Sunday Afternoon in the Park

My eight year old granddaughter saves her money.  During my last visit, I noticed three full piggy banks in her room.  Recently, she invested her money in a tablet and now the rest of us had to get the AP for our phones so we could chat with her.  Her father scrutinizes her contacts so it’s safe and fun.

In the past week I received a photo she took of her three year old sister sticking her tongue out, a drawing for me telling me how much she missed me and lots of answers to my questions about school.

A chat that touched me deeply described last Sunday when their family went to Balboa Park after church.  They ate a picnic lunch and then visited the International Cottages.  I’ve been to the cottages on prior trips to San Diego and enjoyed my granddaughter's perspective about them.  

I’ll showcase some of their photos along with some of my memories to explain the International Cottages that the park features.

This first photo is a collage of Sookie now compared to my first visit to the park when she was just a baby!


The House of Hungary is a good example of one of these cottages.  This photo features the entrance where visitors can walk through and taste a sample of Hungarian food and look at Hungarian artifacts.

Sookie wrote that her favorites to visit are the Houses of Spain, China and Germany.  I mentioned that I like the Houses of Israel and Poland.  

My daughter emailed this first photo to me from their weekend, but the second is from my very first visit to the House of Israel when Sookie was a baby.

These are dishes displayed in the House of Poland.  If you hang around long enough enjoying Polish delicacies, the dancers put on a happy show as they dance the Double Hop Polka.

Balboa Park features The International Cottage Exhibit once a month.  One thing I like every day there, year ‘round, is the Japanese Rose Garden and Tea House.  I've enjoyed a delicious cup of tea at one of their sidewalk tables, breathing in the beauty of the roses.   Aren’t they gorgeous?

Which International cottage would you choose to visit if you were there?


  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing! Warm hugs and much love to you.

  2. Sookie seems to be a bright kid who knows what she wants and gets it.
    The international cottages exhibit is a great idea! I wouldn't miss any of the cottages.
    I like the picture with the polka dancers. Also, the photo of your daughter with the baby which has in the background a poster with a religious guy holding the Thora book. Beautiful!

  3. OH, now neat! That little Sookie is quite the little lady, isn't she? So grown up for her age! Just adorable! I am glad you can keep in close touch through her tablet. Thinking much of you, sweet friend, and praying for you. I love and appreciate you!

  4. In the old days when I lived in San Diego, they were called the Houses of Hospitality. There were special events held most weekends at them. My favorite would have been Poland since I'm 100% Polish.

    A good saver of money your granddaughter is!


  5. I've never been to San Diego but this looks like a place that would really interest me! Thanks for sharing, Mary!

  6. Oh I love the pictures. I would want to visit them all but If I could pick one it would be Poland. Yes, I would love the dancing and of course soon as I spotted those pretty dishes you know my heart went pitter-patter. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I m impressed by Sookie - she is mature for her age! I don't know which one I would visit first - I think I would have to see all of them to choose!

  8. Sookie is adorable.
    What a beautiful Sunday afternoon. :D

    Enjoy your week!

  9. Hmmmm...I'm guessing mine would be the House of Israel, then is there one of Scotland? That would surely be my next one and also Germany.

    I loved seeing the pictures of Sookie when she was a baby. Hard to believe she is eight years old now...and even harder to believe that her sister is three! Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone?

    Love to you, Sweet Friend.

  10. First, the house of Israel, then Ireland, then Scotland, then, actually would love to see them all. Sounds like a delightful way to spend a day. Great pictures by the way..

  11. What an interesting place to visit! I would love to see them all, how amazing to be able to see and experience each country's native lifestyle and food. Sookie is just a precious little soul! How wonderful that you can communicate with her through her tablet that she saved up for. :)

  12. How sweet! What treasures to get, drawings, photos, words... :-)

    And glad to hear they monitor her contacts. We do that too.

  13. Hi Mary! I remember visiting Balboa Park with my sisters some years ago. What I really remember were all the wedding parties and the Sweet 16 groups getting their pictures taken there. What a great venue for that!
    I do love flowers, so I think that's where you'd find me. And kudos to your grandchild for all that saving! She really knows how to push off instant gratification and go for the gusto!

  14. I've been to Balboa Park a lot of times, but somehow missed this! It's beautiful. I might have to check it out this summer.

    Love those pictures of you and your family! The best of times.

  15. What a neat place! It would be hard to pick a favorite. I love that you have photos of her there as a baby and that she still enjoys going there today! Have a blessed week!

  16. I had no idea this existed! How (my) Tom would enjoy the Houses of Poland and Hungary! I've never seen Balboa Park, so me-thinks a get-away is in order before the year is gone.


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