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Do you pay attention to the trends on social media?  This week, “best friends” trended and I’m amused reading everyone’s response.

KLOVE Radio got in the act with a stimulating question:  “Who is your best friend and why does the relationship work?”  Emotional callers shared stories of ones who stood by them through thick and thin.

I heard the broadcast just a day after going to lunch with my bestie this week.

We met at a Christian women’s retreat 12 years ago with hopes of following up on all we learned that glorious weekend.  We scheduled lunch shortly after and we were amazed at all we share in common.  We made a pact that we would not let three months go by without getting coffee or lunch so we could stay caught up.  Little did I realize back then the commitment I signed up for would bring incredible girlfriend chats and fun dining.  God blessed us with a kindred spirit; we encourage each other and pray for each other through the hard times as well as cheer each other on when victories come.  It’s been over a decade of lunches on a three-month rotation.  We don’t celebrate our birthdays but we’re always happy when one of those lunch dates occur at Christmastime.  Looking back, we’ve cried at sad times, sure!  Mostly we laugh but always, we listen.    

A friend threw a question out for discussion:  “What advice would you give your younger self?”  It took a day or two, but I realized the answer for me.  I would tell my younger self it’s worth the cost to invest in relationships.  Really, when it comes down to it, what’s more important than relationships?   It’s the only thing we can take with us into eternity.

KLOVE’s audience answered the best friend question mostly with “my spouse” or “my dog.” 

How would you answer?  Who is your best friend and what makes the relationship work?


  1. What a 12-year (going on forever) blessing! I don't suppose a friendship such as yours can be intentionally sought or crafted. But to survive, yes, one must be willing to invest themselves. The gift of listening - really listening - is precious.

    While I've not seen my BF in several years, I know we can pick right back up where we left off. Debbie and I are practically as different as day and night, but man ... how she makes me laugh. (I'm still trying to figure out why she likes me. LOL!)

  2. My best friend was also my cousin. She died four years ago of an autoimune disease (may she rest in peace!).
    The social media platforms don't add much to friendship; on the contrary, people learn to "unfriend" friends and "unfollow" followers just because they have different views. The worse part is that this behavior is also transferred to daily reality. People don't bother to argue or debate anymore, and that's terrible.

  3. It's just my own perspective that social media has taken away the old fashioned, more meaningful way of communicating between loved ones or friends. Ways that help relationships grow if not, patch things up if any breaks (Though you know where I stand when it comes to superficial relationships). I am probably like "those others" who considered their spouse as their best friend. But after him, I do have a BFF I met at the hospital where I used to work and I was the one who oriented her to the unit. I wasn't a good friend at that time because I chose to not be one. I was going through a lot of stress when she came into my life and quickly brushed her off, despite her hunger to get to know me when she moved from another state. It was awful that it had to happen that she lost her only sibling but that was the time I was more free to offer a friendship. I was glad she was still open and we have been best of friends since 1999. I do know now and understand that everything happens in God's perfect time and that there is no coincidence. She is going through a tough time herself for many years now but I feel that God wants me to be there beside her during lowest of her times and when her faith falters. Through those episodes, I learn to be patient and more understanding for my own lessons in life. To have compassion and share whatever God's blessing I can share. I think that's what helps our friendship. She is down to earth and so loving and caring to needy ones herself. I know I can count on her, too. Like that time when my parents passed away, she was the first one to come and offer her help/condolences and cried with me. I'm glad you have that BFF too sister Mary and I know that no matter what storm comes, it's just a lot to breathe when we know our closest friend will be by our side or vice versa. God bless you both.

  4. What a blessing! I agree with your advice to your younger self. I wish I had done more to invest in my friendships when I was in the busy stage of being a young mom. It taught me the importance of doing that now!

  5. What a delightful friendship the two of you have! Good thing you made that commitment to get together every 3 months and then to stick with it!


  6. Hello Maria!
    A wonderful post about beautiful friendship.
    Maria, only people with great heart qualities have friends.
    It's so beautiful that you've been a loyal Friend for 12 years.
    Blessed week.
    Greetings from far away Poland.

  7. What a sweet friendship you have, Mary! I have two best friends (other than Jesus, of course!)—my husband, Kevin, and our dear son, Zachary. Today is Kevin's and my 30th year anniversary. It is hard to imagine that, and I have no idea how we got here so fast. God is so good, and I am so grateful. Enjoy your sweet friend, and may God bless you both with many more years of friendship!

  8. Oh how I love this post. LOVE! Yes, relationships are so important and needed though some may disagree. What a precious friendship you have there Mary. Someone told me once that we may have lots of acquaintances but can count our true friends on the palm of one hand. I have a friend that we have been friends since 4th grade. WOW! That's been like FOREVER AGO! We are still very close. I have several girlfriends that I consider to be my sweet precious friends that I can confide in and share life with but there is something about that one true friend that is closer than a brother. And over the years I have truly learned that my ALL TIME, NO MATTER WHAT FRIEND, is Jesus. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Thank you for the Father's Day greeting sister Mary. RIght back at your loving hubby, bro. Tom and may the Lord bless him and give him more strength, same with you. Your visit was sweeter than those bear claws and peanut butter mousse cake! I know blogging nowadays isn't the same when we first started with fewer friends blogging lesser (including me). I'm not counting on how many comments I get but I just miss and remember each friend I met along the way in this blog land and often find myself praying for them, especially you, who remain faithful!!! I'm just so thankful for the Lord that there's a spiritual warrior out there in AZ, praying with me. Thank you always for your prayers and I pray you feel mine. Like what the Bible says, we must always be prayerful... So stay strong in the Lord's mighty power and I pray you will have a wonderful celebration with all the dads in your beautiful family, starting with bro. Tom. Take care sister!

  10. Did you hear some libraries and schools are banning Laura Ingalls Wilder's books because of old-fashioned attitudes?

    I love that quote above. It is so true.


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