Small Towns and Mountain Roads

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all and get into the mountains.  That's what we did recently.  We got in the car and drove into the mountains with no particular destination in mind. We needed to break up our routine and look at different scenery.   We traveled along the Mogollon Rim, a mountain range in Northern Arizona. 

I Like Small Towns
We parked our car in Pine, a very small town consisting of one main street,  and ate at our favorite mom and pop little diner.  They cook everything from scratch and I yearned for a slice of homemade fruit pie. Unfortunately, they were out of fruit pies.  I'm not keen on cream pie, so we decided on a little breakfast with our coffee while we enjoyed the cooler weather and local clientele.  

On the way back to our car we noticed the townspeople setting up what looked like an exhibit in the park.  We noticed crafts, booths with food, picnic tables, kettle corn, and interesting presentations.  I felt right at home with these friendly townspeople.  

Any idea what this flower is called?   I found it fascinating.

I thought it was a statue.  I learned it's a Turkey Hawk.  He never moved.

I’ve got to get that husband of mine to smile more.

I picked up these two clowns.  No problem smiling with them!

We headed north on the Beeline Highway to Winslow Arizona. Everybody gets their picture taken standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, including me!  The guy who photo bombed in the background felt so bad that he offered to take one of us.  I didn't like it as much because the girl in the flatbed Ford didn't show like in this one!

When a lady gets a craving, look out!  I made my own pie in my own kitchen using my own apricots from my own tree, prolific in fruit this year.  I love it when I have so much I can give it away.  It just goes to show ya; sometimes the best things in life are right in your own backyard!  

What is your pleasure, small towns or big cities?


  1. :) nice!

    No idea what that flower is. Looks otherworldly!

    Me, I like small towns. No traffic. Lots of room. Ahh...

    1. Arizona... you aren't near the fires, are you?


  2. It's a torch lily, or a red hot poker. Aren't they pretty?

    I'm a small town girl - no big cities for me!

  3. I'm not sure if we were following each other's blogs then (I think we were) but I wrote about how our GPS totally got confused and a trip mapped out to Sedona actually ended us up in Happy Jack. I don't think we would ever have found that place if it had stayed on course. Now we might just have to see if we can get ourselves to Pine. Seemed like a delightful place to spend some time!

    I've lived in both; "small" towns and "big" cities. When I have lived in small towns I've missed the "advantages" of big cities (more places to shop, etc). The best small town I lived in was when we lived in Billings, Montana. Three years earlier hubby was on a job search for a new job. I told him "anything but the deep south or Montana." We ended up in Santa Fe, New Mexico (disaster). A year later he started another search for a job and yep, we ended up later moving to Montana (I'm sure God chucked about it all). Thing is, during that period of 9 years we were there I grew so much spiritually. I will never regret that time there except for the fact I was cold from October until June :)


  4. I don't know what the flower is called, but it is very interesting! And your pie looks delicious! Lovely photos.

  5. We call those birds turkey vultures--they are huge and have red, bald heads. We see them every day here in PA. I prefer small towns with sidewalks to big cities or open country. I grew up in one and love the friendly attitude in most of the ones i have lived in.

  6. A change of scenery is a Must for our sanity. I like, from time to time, to take a half day trip or a full day trip to some distant, different place for that purpose.
    Your apricot pie looks yummy. Nothing better than a homemade pie with fruit from your own tree growing in your own yard!

  7. Oh I bet you had fun! Love the pictures. Soon as I saw that flower I thought of dream sickles, the ice cream. Got your sweet note. Hope you have a great week dear friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Definitely small towns for me! And, a small town that happens to be in the mountains? Now, that's what I call Heaven on earth!!! Now, I have that song going through my head and probably will for hours!! LOL!! That is SO neat. I had no idea they had such a statue! LOVE that!! I'm glad you got to get away, sweet friend. Sometimes, we just all have to, don't we? And, your pie looks amazing!! Love and appreciate you!!

  9. It is so great to get away to the mountains! I still can't believe I am so close to paradise. Loved seeing your photos of our outing. The apricot pie looks amazing. Have a blessed day.

  10. Oh, give me a small town any day of the week! Not long ago I was telling someone how, in my younger days, I couldn't wait to live in a big city. Such a lesson in 'be careful what you ask for'!

    I love 'mom and pop' establishments and one-buggy towns. I've never heard of Pine, but may have to make that a stop before we get the heck out-a Dodge!
    Wonderful pix of you and that strong, silent type on the corner! :)

  11. Small towns for me! Hands down :) I loved following along on your little trip out of town into the mountains, such a fun time for you and your husband, great pictures, photobomb, and all, lol! And that flower was a beauty, looks like someone who posted above knows what it is, isn't that wonderful to now know what it is called. And I too love fruit pies, not so much into creme pies... yours looked amazing, how wonderful you can share the bountiful harvest with others too!

  12. Amazing pics!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  13. Love all the pics sister Mary! Sometimes, the best destinations are those that aren't planned at all and you end up discovering new things! What is that flower that looks like "popsicles?" I tell ya...this hot weather makes you think about frozen treats! ;)

    Your apricot pie surely looks wonderful and I know in my heart surely tasted good!!! Thank God for a lot of rain this past winter. Our plum tree and nectarines have produced more fruits, too! I had my son bought me some dried apricots and made some apricot-almond biscotti. Never again would I buy those biscotti from stores. There is something just so enjoyable when anything baked comes from your own kitchen.

    I would rather live in a small town. Away from hustle and bustle of a big city. Unfortunately, our place is becoming more like a crowded one! Guess there's really no perfect place to live in but I'm just thankful for all He gives. Thank you for all the smiles you always share with us. God bless and empower you!

  14. Sometimes city can be fun but I still prefer the simple and quiet life of a small town.

  15. Small towns...every. single. time. Big cities are noisy and no one seems to have time to smile. The name of the plant is Poker Plant. Here is a link where you can read a bit about it.
    Your apricot pie looks delicious, Mary. My father-in-law loved apricots.

  16. Sounds like a wonderful time! You two aren't going to gather any moss!

    That sounds like a great day. I haven't been in Pine in close to ten years... time to go.

    I like parts of both the city and the small town. There's inspiration in both, but the small town is closer to my heart. It's been so long now, I hope it's not just a romantic notion.

    That Eagles song is gonna be stuck in my head all day!

  17. Don't you love to see the beauty God makes?


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