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I'm Not An Engineer, But God Is!

One of the prettiest things is watching the rain gently fall in the desert cleansing all the foliage and cactus from everyday dust. Rain has been a joy where I live, that is until the rancher across the road leveled her pasture in order to bring in homeless horses that she had a heart to save. This created standing water on our lower property when the rains hit hard. We didn’t know what to do; we’ve never experienced so much collected water in the two decades we’ve lived here. Storms made me nervous wondering if the massive rush of water would reach too close to the house. I have been praying about this a long time. We’re not engineers, but God is. Last weekend, my SIL came out with his backhoe and a plan and dug a narrow pathway to reroute the ferocious water keeping it far from my house. Success! And, it came just in time for our first autumn rainstorm just two days ago.

Oddly, I saw a similar lesson during my study time in Acts 26 and noticed, again, how God engineered a n…

My Mums are Yellow

How often are you influenced by a blog post you have read and the next thing you know you're acting it out?I read Myra’s post this weekend about an expected cool front coming to our state tomorrow.It will feel like autumn in the Arizona desert!Can’t wait!Her suggestion of chrysanthemums registered in my brain so, of course, I had to accompany my handsome husband to the nursery over the weekend when he bought a new tree.I chose my first pot of fall flowers for this season, bright yellow mums, and I held them in my lap on the ride home. Just for fun, I looked up the meaning of yellow mums:“slighted love.”What exactly does that mean?Another translation says:“gently declining amorous advances”.Pictures spun in my head of shy Victorian young women.This message is the opposite of my 2011 word from the Lord this year of His extravagant love that He lavishes on us. There are no limits to love at least when it comes to our Savior!How wonderful to have that person in this life that you can …

Jubilant Triumph

This past week has not been fun for me even though my daughter and her little one spent the week with us celebrating two October family birthdays. You see, in the midst of celebrating, I got sick. I was actually happy to go to work midweek thinking that my germs would be contained away from home, but by the time I got to my office on the second day, I could not stand long or keep anything down. Our precious Hispanic cleaning lady entered my office to clean and shook her head and began speaking Spanish using a lot of “citas, citas” on the ending of her words. Must be an endearing term. Her gaze said: “you poor, dear little thing.” I know I looked awful.
I will say though that we were able to get in some good times with the kids before influenza hit me and I’m grateful for that. Then this morning came. Sadness loomed large when we had the vet put Frankie, our Great Dane/Lab, down. I feel most sorry for Dice; they were a close twosome for almost fifteen years. It’s quiet in our h…

Friday Funnies in Costumes

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My Declaration Came True!

One of my faith declarations this past year has been: "I attend Christian Women's conferences with my daughters." It came to pass this past weekend! My youngest daughter, Carrie, came up with a great plan while I was visiting her in California his week, that we drive up the Pacific Coast to Long Beach and attend the Joyce Meyer Conference on "Pressing In and Pressing On." This conference, at the huge Long Beach Convention Center, was exhilarating in praise and worship and teachings. It was Carrie's first experience seeing her mentor on stage!

Our recap of the teachings kept us jabbering all the way home. I do not want to forget:

To be victorious we have to press past the pain and deal with pressures. The rewards will come in due time.
All people hurt because life isn't fair. We have three choices to deal with pain: 1) press into the pressure of the pain and be all that God wants me to be, 2)choose to deal with it all later, 3) choose the pain for…


The Lord is faithful to all His promises
And loving toward all He has made.
The Lord upholds all those who fall
And lifts up all who are bowed down.
The eyes of all look to you,
And you give them their food at the proper time.
You open your hand and satisfy the desires of
Every living thing. Psalm 145:13b - 16

Temperatures drastically dropped here in the desert this week and after a few days of rain, everything looked fresh and green again. I notice relief the most at night; it seems sleep is deeper and longer under feathered comforters.

I also experienced a reprieve in my spiritual life this week. I’m praising God because He knows we can’t tolerate continual stressful situations. This week I’m praising Him for stress busters like pizza and ice cream and forgiveness.

Thank you, Lord, for seasons and little breakthroughs!

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Christian Panties

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Road Repairs!

My town is anything but fun to drive through these days. Construction crews are everywhere working to widen the main two-lane road. Road signs that say “this way” with arrows are strewn along the path and you have to drive your car between narrow orange cones for miles. You have to take detours. What I dislike the most is waiting. If I time it just right, all that’s required is slowing down and waiting a few minutes for the pilot car to lead me to the other side. But all too often, I end up in long lines while traffic moves the opposite way and my car stands still in line with other impatient drivers for over 20 minutes! It makes it difficult to time travelling to appointments. Last week I was 15 minutes late for my Life Group, a small cell group from church, and they start promptly!
I know that in the months ahead, our road will be repaired. It will be safer, more attractive and a dream to drive on and waiting in long lines of traffic will be a lost memory. But in the meantim…