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I'm Going as Abigail This Year

I vote for more purses, toothbrushes, cups, storybooks, and Halloween costumes that feature Abigail of the Old Testament.  She is a heroin worthy to emulate, in my opinion, even more than Cinderella.
Once upon a time, there was a kind woman by the name of Abigail who lived with a surly man who liked to drink a lot and have parties.  One time, King David and his army were very hungry and entered the surly man’s homestead and asked if they could come to his barbecue.  The king had a right to ask because he and his men protected the homestead’s boundary lines.  The surly man said “No.  Get off my property.”  The King had a temper and became offended.
Surly drunk + spiteful King = War
In the meantime, Abigail heard about the situation and spent hours baking cinnamon rolls for the King and his army.  She dismounted from her horse and presented the King with her peace offering.  She bowed low and greeted the King and asked his forgiveness saying “Pay no attention to my foolish husband.  But re…

A Surprise Request

We celebrated my granddaughter’s seventh birthday and I have to admit I was intrigued by one present she requested.
Gift giving is pleasant in our family since we discovered how much fun it is to use Amazon’s wish list.  My daughter teaches her daughter that it’s okay to wish for things, make a list, realizing you may or may not get it all, but surely the gifts that come will be ones you’ve handpicked.  

Weeks ago I asked her to remove Gary and Jan Bower’s book, The Person I Marry, from Sookie’s wish list because I purchased it and mentioned what a surprising read it is for young kids.  The idea for that gift came about when Sookie started asking pertinent questions about the faith of our family members and then drawing the conclusion of how important it is to marry someone with the same faith.  We were astonished at her perception after we picked ourselves up off the floor.
The book is written in rhyme and talks about all the different character traits that are important to seek out in…

Guest Post: Border Town Healthcare

My father questioned if my passport was current.  I grabbed it out of the drawer and realized its validity.   Soon I would be taking a trip to Los Algadones, Mexico with my mom and dad.

I have never seen so many optical offices, dentists, and pharmacies in one square mile.  Sidewalks were crooked, unlevel and in some places absent.  Jewelry vendors placed bracelets on my wrist before I could say, “No thank you.”  Prices decreased the longer I stood still.  It’s a shame I didn’t bring more than $80 in my wallet as I could have done my Christmas shopping all in one day!

Within five minutes of our arrival, my mom signed the paperwork for an eye exam and began trying on stylish frames.  I was led to a dental office waiting my turn for a cleaning.  My dad sat next to me teasing me not to let them talk me into selling one of my kidneys for $5,000.  I was relieved when he left to go across the street to buy antibiotics at the Purple Pharmacy.    At first, I felt nervous as I reclined in the de…

Blog Break/Road Trip

I’m taking a blog break this coming week and will be off line much of the time. 

This quote on Pinterest made me smile:
  “Life is like a road trip.  Enjoy each day and don’t carry too much baggage.”  True?

Speaking of road trips
Our GPS has different voices.  Dr. Nightmare got us to the right town last week where the medical appointment awaited us.  I guess if you are going to the doctor, entertainment helps!  Nothing like a monster in the car with you especially at this time of year. 
My husband impersonates Yeti and makes me laugh.
My favorite is the gal with her classy English accent even if she does mispronounce a few streets.
If I could choose any voice to drive with, it would NOT be Hillary because she’s too bossy and would yell at me if I made a wrong turn, or Elvis—he’s too sexy.  The voice I like is Brooke’s, the blonde who is in the Energy Tomorrow Commercial.  I could listen to her all day.  She would get me there in good form.

If you could choose any voice to lead you to your…