Surviving Limbo

If there was ever a place I never wanted to visit its Limbo.  No calm sea or happy dancing there in Limbo, just a boring pause desperate for a breakthrough.  Yet, I found myself there these last few weeks.

I’ve reached the limit for healing my left knee.  I can do no more until I have the right knee replaced.  My surgical knee compensates and I walk lopsided.  Plus it hurts.  My therapist, the standup comic, throws up his hands and says:  “You are in Limb-O!”

I set the date for another surgery.  That’s when the rigmarole began.   I flunked my chest X-ray.  I took it again and got the same result.  I felt like an outcast.

“You are inoperable,” they said.

I visited one doctor and then another.  I completed an echocardiogram. 

I wondered if my primary physician would release me for my very close surgery date.  Fear set in that something was wrong with me yet I felt great.  I didn’t fit the suggested diagnosis.  Why can’t life be smooth?

How to survive Limbo
Control freaks hate Limbo.  They map out the details for their lives.  When the glitches come to destroy, they become unglued.  Trust issues.

These times are uncomfortable.  But I have the Rock.  He never lets me down.  Ever.  I got a word! 

Who Needs Christmas Cards
I heard an amazing message this week about Emmanuel, God with us.  Isaiah 9:6 calls Him counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace.  I studied the Hebrew word, Yaats.  It means to advise, to deliberate or resolve.  I learned what to do in Limbo.  Call on the counselor of all counselors to defend me and make decrees for my dilemma.  

Worry is a Joy Stealer
The message I studied showed me my God is a God of action.  All I have to do is rest in Him.  He fights my battle.  My journal speaks of His rescue this week.  I found Scripture verses of victory to replace my worries.  Might as well sing and praise Him because I will in the end, no matter how it turns out!  Much better than medication, prayer puts a smile on my face.  It’s not easy, but it’s the right thing to do in Limbo.

My doctor’s office called.  They asked me to come in and go over the echo results.  “Uh-oh”, I thought.

I got the earliest morning appointment.  I sat amazed as my doctor explained line by line using words like “normal” which is good and “above average” too. 

I left the office with my emotions intact.  But when I got into my car, I really praised God and danced.  Because you see, my surgery date is this Friday, December 8, no time to spare.  I will have my right knee replaced this go around.

I may have felt like I was down to the wire, but God reigns without question.  And when I remember that He likes to orchestrate the plan because His ways are higher than mine, well that’s how to get out of Limbo or at least find peace and rest while there.

I ask for your prayers as I complete the next leg of my journey the morning of December 8.


  1. Right. Prayer to God is better than anything else, certainly better than medication. Thanks to God, your Limbo state is coming to an end this Friday and you'll regain normal walking on both legs.Fear not, everything is going to be OK.

  2. Oh dear Mary, I will be praying for you my friend. Oh I am so glad your heart is okay. Bless your heart. That is a little frightening. Girlfriend, I am that CONTROL person and I truly try to work on this part of my life. About the time I think I am a tad better, BOOM! It's a struggle. Praying for you dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I'd like to think of "limbo" either as a testing place for our faith or "the enemy making us think that there is no hope, there is no joy" to replace our faith with "fear. My husband and I were there in that place last night. You wouldn't believe that when Someone stirred my spirit and sensed that the confusing place was not from Him, we prayed, and lo and behold! The clouds of confusion vanished and of course, clarity clearer than the sparkling waters set in knowing that the intervention was from the good Lord. "His right Arm is always quick to save!"

    I gather that from your post today. And though He already knows what you need, I know that our prayers are still need to be lifted up so His blessing can pour down on you sister Mary. So, here I am, agreeing with your prayers and I know that He is always there beside you, before, during and after this procedure. You're too blessed to be stressed because you serve an awesome God! Hugs, love and prayers always.

  4. Some of my English words are not written right! I think I'm overjoyed still from His intervention. HAHAHA. words can be wrong or my words can be uplifting but it is His Word that endures forever! His Word that removes all these troubles in life because of His love, grace and mercy. His Word strengthens and gives life!!! Stay strong in the Lord's mighty power sister Mary!


  5. "How to Survive Limbo" ... your words may well describe me to a T. Control freak? Yep. ... and despite my resolve, it only gets worse as I get older.

    I'm taking this comical take on a serious situation to HEART, dear Mary ... and praying up a storm!
    You're gonna rock this!

  6. Wise actions and sound advice that you practiced in real life. That's a ministry!

    Glad to hear all is well and you got the green light. I'm praying for you and your surgery. You'll be dancing by Spring!

  7. I'm not a fan of Limbo either. Praying for you on Friday and will be waiting to hear the good reports afterward!

  8. I think this surgery might be "easier" because you'll know a bit what to expect. Praying for a great outcome come Friday! You described limbo so well and those who are in in are not happy especially if they are control freaks. We definitely want to know the outcome and want it now. I'm in a particular limbo and while I know the end is in sight down the road, getting to there has made me really think "what is God trying to teach me" (other than trust and waiting on him to fight the battle) and to be patient while I'm here (though that's a hard thing to do). God definitely fights our battles and he'll be with you in the operating room come Friday!


  9. Oh, praise God!!! I have been so concerned for you and praying. SO thankful to hear that all is well, and you are able to have your other operation! God is SO good and so faithful to answer prayer for us, dear friend. Will continue to pray for you and believe for the best results possible! Keep encouraged, God is with you. Sending love and hugs to you across the miles!

  10. Dropping lots of prayers this morning sister Mary. Hugs and stay strong with the power God gives. Love you in Christ.

  11. "He likes to orchestrate the plan because His ways are higher than mine."



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