True Story Film

This is the second week my plans were foiled on my day off, Thursday . We discovered a water leak that took priority over anything else in our day. We were able to fix the leak quickly, but decided to skip our trip to Flagstaff and stay in town and get the oil changed on the truck. While in town, we got a lot done and stopped for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. We bumped into an old friend who stayed and ate with us and it was wonderful to connect again. So with our tummies full, we went home and watched a great movie.

An American Rhapsody is a true story that takes place in Hungary and Los Angeles. I found the story line very interesting. A family escapes from Eastern Europe during the Stalin era, just years after World War II and settles in America. Unable to take their baby with them, she is left behind in the safe care of a loving childless couple in the countryside of Hungary. Eventually she is transported to America and the story goes on to show her adaption to a new country while dealing with her emotional roots in Hungary. I’m a nut for history, and the scenes in Hungary enticed me. This is a great film.


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