When Women March

If my words could jump off the page and embrace my Christian sisters with a loving hug, I’ll reach my goal.  I don’t want to take them for granted after watching the angry Women’s March in Washington, D.C. the day after the inauguration. 

Bet You Can Guess Where This is Going
I am not going to bash the marchers.  Instead, I feel that I’ve received a divine word about them which leaves me with a different perception.

I conclude that these dark, lost women seek to find a place to belong.
Too bad they’re choosing the enemy’s camp.

We women feed our insecurities differently than our male counterparts.  Men find their worth in what they achieve whereas women long to be loved, fit in and be accepted.  It’s about relationship for us.

Both men and women excel once they find truth and fill those dark places inside with meaning.  We all need something to worship and a purpose to live.

I noticed the hate, the nasty words, and the obscene gyrations those marching women displayed.  Do they have daddy issues and hate men?  They mock Christians and call us Bible bangers. 

Remember photos of deprived women in third-world countries sitting in the dirty mud huts with flies swarming around their faces?  I see that image when I think of these ladies souls.

Back to my point!  Oh, my Christian girlfriends…how fair are you.  To know a Savior that rescues our strong flesh, filled with flaws, makes us beautiful on the inside and reflects outwardly.  We are loved women.  

Jesus Reaches Women Through Women
Women who refuse the gospel hang on to anger and hate. Bitterness grows daily.  I have a friend who had five abortions before she decided to live for Jesus.  In a social setting, she can spot a nasty woman in no time.  She tells me:  “That woman has had an abortion.”  I’m astonished how God uses her to ask questions and share Christ with an angry woman in a gentle, not scary, way.  My friend understands.

The Contrast

Christian women who know the price Jesus paid for their freedom radiate softness in a powerful way.  

The nasty women marching?   When I see them on social media I pause and I pray.  I ask God to remove the blinders and the deception.  I pray they find the only One that can fill the emptiness in them, deliver them and love them like no other.

I am reflective.  I am thankful that I belong to Jesus and that it’s His responsibility to clean me up because I’m His.  I stand shoulder to shoulder with my Christian sisters humbly thankful for a Savior who fought for us and thinks women are worth redeeming. 


  1. That is so interesting about your friend and her perspective and being able to spot a "nasty" woman who has had an abortion. This touched my heart on something I can't share here, but adds a new perspective to something, so thank you for sharing that.

    So many lost and lonely and hurting and broken people out there, men, women, young adults, women who marched, etc. All in need of a Savior. It is our commission to pray for them and to lead them the best we can to know about the Jesus we love, the Jesus we need.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful post, Mary. Thought provoking, humble, and sincere. Bless you.

  3. What a great post, dear Mary! Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs.

  4. What a wonderful testimony of the lady who had several abortions and now is able to minister to those also hurting. I have to honest and say that my first reaction to the women marching was not what you express. I was angry that they were attempting to speak for all women. You have given me a different perspective of things. Indeed, these women are hurting and showing that hurt in the only way they know how to. They need Jesus to heal. Thanks for this post.

  5. And, I stand shoulder to shoulder with you, dear friend. You are SO right in all you said. OH, my, I could not even believe the anger and pure hate that was spewed from their mouths. It makes me nearly ashamed to be called a woman, but yet, it compels me to press on even more in my Christian walk and to SHOW, by example what a true woman should be and is. I can't even stand to see our president so mocked and ridiculed, when it is so obvious that he is trying so hard to protect and defend and improve life. I LOVE the story about your friend who can spot angry women and who can share the love of Jesus with them...she truly understands, and God has turned her tests into testimonies. Imagine if He could arrest the attention of some of those hate-filled marchers! Just imagine what they could accomplish for the Kingdom of Christ. I felt your hug, and consider this as me sending one back to you, along with lots of love!

  6. Dark, lost, nasty women ... and men! I see them and, in turn, become pretty dark and angry in response. Thank you, dear Mary, for showing us there's no lost ground by taking the high road.

  7. Oh my Sister! If only those women who marched in protest could understand that if they were to give their hearts to Jesus that they would find so much liberty and be so loved! An excellent post, Mary. xx

  8. What a message for us...for me...this day. Thank you for this dear sister's post. Thank you for filling her with Your love and help me remember her words...and Your Words, Father, to remember what I looked like...before Jesus! Fill my heart this morning with a new song of praise to You as You allow all of us to stand in the gap for them.

  9. Thank you for sharing. As usual, you get a lot of people to read and think of what you're sharing. Bless you!

  10. Several years ago a friend and I were driving somewhere. We passed an abortion protest, complete with signs and disturbing photos blown up, the works. Apart from the protesting crowd, standing just a few feet away, a woman stood by herself with a sign that read simply: Jesus Forgives and Heals,

    It about brought my friend (who was pro-choice) to tears.

    I decided right then and there that if I ever take part in a sign-waving march, that's what my sign will say.

  11. Well said. I think, at least to some degree, that men who don't know Truth are the same kind of bitter. I'm with you; prayer, true prayer, with a compassionate heart is love… and that's where it has to start.

  12. Rather than hate those disillusioned marchers, your thoughts to pray for them for their blind eyes to see truth is what we should all be doing. It is true they no doubt have daddy and rejection issues that only Jesus can solve. The Christian Woman's march was not publicized as much as the other march, but many turned out including young children to march for Jesus. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  13. Great point, we women do seek relationship and without one with Jesus we easily fall into the enemies camp. AGain great post.

  14. Very well written, dear Mary. I hope more people will read and reflect on what's written. There are so many hurting people out there who needs Jesus, his love and forgiveness, and to also forgive others. "But the person who has shown little love shows how little forgiveness he has received". Have a beautiful day!

  15. Powerful message you shared, love always supercedes hate. We can do so much more with a message of love than one of hate or anger. I pray for those sad women too. They just need Jesus! We have lots to pray about! Appreciate your kind and powerful words today :)

  16. I so agree with you. You might enjoy my sister Karen's blog post re this issue. She lives in IN (I'm in GA). The link is:


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