Will They Bloom Again?

I climbed on the step stool in my kitchen and reached for my bud vase, a whiskey shot glass from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Every fourth week in April, the buds on my rose bush appear and each year my husband says the same thing as he presents me with the first rose of the season. 

“You’ll have roses by Mother’s Day!”

I carefully set the first rose in water on my kitchen island and secretly wonder if those bushes will reach their full potential after winter.

He planted the rose bushes decades ago and every spring I’m amazed how the spindly branches transition into plush red roses that drape the front deck of our home.  I’ve yet to face a Mother’s Day without their crimson beauty.

Oddly, my roses parallel my motherhood.

I often wondered the outcome of raising little girls in my younger years.  I think about the times my confidence waned, or the times I second-guessed myself and the times I thought I could have made better decisions. 

The girls blossomed into beautiful women, nonetheless.

Last weekend during a family reunion, our youngest asked her dad to take a photo of us for Mother’s Day this year.  I agreed to it as long as we posed in the rose garden!

Yeah, I love my roses this year but I really love my daughters.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all surviving women out there who raise your own children, bonus children, aunties who love, or those who spill out their love where needed.  Have a wonderful day.


  1. Great idea to pose in the rose garden!
    The beauty (outer and inner) of you three (mother and daughters) surpasses that of the roses.
    Sweet, smiling picture!

  2. Beautiful photo and I love the rose analogy!

  3. Beautiful picture of you and your daughters by the rose bush! Happy Mother's Day to you! I think you and your husband did a great job raising your daughters!


  4. What a beautiful image, Mary! I love how inviting your home looks here ... and love your choice of a vase. Bet there's lots of good memories attached to that shot glass! :)

  5. Happy Mothers Day to you, too, Mary! You and your daughters are so beautiful...so are the roses. :)

  6. Hoping it's not late for me to drop my Happy Mom's Day greeting to you sister Mary. Lovely post and those roses! Beautiful! Like you and your daughters. I believe Moms should be celebrated each day. But even if they're not remembered, they don't mind because that's just the nature of loving moms...always sacrificing...anything...for the good of their children (and hubbies, too...). God bless you and always strengthen you. Remembering you in prayers always.

  7. My hubby had planted some roses too in our side yard years ago. I'm thinking either our hubbies are too afraid so as not to forget to give us flowers on important occasions or...they're truly sweet!!! Just joking. I believe when a man truly knows God, then, they know how to treat their women right! ;)

  8. Oh my ! Love your roses and you all three are beautiful . Being a mama of three daughters whom have grown into lovely Godly women i do get where you are coming from . Nothing like daughters and nothing but the grace of God for them turning into Vessels for Him . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  9. Awe... Good for you, Mary! And your honest and loving heart makes you a wonderful person and the perfect mom God chose to raise your girls. Well done, sister.

  10. Whoa! your roses are beautiful! And happy mother's day to you as well Mary!

  11. Love the picture of you and your sweet daughters, my friend. I hope your Mother's Day was special. Love you!

  12. Hello Maria!

    I regret that there is no email on your blog.
    I am happy to send you several photos of blooming azaleas.
    Your name in Polish is: Maria.
    This is one of the most beautiful names I know.
    Kisses and greetings from Poland:)


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