.
Once we passed the main highway that leads to Sedona, the gorgeous red rock city that draws visitors from all over the world, I mentioned I would love to go there for a donut after church.  A new eatery opened and I heard it’s superb.   Spontaneously, we chose to skip church and get back on the highway!  Tom didn’t have to ask me twice.
The fresh snow-capped magnificent mountains thrilled us.  I reached into my purse and grabbed my cell phone to document the ride.  The outline of the mountains against the sky becomes crystal clear when laden with snow.  I knew we were in the presence of the Creator.
We experienced a high.  My chocolate cake donut ranked outstanding on the donuts scale.  Tom’s apple turnover deserved a blue ribb…