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A past memory surfaced this week of when I worked in sales, specifically when I sold a home to Katherine.  Of all the sales and all the homes, Katherine stands out and for a good reason.

I stood by her side that bright autumn afternoon when Katherine’s singlewide manufactured home, with a few upgrades, rolled on to her moderate patch of land on a cul-de-sac close to the major interstate.  Katherine could not contain her excitement when the truckers turned the corner on to her street.  You see, this home was her first.  She saved to get it and her pride of ownership spilled on to me.  I still remember her words like it happened yesterday.  She expressed her feeling as “blessed beyond her dreams.”  She couldn’t wait to move in and decorate her humble home and make it her own.  Katherine told me she wanted to do something for me.  She wanted to reward me for all the hard work to make her dream come true.

“It’s really not necessary, Katherine.  But if you’re in the neighborhood sometime, drop off a pizza.  We’ll have lunch,” I said.

I forgot about the pizza but I will never forget Katherine’s visit to our office a few weeks later and the way she proudly carried in a hot pizza for our office staff like a maitre de wearing white gloves in a fancy restaurant.

I think back of customers who ordered large, fancy homes through our office and complained endlessly about everything.   Modest Katherine displayed thankfulness for the simple things in life.  Her countenance beamed with light and joy.  She radiated patience and understanding when things did not go her way in the process.

I told this story to my friend, Judy, just a few days ago.  She’s a realtor and tears swelled in her eyes at the thought of Katherine’s response.  Judy sold me her two-year-old white side by side refrigerator for a great price.  She moved and changed out her appliances to stainless steel.  I had to drive to Phoenix to pick it up but for the price, it was worth it.  I have been living with a 27 year old side by side that still works minus a few drawers that do not slide and shelves that have seen better days. Not to mention, my old unit’s almond color doesn’t match my cabinets that I painted white a few years ago! 

As Judy and I stood side by side gabbing in her back alley while the guys loaded the pick up, I told her I feel like Katherine.  I wanted my thankfulness to spill on to her because I no longer had to live with my old, dilapidated fridge.  She made it possible for me to have something stylish and matching in my kitchen.

Judy is all about matching and style.  She understood.

As for me, I hope I never forget Katherine’s example to be thankful for the simple pleasures that come to my life.


  1. :)

    I bet Katherine is happy all the time.

  2. Katherine is a great example to all of us!

  3. One customer like Katherine makes it worth being in the sales profession. Thankfulness is such a great, important behaviour, both to God and to human beings!

  4. Aww...Katherine sounded like such a sweet, grateful, humble soul. People like that leave footprints on us that we never forget, and they change us in the process, don't they? Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us, Mary. God bless you, my friend. Praying for you and Tom every day. :)

  5. This is a great story, Mary. There's something so beautiful of being thankful and sincere in heart. And we should be that way. "All things come from Your hand". Love those words from David to our Father.

  6. It's the most simple things in life that bring the greatest pleasures. Love this story Mary. I have seen that those that have little, require little and want little...has the most in life! HUMBLE HEARTS! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Great story that reminds us to be thankful with what ever God gives us. Your heart was ready to receive and hers was ready to give....

  8. A heart filled with the love of God learns to be contented in everything no matter what circumstances are going on. I gather that from Katherine's and same with yours. No complaint. Just satisfied and always thankful for a blessing. Your post is a good reminder sister Mary for my heart to always be filled with gratitude even with the simplest things because a lot of times, those littlest are the best! Try not to worry because God does turn everything into good as we trust and love Him! Blessings, hugs, prayers to you and praying that all is well as you stay strong in the Lord's mighty power!

  9. The Katherine's of this world are such a blessing because they are genuinely thankful and appreciate the things I often overlook. Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing Katherine's story. I'm happy that you have a new to you fridge, too. xx

  10. Hi Mari! What a joy to be present for Katherine's house arrival, and to understand just how much it all meant to her. And that pizza! You know, this is a wonderful, thoughtful person. It's like she's an angel for you in your life, reminding you of the joy in simplicity.
    We all need angels like that, that's for sure.
    Sunday blessings,

  11. Bless you to have met many amazing people like Katherine and Judy. Thanks for sharing their stories with us.


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