My Mums are Yellow

How often are you influenced by a blog post you have read and the next thing you know you're acting it out? I read Myra’s post this weekend about an expected cool front coming to our state tomorrow. It will feel like autumn in the Arizona desert! Can’t wait! Her suggestion of chrysanthemums registered in my brain so, of course, I had to accompany my handsome husband to the nursery over the weekend when he bought a new tree. I chose my first pot of fall flowers for this season, bright yellow mums, and I held them in my lap on the ride home.

Just for fun, I looked up the meaning of yellow mums: “slighted love.” What exactly does that mean? Another translation says: gently declining amorous advances”. Pictures spun in my head of shy Victorian young women.

This message is the opposite of my 2011 word from the Lord this year of His extravagant love that He lavishes on us. There are no limits to love at least when it comes to our Savior! How wonderful to have that person in this life that you can totally trust in and rely on. And even though I’ve known Him so personally for so many years, the excitement is still there like when I first met Him. I’m not shy to love Him back either with everything I’ve got embracing Him with all my heart and soul.

Gee, perhaps I should have chosen a different colored mum?

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  1. Happy Tuesday to you! What a wonderful post; I remember reading a series of books called the Secret Rose and it explained the meanings of the different colors of flowers-I always thought yellow was for friendship. Love the passion that the Lord has for us, may ours burn as bright. Thanks for this today-such a blessing to realize how much He loves us.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Great post! I learned something new about yellow mums. :) Now they will remind me to keep turning away the "amorous advances" of all others but my One True Love.

    P.S. I'm now following. Glad I found you through the link up today. Hope you'll visit me at

  3. Hi Mary -

    Thank you. This is a sweet precious piece.

    Interesting that we both posted flower photos on our blogs today.

    Our Lord has us, in His body, on one accord sometimes and we don't even know it.

  4. Yes, I agree that some posts just stick to you and they do inspire us! The color you chose did not bother me despite knowing the meaning. I'm just glad your heart spoke about how much you love and adore the One Who deserves it all. God bless.

  5. How sweet you are, Mary!
    Was a bit puzzled by those descriptions for sure. :)

    Not sure why, but I've always been drawn to the color yellow ... it's a warm, happy color. Now, yours look like they're smiling up at God!

  6. Not at all--I love yellow mums, too. And they are hardy in this desert. Maybe it means "shy" love that just grows and grows--how's that for a quick twist of an interpretation?


    I still think we need to have a party for all of us Arizona bloggers. What do you think?

  7. What an interesting meaning yellow mums have! It sure is a gorgeous flower.

    Here you are hoping it cools, and I'm hoping it warms up. I always seem to find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time...

  8. I love your description of the Lord and your unashamed love!

  9. That's too funny. :) Beautiful mums.
    I am inspired by blogs very often! I am so glad it's cooling down now.

  10. Life - especially it's flora - is harbinger of so many life-lessons. It's as through the Lord is giving us modern day parables we can understand.

    Yes, many a blogger has sparked some musing in me. I treasure the experience.

    If I had to pick a flower that represents YOU, I'd pick a Sunflower. They stand tall, last well into the tough seasons, display amazing color & dimension, and keep their eyes closely affixed on the littler flowers below them.


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