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My Father Danced

A friend shared a You-Tube with me this week and I’m still laughing.  The father in the story took his toddler to her ballet dance recital.  The wee one walked on stage, plopped down and refused to dance with her class.  Her cool dad enters the stage, baby in his arms, and begins to dance next to his daughter who’s still in meltdown mode on the floor.  But the dad had the routine down pat!  I thought he looked pretty funny in his casual shorts with his hairy legs bowed to the music.  His ballerina toddler took notice and soon she rose to dance too, twirling with her dad.
Sentimental Double Date I enjoyed a double date with my husband and another couple last Saturday night when we attended a summer concert in the park.  The Sentimental Journey Band played mostly tunes from the 40’s but threw in some Beatles songs and a few rockers began to dance in the aisle.  That’s when my eye caught the young family sitting in our section.  I watched the fun dad dance with his two-year old son but his…

Trending: Best Friend

Do you pay attention to the trends on social media?  This week, “best friends” trended and I’m amused reading everyone’s response.
KLOVE Radio got in the act with a stimulating question:  “Who is your best friend and why does the relationship work?”  Emotional callers shared stories of ones who stood by them through thick and thin.

I heard the broadcast just a day after going to lunch with my bestie this week.

We met at a Christian women’s retreat 12 years ago with hopes of following up on all we learned that glorious weekend.  We scheduled lunch shortly after and we were amazed at all we share in common.  We made a pact that we would not let three months go by without getting coffee or lunch so we could stay caught up.  Little did I realize back then the commitment I signed up for would bring incredible girlfriend chats and fun dining.  God blessed us with a kindred spirit; we encourage each other and pray for each other through the hard times as well as cheer each other on when victori…