Photo of the Week

This rose is called the "Christmas Orphan." Just kidding! But it does say to me that when the winds blow, and the temps drop, and the frost comes, and everyone is celebrating the holidays and not paying attention, a pretty rose can still bloom where it has been planted! It's just like some people I know that keep going strong, despite the odds!


  1. Hey congrats you may want to check my blog out over here..YOU WON.

    I will be emailing you the certificate tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on being the amazong gift certificate winner over at Lori's. I thought it was a great idea! Had too many things this week to add to the mix, but I'm very glad you won, Sales Lady!

    And that baby looks darling! Enjoy!

    I'd say you're off to a good start this New Year!

  3. PS. I see I can't spell -- I wonder what an amazong is?


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