The Golden Heart Award ~ I'm Honored to Receive

I am so honored to receive this award today not only from one, but two of my sisters in Christ. Rosel, from Off the Beaten Trek nominated me and I urge you to visit her. She is evangelically bent and has a wonderful way of encouraging souls to take the plunge and meet Jesus!

Alleluiabelle from Humble As I Go also was kind enough to think I deserve this. Her blog is a wonderful combination of deep poetry and prose from the heart and she shares her grandchildren now and then and they are delightful. Alle is an example to all of us when it comes to overcoming.

Thank you both for nominating me. When I began blogging last September, I didn't know how this worked. I loved reading blogs; I would get so encouraged. I wanted to give back and asked my husband if he thought I had anything to give to others. He answered, "Give them your smile." Jesus gave me a smile. I was pathetic at one time, but he gave me so much joy and now I'm a work in progress and want to share my journey! Praise Him!

In order for me to receive this award, I have to nominate five other blogs. Here goes:

1. Charlotte, from My Home In Scottsdale. Charlotte writes uplifting inspirational posts that draw you to Jesus. She co-hosts Spriritual Sundays. I never realized how anointed this meme was until I was not able to attend church for a few weeks.

2. Ginger, from Enchanting Cottage. Ginger's blog will inspire you with colorful decorating. Ginger is the other host of Spiritual Sundays. These two ladies visit every blog site that participates in their meme. What dedicated golden hearts of God these two have.

3. Kay, at Dream Big. I love this blog and its owner. You will be amazed how much this gal can fit into one week and have fun while she's doing it. Talk about inspiration. God really blessed me here with friendship. Now I know how golden his heart is.

4. Karen, at If you love to pray for people, visit Karen's site. She'll wow you with the power of intercession. Sometimes I read her posts twice because I find such gold in God's heart there.

5. Jean, at Daisy Chain. Jean blogs about inspirational scripture. I love it when she shares her family and her beautiful children and grandchildren. This woman with a heart for God is like gold to me.


  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful award. I'm honored that you chose me to receive it. And, congratulations on your receiving it.

  2. Thank you very much. I love to read your blog too. You are an encouragement and an inspiration! You have MUCH to give.


  3. You definately deserve this award. GOD BLESS you and congradulations to all those you chose.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. ~ I am so honored to receive this beautiful award and I thank you so much! Your words truly touched my heart and I thank you for that also. Congratulations on your receiving it too.


  5. Not only was the joy that the Lord had given you that caused you to smile, sister, He gave you a golden heart! Don't we learn so much from our Savior and there are still more to be discovered! I discovered a golden heart and "pile of smiles" here. I'm sure there'll be more to be exposed later :) as the Lord wills. God bless and don't stop writing for the Lord.

  6. My Dear Friend,

    When I first came to your site, your smile drew me in right away before I ever started reading. Your face exudes joy and happiness. Now that I have come to know you so much through your writing, it's clear that you have a bright and shining heart for the Lord. He lives in you and you are such a fine example for all of us how He wants us to feel and exemplify Him. You do that my dear sweet precious friend. You do that.

    I love you and look forward to many more visits here and seeing your beaming face with pile of smils upon it.

    Many, many hugs,

  7. Mary, I remember very well when you began blogging last year ... and blessing me. I am thankful that God plopped you into my life! In time, I began to notice your gift of encouragement growing. It's because you really do have a Golden Heart full of Jesus! I count myself blessed to know you and call you my friend. Thank you for sharing your life, your encouragement, your friendship, and your award with me!

  8. Congratulations precious and beautiful sister and praise the LORD!

    Happy Mother's Day!


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