Spiritual First Aid

Do you find it hard to forgive sometimes, especially when someone hurts you or worse yet, hurts one of your kids? Forgiveness is a topic I am working through in my spiritual life right now and I write about it at Lisa Shaw's link, Ladies on a Mission. I hope you will stop by and visit me there today. Click here. Praise Jesus! He is the Balm, the spiritual first aid needed for every wound.


  1. Amen that Jesus is the Balm...He is our Healer.

    You blessed us all. I love you.

  2. Mary - i just enjoyed your post - it was one that i really needed to read! one that I need to take to heart.

    thank you - you have a new follower! i love your blog!

  3. As you try to grow in this area, this is a beautiful reminder of what He wants us to do. As He, Himself has forgiven us. It's not easy but by His grace...Heading over there now sister and love you in Christ. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Mary - just read your post on Lisa's site - and left you a comment.

    Thanks for sharing a very good word.


  5. I came over from Lisa's blog where I read what you have written about forgiveness.

    It really is a timely message for me, for it is something I have been struggling with these past three months or so.

    Thank you for what you have written.

    Beautiful quote, and beautiful story.

    I pray that God will show me the way I am asking for.


  6. Oh Mary ... your personal testimony has touched me once again! How unfortunate that Jake was unable to witness your overtures.
    I need to hold onto your last line and rejoice in my own changes!

  7. I read the other post. It is hard to forgive, especially when one's child has been hurt.
    I've seen this, and lived it. I am thankful for God's grace and His preventing me from becoming bitter and angry. Another manifestation of His grace.

  8. We all (I) struggle with this....expecially when the hurt is to a loved one! Thankfully, God gives us a new beginning each day.

  9. Thank you for sharing such a powerful post on such a tough topic. Blessings.

  10. Forgiveness can be really hard. I have Romans 14 underlined 3 times in my Bible. It is my go to chapter to help me when I struggle with forgiveness. Paul talks about how others are God's servants and not ours, how they are responsible to Him and not us. It always helps me to read this chapter. And of course Proverbs 3:5 - lean not on your own understanding. Sometimes it's hard to understand the whys when someone hurts us, and it always helps me to surrender to trying to figure any of it out, and just trust and lean on God instead of my own understanding.

  11. Hey Mary!

    I haven't been around much lately..alot going on here...my blog postings and visits have been few. Praying that you and your family are having a joyous Christmas season!

    I just read your post at Lisa's and left a comment there but I want you to know that your word was for me! Bless you, sweet sister!

    BTW...haven't had time to experiment with sweet potatoe pie recipes. Haven't done my Christmas shopping or wrapped and have not done one bit of baking yet.....my where does the time go!!!! After the first of the year I really hope to drive over the mountain and meet with you!!! : ))

    Hugs and Sweet Christmas Blessings!

  12. The Poinsetta(spelling?) picture of your Header looks gorgeous.

    Forgiveness. Big one there. But i am really glad you post it. I do need some great spiritual insights for that!!



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