Blog Break/Road Trip

I’m taking a blog break this coming week and will be off line much of the time. 

This quote on Pinterest made me smile:

  “Life is like a road trip.  Enjoy each day and don’t carry too much baggage.”

Speaking of road trips

Our GPS has different voices.  Dr. Nightmare got us to the right town last week where the medical appointment awaited us.  I guess if you are going to the doctor, entertainment helps!  Nothing like a monster in the car with you especially at this time of year. 

My husband impersonates Yeti and makes me laugh.

My favorite is the gal with her classy English accent even if she does mispronounce a few streets.

If I could choose any voice to drive with, it would NOT be Hillary because she’s too bossy and would yell at me if I made a wrong turn, or Elvis—he’s too sexy.  The voice I like is Brooke’s, the blonde who is in the Energy Tomorrow Commercial.  I could listen to her all day.  She would get me there in good form.

If you could choose any voice to lead you to your destination, who would it be?


  1. My choice of voice would be Jesus. Great post, and enjoy your break! :)

  2. Have a safe and fun trip sister Mary!!! I don't care about any voice or accent but I hate it when it tells us to get off the road, stay on the off ramp, then go straight toward the on ramp and merge again. What an annoying short cut! I don't know which voice I like but I do pray that I will always recognize the Voice Who knows His sheep! Take care.

  3. What a fun feature! I don't have a GPS, but have often thought (that) the little lady who lives in my smart phone needs lessons in sounding nicer, more sincere.

    Since I'm a nervous driver, I think someone whose voice has reassuring presence -- like Morgan Freeman.

  4. Enjoy your time away; I'll be gone the next week afterwards :) (maybe making it to Sedona this time plus a few other things, including meeting up with Myra :) I would want someone for my GPS with an English accent; they always sound so proper :)


  5. enjoy your time away, love you.

  6. Enjoy your blog break. Sometimes I need the GPS to direct the way to places we have not been or not familiar with. We used to smile or even giggle over the wrong pronouncement of our local road names, which the voice may not be familiar with. I hate it when the voice says "Recalculating" - meaning I have made a wrong turning.

  7. Hi Mary! You know, I turn off the tech-lady on my GPS. I'd rather just look every once and a while to make sure I'm on the right road. My husband has to have her 'on' but not me. I enjoy the quiet!
    Happy blog break, and I hope you'll have some good R and R. Hope the medical tests are just routine.

  8. The voice I always try to listen to???

    G od's
    P owerful
    S peaking

    Gets me on the right path and headed in the right direction every time!!


  9. I dont have a car but sometimes GPS are like crazy, giving wrong directions. :P

    For us Christians, i think we really have to check if it's God's ways we are walking at, and that we acknowledge his presence and capability to do things. Everytime, let's give honor to Him, if not, it's gonna be danger.

  10. Have fun sweet lady! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Enjoy your time away! I don't know the name of the lady's voice in my wife's car, but the way she says "I" for the interstate she's directing us to drives me batty. Even my cheap imitation of her only softens the annoyance slightly.

    If I get a choice on a GPS voice? I'm going with Darth Vader...

  12. Take all the break you need. See you when you get back. :)


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