Unwritten Songs

Annie’s Song competed with the noise of sizzling bacon on the stove while my husband blended the ingredients for his famous blueberry waffles at the kitchen island.  I hung a big birthday banner in the dining room and anchored streamers to flow from the ceiling as a centerpiece over the table.

You fill up my senses like a night in the forest…the familiar old song played in the background on the kitchen radio.

The morning sunshine beamed through the windows as I set my dining room table for yet another special family gathering, Sookie’s birthday brunch.  Our granddaughter turned nine.  Last Saturday, her dad planned a busy, fun day.  He included us and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive.  I wouldn’t be able to go ice skating up in the mountain with the rest of the family but having a special breakfast together and opening presents gave me something to look forward to all week long!   

Papa Tom and I reminisced while we prepared the party food that morning and chatted about the oldie radio station we discovered a few weeks ago.

“How many John Denver unwritten songs leave you feeling cheated?” he asked me.   

However, for me, it’s Jim Croce.  He was my favorite and I’m always ready to hear his song again, I’ll have to say I love you in a song. 

I wish they both were still here with us today writing and singing.

What about you.  What artist left before your appetite for his/her music was fulfilled? 

It’s grand to be in a third grader’s world!  Sookie is learning her multiplication tables and just tried out for the school play, Peter Pan.  She sang a solo and got a part too! 

Tom and Amy told me that our little birthday girl caught on quickly at the ice rink and in no time took off with major speed. 


  1. How can she be 9 already!!! Only yesterday, you introduced us to Sookie as she sat in her highchair, singing praises to Jesus.

    Great question. Gone too soon? He wasn't a favorite (unlike George Harrison), but I'll go with John Lennon.

  2. Your grandaughter is adorable! Happy Birthday, Sookie!
    I'm sure the party (food, music, presents...) was a success.

  3. Time does fly! Happy Birthday, Sookie! Lovely photos. :)

  4. Your granddaughter is "9"? Wooo...Time flies! Happy Birthday to her & may the Lord's awesome blessings rain down on her...Looked like a fun party...much more with the background music playing during prep time... 2 or 3 days ago... out of the blue, I stared at my guitars on the wall & started thinking how I used to play some of Jim Croce's songs. My fav was I have to say i love you in a song, Operator & Time In A Bottle. I forgot 'em since drawing nearer to the Lord. But they're still my favorites. Thank you for the reminder that we can enjoy those memorable tunes still...oh man! If we can only keep "time in a bottle..." but I'm surely thankful for "photographs and memories. .." ;) hugs to you sister, praying for you & may you always remain strong with the power that God gives...

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  6. Happy belated birthday to Suki! Such a lovely young lady! Glad she had a great birthday adventure and enjoyed ice skating. Good to see a post from you!


  7. Hi Mary! I am so with you with John Denver and Jim Croce. I had multiple albums of both. So shocking when they died!
    Sookie is such a gutsy gal to sing a solo, good for her! What a fun day, and I could almost smell the bacon cooking...yum. I just love family and family activities, and I know you do too, you must have been in heaven :)

  8. We have lost a lot of our wonderful singers over silly errors - like Ricky Nelson too.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful. sandie

  9. Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughter. What a fun day for her. So glad you got to join in with some of the activities. Oh I miss Elvis Presley to be honest. I loved his songs but my favorite were his gospel songs. I loved Jim too as you. So many I loved and still do. Hugs and blessings to your dear friend.

  10. Such a cute little 9 year old!
    I think both those artists are missed. Keith Green also passed young, in an accident. I wonder what he might have written!

  11. Aw....your post brought back so many memories. We had Annie's Song played at our wedding! John Denver is one of my husband's all=time favorites. I will never forget the day John Denver died. We felt like we had lost a personal friend...in answer to Tom's question, we feel very cheated by John never having been able to write more songs. SO sad. These singers become such an integral influence upon our lives, and when they are gone, we mourn. We were so dad to hear of Tom Petty's passing...it just leaves a huge, gaping hole, not only in our hearts, but in our world. Your sweet, little 9 year old is just precious!! I know you must be so proud of her!! God bless you, sweet friend. Love and appreciate you so much and praying for you!

  12. What a blessing to get to celebrate with your granddaughter for her birthday! And making memories out of old ones. That's wisdom, sister.

    I sometimes wonder what great songs we missed from Stevie Ray Vaugh, Ronnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd), and now more recently with all the musicians lost last year and this year, like Glenn Frey and Tom Petty.

  13. Great... now the chorus from Croce is stuck in my head. "You don't pull on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind. You don't pull the mask of the ole Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Jim, du-du-du-du du-du-du-du, bum-bum-bum-bum."

  14. Food and songs are the best together. Especially relaxing music. No wonder people love to stay in restaurants with wonderful music.

  15. Your granddaughter is so beautiful !! I love the banner and party decorations!
    It`s been raining here for days and days, so its nice to open up your post so filled with sunshine!!


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