Guest Post: Border Town Healthcare

My father questioned if my passport was current.  I grabbed it out of the drawer and realized its validity.   Soon I would be taking a trip to Los Algadones, Mexico with my mom and dad.

I have never seen so many optical offices, dentists, and pharmacies in one square mile.  Sidewalks were crooked, unlevel and in some places absent.  Jewelry vendors placed bracelets on my wrist before I could say, “No thank you.”  Prices decreased the longer I stood still.  It’s a shame I didn’t bring more than $80 in my wallet as I could have done my Christmas shopping all in one day!

Within five minutes of our arrival, my mom signed the paperwork for an eye exam and began trying on stylish frames.  I was led to a dental office waiting my turn for a cleaning.  My dad sat next to me teasing me not to let them talk me into selling one of my kidneys for $5,000.  I was relieved when he left to go across the street to buy antibiotics at the Purple Pharmacy.    At first, I felt nervous as I reclined in the dental chair but to my surprise, it was the most gentle and efficient cleaning I ever had.

I found the Mexican people very helpful and eager to please.  They were persistent and surprised me how they remembered my name!

We ate lunch in a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that served us excellent fish tacos.  Sugar cane is probably not the best choice after just having my teeth cleaned, but that Coke Cola sure tasted good on such a hot day in Los Algodones.

The words: No Thank You must have spewed from my lips ten dozen times that day when I was asked to buy purses, jewelry, fans and yard art.

On one street corner, I saw a pay phone that must have been from 1985 and I felt like I stepped back in time. 

There were brightly colored storefront shops as well as new construction going up and dilapidated buildings too.

I’m already planning my next trip back to Los Algodones where healthcare is cost effective and the savings are worth haggling with aggressive street vendors!

Written by my oldest daughter, Amy.  She is married to Mark and they live and work in the Verde Valley in Arizona.


  1. Hi Amy and Mary! I'm glad it all went so well for you in Mexico. You both look so happy, and I'm sure your meal was delicious. My husband often went to Mexico for business, and his favorite part of the travel was the food.

    Welcome back!

  2. Hi Amy and Mary! You're the second blogger to mention having had a positive dental experience while in Mexico. In spite of my misgivings, this border town sounds actually pleasant. (This olde dog might learn a new trick after all!)

  3. I am glad you had a positive dental experience! Sounds like your meal was delectable and I bet you could have gotten all your Christmas shopping done, without the rush and stress, too! :)

  4. Quite an experience you had Amy. I like the 'persistence'. That's something to learn about life. Somehow they would have gotten to buy more!
    Thanks for sharing your photos too.
    Blessings to you Mary and Amy

  5. I enjoyed the guest posting of your daughter! I have heard good things about healthcare in mexico, might be somethinh to think about down the road.


  6. Whenever I am on tour, I never dare go near any vendor or stalls just to avoid being pestered to buy their wares. Glad to hear your daughter had a good tour.

  7. So nice to hear your daughter guest post here sister Mary! And what a vivid description of that place where you went! Your post sister Amy is truly enjoyable and it feels like I have seen it with my own eyes. You wonder why everything here costs so much! Especially for those who don't have insurance...Take care and God bless you all.

  8. Thank you Mary for sharing your daughters story of your trip to Mexico. I am happy you all enjoyed the trip and the savings too. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  9. My brother in law had a lot of dental work done in Mexico...said it was excellent work.

  10. My brother in law had a lot of dental work done in Mexico...said it was excellent work.

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  12. About 7 years ago, I would have given my kidney to my grandson. I was 2nd in line and my daughter had been taken in to have her kidney taken out for him. I ended up at the hospital for 3 days and nights to stay with him and protect him and drop to the other portion to see her every day. It was quite a challenge then, but a blessing. He was about 15 after having a serious situation since he had been 2-1/2. I was heavily involved with him, in hospitals, doctor locations, and the home situations for about a dozen years. NOW he had something done last Friday, and I haven't heard for sure how it came out, but my daughter said it seemed to turn out OK. WHEW! In November, Jack will be 21 and I hope his kidney situation is still working well enough. Sorry to yammer so long, but you grabbed my attention and my heart. Bless you and thank you! You're always a blessing to me!!

  13. That's where my brother goes to get his dental work done! Being in Havasu I think he has a closer drive... The world is changing. Nice job, Amy!

  14. OH, Mary! So, THIS is Amy! Now I have a face to attach to the name that I faithfully pray for!! What a dear blessing to have "met" you, Amy! I am believing God for your miracle and so thankful to read of your trip. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time together. God is so good! Sending you both big hugs and much love and many thanks to you, Mary, for your precious comments left on my blog touched my heart so deeply, dear friend. :)

  15. I had heard healthcare and the cost of living are so much more reasonable in Mexico. Glad you were able to go and save some moola!
    PS Amy is lovely.

  16. If anyone can find a *good* time visiting the dentist, then that is a treasure. Great experience, and even better savings!!



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