Prayer and the Middle Child

Looking back, I got a hint of the Sunday morning sermon.  It’s just another one of God’s divine surprises!

As we drove to church this morning, I mentioned to my husband that my garden sectioned by grapevines and hedges needs serious attention.  We lost one of the grapevines so I researched foliage on line with plans to replace it and I asked him to dig new holes this coming week.  I call this private area my prayer garden, but I recently moved out the chair and rarely meet there to talk with God. 

Middle Children and feeling overlooked  
This morning’s sermon touched me deeply when the speaker correlated unanswered prayers that never seem to reach the Lord’s ear with being the middle child and feeling invisible.

I’ve been discouraged in prayer so the teaching about persistence to stay the course in faith and trust without visible results ignite new hope to believe for the impossible that’s only possible with God.

Our church is big on altars
My favorite sermon bullet conveyed that prayer gives me a voice in heaven!  Middle children need to know their voice is heard.  I wonder if Daniel was a middle child.  He fasted and prayed for 21 days, morning Noon and night.  Then an angel appeared to him reassuring him that God heard him the first day!  Daniel 10: 10-12

We won’t see a breakthrough until we pray through!

We received the call to pray consistently without giving up.  I like the way our pastor expressed God’s heart as we choose that altar; he called it a  special meeting place where we meet up often with God.  It’s not a performance, not a have to, but a place of safety, a divine encounter with the one who has our very best interest in mind.  His plan is one to prosper us, not hurt us, and to give us a hope and a future.

I’m supercharged!
Spiritually, I’m revived but let me say, my plan for that new prayer garden area far exceeds the layout of the old one.  I’m going to paint that old chair, re-pot some pretty flowers, purchase and plant some “Cat’s Claw” vines when the holes are dug and, most importantly, meet with my God when the early morning sun rises!

I hope you’re encouraged too and by the way, be sure to take time to say “hi.”  Middle children tend to feel overlooked you know!


  1. Ever feel like your prayers go unheard?

  2. I can't wait to see your new garden! I am sure it will be beautiful and a wonderful place to pray! God bless you, Mary!

  3. Good Luck with your new prayer garden!
    I myself don't have a particular place to pray to God. I pray to Him everywhere, anytime - in my thoughts. Persistence is indeed key to prayers being heard and answered.

  4. "...He fasted and prayed for 21 days, morning Noon and night. Then an angel appeared to him reassuring him that God heard him the first day!"

    This is so funny to me. :) He hears us. Sometimes we can't believe how simple it is.

  5. That prayer garden sounds like a great place you are creating to spend time in prayer with our Lord :)

  6. I want to see pictures too of your new prayer garden. I just love it that you have a prayer garden. How special. Thanks for sharing dear friend. Speaking of middle child...I have a middle child. I have always tried my best to be sure she knows how important, loved and needed she is. But you are right...most often the middle child feels left out. I appreciate you sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. What a timely message you experienced! Now, I've never had siblings, but can sure empathized with having felt invisible. Please, won't you share photos of your 'new' prayer garden someday?

  8. I posted a comment but doesn't see it. So I hope re trying doesn't make my comment more than one... Anyway, I remember sister Mary when we were new to blogging that you posted a video and showed us your prayer garden and how you prayed for everyone. Nothing like a support from prayers no matter the distance! That sounds beautiful regarding your plan to redo your special place of meeting Him in silence! Each day. That should inspire us, too to always be persistent when it comes to prayers. One thing I believe, no matter what order of birth, thank God that we are not invisible to Him and that He loves us all. Blessings to you sister and praying that you are remaining strong with the Lord's mighty power!

  9. Hi, Mary! Exactly what you said! I knew a few years ago that I had to be intentional about my time with God, so it's on my to do list every day. Through the years, that time with Him, that first time of my's tithing my time and oh, the blessing of it. I spend the time in the garden or the front screened porch in warm weather, or inside and cozy, many times with lit candle or wood stove in the cold months. The time is the most important thing I do each day.

  10. waiting to see your prayer garden! I pray to him in all places whenever i want:)

  11. You dear dear lady. I appreciate your openness here, Mary. I know there are some areas in my prayer life that I've just about given up on because of not seeing much fruit at all from the time spent in praying. How blind-sided I've been. Thank you for the encouragement to stick with the stuff and continue on praying and believing regardless of what I do or do not see. xo

  12. Hey, sis!

    I always appreciate when you share your heart and bare your soul. Feels like a comfortable place to be... like that altar or in your prayer garden...

  13. HI from a fellow middle child!! Your prayer garden sounds so special!
    May God`s unfailing Love and mercies new every morning greet you there as you become re-newed each day in His great love!!♡

  14. I had a place on our front porch when we lived in Papua New Guinea that became my prayer place. It had all kinds of good smelling flowers and vines all around it. The only problems was the red ants likes some of the plants more than I did and a couple times took the place over. I would spread corn meal all over the porch and those ants would gobble them up, take some back to their dens and it did not take long before the cornmeal would swell in their tiny stomachs and they would die. I did not mourn their death either. In each place we have lived I have made a place. We have a big yard where we live now but it seems no matter what time I am out there those three legged critters, my 3 grand children want to come out with me. We are in Mn now so they are watering my flowers, and taking care of Grandma's retreat place. I too look forward to your new praying alter.

    PS, I have not forgot what you ask me to do Mary, I have half of it written, hoping to finished it while visiting my daughter and family. Blessings sister.


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