Ireland, A Child's View

I found myself checking my phone often in hopes of hearing from my eight year old granddaughter.  That was a few weeks ago when I wondered if she enjoyed traveling in Ireland.  I hoped she packed the right clothes and imagined her sightseeing in that beautiful country.  She sent me texts with hints of fun times on this trip with her dad!

The best thing about last week was Friday when Sookie and her dad drove up to have dinner with us.  I knew little about Ireland and looked forward to hearing her experience.  It made me happy that she wanted to visit Papa and I just as soon as she returned to the states.    They narrated their photos from a slideshow and told us all about the castles, old churches and bed & breakfasts in Kilarney, Limerick, cork and Dublin over their fourteen-day stay.

Sookie told me fresh orange juice topped the list of her favorite foods!  They described Irish food as sausage and cabbage mash (a potato mixture.)  Of course, they bragged about the fish and chips too.

Looking back, what advice would they offer travelers to Ireland?
Sookie was glad she wore a warm jacket in the slate mine tour where it got very cold underground so her advice is to pack a jacket.  

Her dad recommends research.  He visited Ireland more than a decade ago and wanted Sookie to experience it.  He studied maps in advance along with routes to playgrounds, churches and restaurants.  He reserved rooms at bed & breakfasts.  Parking in Dublin presented a challenge at their hotel.  But parking is a small setback.  Renting a vehicle and planning a personal itinerary trumps bus tours that provide only minimal amounts of time to spend in interesting places.  Better to be independent and stay as long as you want!

When they drove the width of the island, they crossed over to Wales by ferry.

Why so green there?
It rains often on this Emerald Island, mostly at night.

The photos tell the story of playing with Irish children in the playgrounds, visiting Catholic churches, touring castles and graveyards with views of rolling hills.  Make that very green rolling hills!

Amazing old world churches!  I think this one is St. Mary's.

They enjoyed an Irish Festival where the wait staff dressed in costume!

I love this street with the Roman arch!

A playground to play with Irish children!

Why Ireland?
There’s no Irish in our blood lines and only 12% in Sookie’s dad’s, but for a first trip overseas for a young girl, her dad thought Ireland provided safe and easy travel without a language barrier.

I witnessed maturity and noticed Sookie articulated her trip to the far-away land clearly.  That’s what travel does.  It’s challenging and educational.  She remembered details and I found that interesting!


  1. Beautiful photos! I have a couple of blog friends who live in Ireland. The views are spectacular!

  2. What a dream come true! ... and what's wonderful, she's old enough to remember. Who knows, perhaps she'll return with the two of you ... this time, as your tour guide!

  3. That is so true, travelling makes us see different perspective. Its nice that at her age she was able to visit a different place, for sure that'll help her EQ too!

    Oh ireland, i love european countries because they are so ancient and rich of history, stories and nostalgias! :)

  4. What a wonderful trip! I would love to visit Ireland - all that greenery and history!

  5. Beautiful place to visit and I like that her dad is introducing her to "foreign" travel at a young appreciable age! She'll definitely remember this trip with the great memories made. Look at all that green!


  6. A trip to remember, for sure! What a great educational experience and a wonderful opportunity for dad and daughter bonding! Love it!

  7. What a lovely country and beautiful little girl! That was so sweet that she wanted to see you all as soon as she got back. She probably couldn't wait to get home and tell you all about it. So precious. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. Sending love and hugs to you today!

  8. Beautiful country and how precious your granddaughter got to experience that at a young age! How observant and I'm sure she learned a lot from this culture!!! Dropping a warm hello and praying all is well with you sister Mary. God bless.

  9. Great tips from a young traveler. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to visiting Ireland.

  10. Good for her! That time with her dad will be one of her favorite memories. That's the best investment in her he could ever make. And it starts paying huge dividends immediately.

    Great story and pictures! She's a doll!!!

  11. Came back to let you know...if it helps to let you know that in year 2000, my last year to work as an Ortho nurse, knee replacements had already advanced techniques post-op. That's 17 years ago. My prayers will always have your back sister. Thanks for yours ;) Love to you. May you have a wonderful rest of the week, always being reminded that you are strong because of the power that God alone gives.

  12. Oh what a wonderful opportunity for Sookie! I am so happy that she was able to make this trip with her dad. What joy must fill your heart as you reflect back over her visit with you to share all of the wonder of it all. xx


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