My friend, Lynn, called and told me she had a dream about me and was praying for me. “Gee, Lynn, am I in trouble?” I replied. Lynn is a no-nonsense woman whom I greatly respect, so I knew she wasn’t playing games with me. Lynn revealed her dream: I was kidnapped.

The first thing I did was pray about this dream. I knew God can help me determine what all this was about. I felt peaceful and remained in that peaceful state despite the nagging of my husband. “Make sure your cell is always charged”, he barked. Make sure you call me and let me know just where you will be hiking and with whom, etc.

Why would anyone want to kidnap me? I’m not wealthy and couldn’t promise a substantial ransom.

I forgot all about the dream. Then one day I noticed how I kept thinking over and over about the phrase “held captive.” I looked up the meaning of captive in the dictionary: A prisoner taken by force or stratagem, esp., by an enemy, in war; one kept in bondage or in the power of another.

Sometimes God warns us in dreams, and several such dreams are recorded in the Bible. Remember when Joseph and Mary took a different route home after Joseph’s dream avoiding a threat on their baby’s life? As far as this dream about me being kidnapped goes, I think it is symbolic. I do believe it is a warning to me. I’m taking this as a warning not to be held captive in my thoughts.

There is a place in the Bible, 2 Corinthians 10:5, that warns about our thoughts. It assures me that I can lead every thought captive into the obedience of Christ, the Messiah. This is no easy task, but I am making a concerted effort to decide what I want to think about these days! I can be influenced so easily in this world with smooth-talking people, the media, and the books I read. On the other hand, thinking on what’s true, what is right, what is praiseworthy and noble is my goal. If what I’m thinking doesn’t line up with my benchmark for what I believe is true, I can, indeed, be kidnapped or held captive.

In closing, I want to echo Lynn’s wise words to me: Please be careful and watchful.


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