My Father Danced

A friend shared a You-Tube with me this week and I’m still laughing.  The father in the story took his toddler to her ballet dance recital.  The wee one walked on stage, plopped down and refused to dance with her class.  Her cool dad enters the stage, baby in his arms, and begins to dance next to his daughter who’s still in meltdown mode on the floor.  But the dad had the routine down pat!  I thought he looked pretty funny in his casual shorts with his hairy legs bowed to the music.  His ballerina toddler took notice and soon she rose to dance too, twirling with her dad.

Sentimental Double Date
I enjoyed a double date with my husband and another couple last Saturday night when we attended a summer concert in the park.  The Sentimental Journey Band played mostly tunes from the 40’s but threw in some Beatles songs and a few rockers began to dance in the aisle.  That’s when my eye caught the young family sitting in our section.  I watched the fun dad dance with his two-year old son but his daughter, about seven, just stood there refusing to join in the circle dance.  Then the spirited dad jumped up and down to the music.  He got that shy girl of his to dance with him!  What kid doesn’t want to jump?

My Father Danced
A Father’s Day question surfaced this week and I’ve been thinking about it.  “Share a favorite memory of something you enjoyed with your father.” 

I loved dancing with my father.  Both of my parents came from large Polish families and weddings in our family meant food feasts, kids included, and lots of dancing.  I have wonderful memories of not only watching my dad grace the dance floor with my mom, but also feeling his easy-to-follow style twirl me around to the happy music too.  As a kid, the big Polish weddings left an impression on me.  Imagine a slippery hardwood waxed floor and fast polkas by a live, enthusiastic band!  I still remember the fear of falling when the music sped up and called for that fast double hop.  However, I was in my father’s safe embrace and I enjoyed the adventure as much as I enjoyed a roller coaster ride in the amusement park.  I still recall the thundering stomps of jovial, heavy set adults circling the huge dance floor.  My people are not small people, and their exuberant energy left huge dripping of aerobic sweat by the end of those long polkas.  Dancers got out their hankies and wiped their shiny faces at the song's end. 

Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

As we celebrate Father’s Day today, I hope good memories come to mind.  Is there a favorite memory of something you enjoyed doing with your dad?  I’d love to hear it.


  1. Happy Father's Day to my guy friends!

  2. Hello Maria!
    A wonderful mention. I read your beautiful post with emotion.
    My beloved Dad is with Father in Heaven.
    I was with him with flowers, lit a candle on the grave, prayed for his soul.
    Blogared week, Maria.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to share this with Tom! I especially enjoyed your analogy of being held in a tight embrace to a roller-coaster. "Jovial heavy-set adults' aerobic sweat" just cracked me up!
    For some unknown reason I don't/won't dance … probably the long-ago fear of being watched and possibly ridiculed. Yes, that FB video of daddy-turned-ballerina is precious.

  4. I used to enjoy sitting with my Dad on the sofa and watch TV. In those days there was one main channel and one educational channel, both under state supervision, so you can imagine the level of the programmes and the dull choice. I particularly loved my father's humorous/witty remarks on the various TV items. He often made me laugh and at the same time helped me build a critical view of the things displayed on the little screen.

  5. Love this about Dad`s and dancing, your photo of you and your Dad! and the wonderful scripture about our Heavenly Father who dances over us!! My Dad loves to work out at the gym, so our father-daughter time has always been around exercise!! When I was young he would bring us to the High School track to run together, it was before running was a popular sport and he ran in tennis shoes! and at the time I really didn`t like exercise and it was not fun at all, but when I became a `grown up` myself, and ever since college, I love to exercise, its something my Dad gave me for sure. Now when we meet we spend time at his gym where he goes, and I love it and love seeing him there, he also loves to chat with the people there, so it is now something I really appreciate and love and am thankfull to my Dad for! And now I love to dance to express joy and worship to God, and can say thank you father to my earthly father to encouraging me to exercise, and to our Heavenly Father for this dance of life with Him!!Thanks for such a wonderful post, it also is like an invitation to dance with our dads. Its also something in my heart as in my life now I am praying about how to make some kind of `Holy Fitness` program to share in my community, and have recently been seeing these connections with what I have received from my Dad about movement...If you are moved to, please lift this prayer up to believe for it!! Thanks you!
    Oh, and love how the dads in the story encouraged the kids, where sometimes you would think its the opposite!! Love to you!

  6. I saw that video too and thought it was so sweet!
    I grew up on a farm and in the summer when my Dad was working long days in the field, my mom would pack him a lunch and my brother and I would walk it out to wherever he was working. We loved doing that and having lunch with him.


  7. That was a cute video with the dad dancing since his daughter was having trouble doing so in the beginning. I thought he was a brave man to get out there and do it. Sweet memories you have of your dad dancing and lovely picture of the two of you. My dad died when I was really young so I have no memories of him. I look forward to seeing him one day in heaven.


  8. Oh, what a sweet post! My favorite memories of my Daddy are when he and Mom and I would pray together and sing together and he would play his five-string banjo, as I accompanied him on the guitar. All of my memories of him and Mom are special and so precious to me. We never stop missing them, do we? It is so hard to believe and accept that their earthly race is run, and we will see them no more down here. Heaven will be sweeter because they are there.

  9. Hi sister Mary. My dad had been away most of the time being a Radio Operator and had gone to different parts of the world. On his short breaks, it never felt like it was because he made sure he spent each minute worthwhile with my mom, brothers and me. Most of all, with me...being the youngest and the only gal! "Daddy's girl" yet I never felt like he spoiled me to become a brat. He spoiled me with his love for me to remember now that he isn't here with me. Knowing how much I loved to draw and write, he would bring bags of different art supplies and lots of candies!!! I knew in my heart that he had always been faithful to my mom and kept us all in his heart when he was out sailing. Those art supplies he gave me, I used in return to write him lots of letters making my own stationeries, envelopes filled with so many drawings! I miss him but I am grateful that he is in a better place now than physically suffer. Even in his death, he remained joyful. He made us laugh all the time. He was a joker. I love your pic dancing with your dad. That depicted so much love and protection coming from a dear father. It was like his hold on you was a quiet whisper of being there for you even if you were already married. Grateful we had awesome fathers because I know many are hurting somewhere, wanting that love that comes from a father figure. And someday, we get to be with our Father Who truly loves us, too. Thank you for this lovely post. God bless and enjoy the rest of your week!!!

  10. Precious post dear friend. Yes, I too saw that cute video on you tube with father dancing. I loved it. Speaking of dancing, my fondest memories were dancing with my papa. My grandfather loved to dance and he taught me how to jitterbug. He actually taught me how to square dance and how to properly slow dance with a guy. And by that he meant...NONE OF THIS TOUCHING ANYWHERE...keep hand here and here and here and well, you get the message. LOL! I still chuckle about it today as he met my grandmother at a dance. LOL! Loved this post my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. What a great story! You saw memories of your life and dad in those other dads. What a gift and blessing you have in your dad.

    I have so many good memories of things my dad and I did together. Everything from fishing to playing catch, HORSE, and even slap boxing... I guess the best thing we ever did together was pray...

  12. Written so nicely. Thank you!

  13. Yes, I remembered seeing the video! So blessed to have such great father! I miss my father.


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