The Six Minute Storm

The local weatherman gave us the heads up on the 30 mile-per-hour winds that hit northern Arizona yesterday.  We tackled outside chores in the morning.  Once the high winds picked up, we hunkered down for an afternoon date with homemade chicken soup and a Tom Hanks movie.  We expected the windy weather, not like two weeks ago!

I Remember that Night!
I still remember that evening and reaching up into the cabinet and placing the last dish away after dinner.  Without warning, the power went off.  I had an eerie feeling.

My husband came in the back door telling me about the six-minute wind gust that bent the posture of our sturdy pines.  I heard it, too!  We exchanged surprised expressions because the weather turned severe for only minutes.  The evening started out calm and the sun began to set when those dark dramatic clouds came out of nowhere. 

As I grabbed flashlights and candles for an evening of total quiet, he immediately addressed his respiratory issues.  His backup breathing equipment worked but with weak readings so we called the kids.  One town over, they had power!  Tom packed up his gear and left for the kids’ home while I called the power company and learned that power won’t return for eight hours.  I crawled into bed and fell asleep until 2:30 a.m. when electrical sounds and lights woke me.  

The next morning, local Facebook friends shared photos of damage such as my friend whose tree uprooted and fell across her backyard.  Many asked which contractors repair roof shingles.   My son-in-law found reports that the winds climbed to 60 miles per hour for those few minutes.  A town south of us reported a higher number than that and sustained more damage. 

Tom maneuvered around fallen trees and debris as he drove back to our house.  He assessed our property and noticed seven shingles blew into our yard only to learn they belonged to us!  

There’s Always Good in the Bad if We Look For it.
I’m learning to be thankful for the hidden blessings even in a storm!

  • Nobody was hurt.

  • We learned that the battery operated backup respiratory system only had a loose connection!  We never thought to test it in safe times.  Now we know to do that. 

  • Our local contractors had more work than they could handle and made a ton of extra money. 

  • My husband decided to replace our shingles after studying an instructional You Tube.  He purchased safety equipment and climbed up on the roof.  He discovered our roof is in better condition than he originally thought!

Times like this teach me about priorities and preparedness.  There’s a lesson in everything if we look for it. 

What lesson have you learned from a storm?


  1. I love your attitude, dear friend! And I agree, there is always good in the bad. We had a big flood here in Montreal in 1987...we had about 3 weeks without any rain that summer, and when we finally got rain, it came down literally in buckets and many people were flooded! It was so bad that even the sewer rats came up to save their own lives. Anyway, I lived in a basement at the time and my (then) husband and I lost everything. What was the hardest was that he had given me a beautiful leather covered Bible with my name on it in gold letters. It also perished in the flood. I went to see a gentleman who owned a pet supply store, whom we were friendly with, and told him what happened. He told me that he had a rabbit in the back of his store...why didn't I just go in the back, hug the rabbit and have a good cry. Well, I did...and I cried and cried. After that, each morning I would go to the shopping center, which was just one block from where we lived, and have a coffee. The store owner saw me and one day asked me if I wanted to work. I didn't have a job at the time and yes, I was looking for work. So he hired me, first for a few hours a day, until I worked full time. He taught me a lot and after that I ended up working in the pet supply field for 9 years and in retail for about 15 years...which was an avenue I was until then unfamiliar with. So good did come out of that flood.

  2. Storms have always scared me. As for floodings and fires, the lesson I've learnt is not to live close to forests and water bodies.Storms and eartquakes require that the space around the house or building be free of tall trees and other items that might fall and cause casualties and damage.In any case, we have to learn how not to depend on electricity.

  3. Hi, So glad that your storm wasn't worse. I'm wondering if you saw the new Tom Hanks movie that just came out-it looks interesting. Soup sounds perfect. WE got snow here in Colorado yesterday and have high winds today-so the snow if almost gone. Hope you have a great week.

  4. All storms have the potential for devastation, but high winds always creep me out. All the same, I can't say I've embraced any take-aways. Note to self: Before monsoon season, I'd better learn to raise the garage door w/o power.
    I'm so impressed (your) Tom took matters into his own hands and remedied your roof ... safely!

    Have a beautiful week!

  5. I'm so glad you were safe in this storm! Those were some high winds!

  6. So glad there was "minimal" damage for you all and that your hubby was able to be at a place for the night that was safe for him and his health as the storm's effects were felt with the power being out. We have been in a "storm" for the past 7-8 months. I alluded to it in a post back in September. Its been a long drawn out one, many a wind, rain, sleet, ice, etc. There was a turning of events that happened this past month that culminated in a dramatic change today. There maybe a calm in the storm before the next storm comes (think of Florida with one tropical rainstorm or hurricane after another). I'm hoping there's a bit of a calming period, but I don't see it. What I did learn from this present storm was that during this time:

    1. No one of us here were seriously sick. Kids had a few minor colds but nothing that required doctor visits or medications. Us adults were healthy too; didn't miss any days of work and we barely had a cold (allergies, well that's a different story.)

    2. None of our vehicles broke down during this period of time. No auto repairs or inconveniences.

    3. Through hubby and my work efforts at our jobs not only were we able to provide for our needs or wants, but were able to help others with their needs.

    There were so many other blessings. The longer I walk with the Lord, the more quickly I realize his provisions, etc., while we are walking through tough times. I don't like the fact that we will continue to walk through them, but I'll trust in Romans 8:28 and that whatever good God designs it will be for his glory and purpose and not necessarily my comfort and pleasure. Our pastor spoke of this passage today at church :)

    So bring on the storms Lord for your glory.....


  7. I love the new blog layout, dear. Really nice! It's easier to read and focus on the article.
    Sorry to hear about the storm though. But I'm glad in a way because it made you share this beautiful life lessons.

  8. Many times over I have learned that in actual storms, as well as in the storms of life, God always provides what I need--whether it be a friend from church to shovel three feet of snow while I was at the hospital with my son, a neighbor to fix my spouting after a windy downpour blew it loose, or a friend to drive three hours to sit with me while my husband had heart surgery.

  9. That was some six minute storm! I am so glad that all is well and that your husband was able to get up on the roof and discover that things weren't as bad as he had originally thought! But an even bigger blessing was for me to read that he purchased safety equipment before he got up on the roof. Memories of my husband's fall from our roof last September are still very vivid in my mind.

    I also loved you counting the blessings at the end of the post, my sweet friend. :)

  10. He hides us in the hallow of His hands. Good to hear you're safe.

  11. Oh, my, I am so thankful you were okay and didn't suffer any major damages. Storms can be so terrifying...but the thing I have learned is that God sends mercy along with the storm, and He is absolutely faithful. God bless you, sweet friend. ;)

  12. Thank you so much for this lesson! We haven't this sort of storms here but the lesson it it is a great reminder. Have a nice day!

  13. Those high winds are the worst kind of storm for us here in north Idaho, because of the shallow root systems of the pine trees. 6 minutes is a long time with winds like that! I'm so thankful that the storm didn't cause you much damage at all, and in fact that you were able to find out about your husband's breathing backup too. There is always much we can learn in storms, but one thing I've always known is that just like you went to bed and slept peacefully, we can do that because of our faith and hope in the Lord that His care will take care of us. All is well in Him! So thankful that the storm didn't cause too much damage, and for the valuable lessons and thankfulness you have because of it! Hugs to you today :)

  14. Hi sister Mary! Can't imagine that "eerie feeling" you had during that time when the winds started howling! But glad to know you're all ok! Who likes "storms?" Literally or figuratively? I surely don't! But how true, we can still choose to see the good things through that kind of bad times! With many different storms that had come and gone in my life, I had and will probably continue to learn how to "wait". Wait in the perfect timing from His hands. Knowing when it's safe to venture or not. Shielded by His Word. Knowing what kind each storm brings. Then, learn from the aftermath. Knowing deep in my heart, that this process isn't fun but worth the wait. To become more strong, patient, and more dependent of Him. I also pray that the "storm" you're facing with your beloved sister will make you all feel His love and faithfulness all the more, as I read your post about her. Nothing can separate us from the love of God...Not even a storm. Stay strong with the power the Lord alone can give. Love and blessings.

  15. Amazing post!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  16. Mary, what a wonderful attitude to have. I always try to make the best in every situation and even see the best in a bad situation. I am afraid here lately I've been having to do lots of repenting in that area. Amazing at how quick that old sly devil can crawl up our backs onto our shoulders during these times. Thank you for this today. I needed it my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Love the attitude and perspective, Mary. Glad nothing seriously came of it. Those are scary times! It makes me contemplate the power of God. The same Power that made and controls the power of the sun... mind trembling to contemplate.

  18. We had a bad storm last Friday afternoon. Big trees were uprooted in our vicinity. And all the while we were safely inside the mall doing our shopping without knowing there was a storm outside.

  19. I can see you know to cast your care on the Lord, for you went right to sleep storm or no storm. So happy all worked out well and no one was hurt. Glad your roof is in better shape than once thought and replacing a few shingles is not so bad.


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