Whisper in My Ear One More Time

He woos me to His side and I listen carefully to clues I hear about His direction for me in the coming year.  I love September.  It is a special time for me.  I look for Him in a word or phrase; He speaks in the quiet hours.  He weaves my life’s days together in such a way that I see a glimpse of him in everything.  I look at my simple days and that word pops up like a revelation and I know He is near.

The fall Jewish feast days explode with meaning for me as a Christ follower pursuing my Jewish roots.  The forty days of Teshuvah, or time of return, depict God calling us back to Him spiritually for a deeper relationship.  The sound of the shofar every morning, a wake-up call warns me not to miss what God is about to do.  That shofar blast scatters my enemies releasing breakthrough where needed.  Then comes Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, a brand new start.   Yom Kippur follows, a time of deep repentance and fasting.  It then leads into the Feast of Tabernacles depicting how God cares for us and we celebrate His provision usually looking for an opportunity to bless someone.  The season is about blessings.

I remember last fall, 2015.  I am Creator He whispers.  I wonder to myself “Am I not aware enough of His wonderful creation?  Have I taken for granted His beauty around me?”  He impresses upon me Wait until you see what I am going to create in the coming days!

He has done so much more than create oceans and mountains and the countryside I admire in my ordinary days.  He tells me He is God who creates new hearts and attitudes.  Nothing is impossible.

I look back with our good friends, Lori & Brian and thank Him for healing Brian of cancer last year.  The doctors told us Brian needs a new kidney and we waited for the donor with the proper fit.  Our faith stretched!  During spring, the operation succeeded.  Brian recovered fast!  Recently, Lori bought Brian a new Harley Sportster because he’s been through so much, “He deserves it,” she said.  

I ponder my own life this past year and realize only God can create a bridge where a thick brick wall once stood.  I shook my head negatively five years ago refusing to believe I could ever forgive Sookie’s dad.  I know God’s word is true when He says He can create a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.  Our amazing daughter, whose name means strength, took the high road and forgave because she believes in the supernatural power of unconditional love.  I will never forget when my husband followed her lead and proclaimed over our family “We have all suffered enough.”

God released angels on our behalf to bring healing where strife once made its home.  I sat back in amazement this summer in restaurants or at my dinner table as Sookie and her dad shared not only meals with us but life and goals too.  Only God can heal like that with absence of tension.  Healing takes time as forgiveness works its way in our hearts.

September is here and He’ll do it again.  He’ll lead believers to Himself.  Draw close to me, Beloved, He beckons.

Time of Refreshment
I’m sensing the need to pause, to seek hiatus from the internet for the rest of the month to listen to the sound of the shofar inviting me to draw near to Him, to listen and to observe once again.

And then…I’ll be back.


  1. I'm blessed to welcome the refreshing Autumn rains, the first of the new year. These are rains that will change a Valley of Weeping (Baca) into a place of refreshing rain with pools of blessing for those who will come. Thank you for teaching of His forgiveness and healing.

  2. Enjoy your rest and the lessons you will learn and the time with the Lord :) Amazing how God can work and weave things into all aspects of our lives if we just wait upon him and have trust as he is working.


  3. Enjoy your time! God is amazing. And your header is beautiful, really draws one in!

  4. Knowing where you stood a few years ago, I LOVE hearing this story of healing. What a gift Sookie's been given ... an living example of unconditional love.

    May your respite bring you much joy!

  5. What a blessing this post was to me today. I too am learning my Jewish roots and this time of the year is special to me as well. I'm go glad to hear of the blessings God has given you. Enjoy your rest.

  6. Oh, dear friend! What a wonderful post! It SO pointed me to Jesus and my longing to sit at His feet and listen! I hope you enjoy your time away, and I will miss you, but it blesses me to know you will be spending your time with HIM! Love you, Mary!

  7. What a beautiful post to share from the heart as you take some respite and seek Him more. Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do with our own strength but with God-given power, "nothing is impossible." He always brings healing, restoring, and mending broken hearts. Nothing but the sounds of trumpets of the Lord's Good News is able to penetrate those hardened walls in a person's heart. And then, His gift of grace brings life if His children remember to reflect It to those who needs to hear and taste how good the Lord is. May you know more things of the Lord during this special break. Love and blessings sister Mary.

  8. I'll miss you, Mary. I so enjoy my visits here. But I know that you will return, refreshed and with new things to share with us. I look forward to that.

    I love the story of forgiveness that you shared. Yes, God is capable of so much, even changing hearts that feel stony and stubborn. His love, if we let it in, can flow out again in ways we could never predict. The results are supernatural ripples, bringing healing and peace.


  9. Oh sweet Mary, I so enjoy your blog posts. You have such a wonderful gift from our Lord to express things in a way that brings HIM such glory and honor. Thank you for always being willing to be so transparent and REAL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Wow. What a deep and moving post. I need to look at September like you do. To seek God is always the best way to find peace… regardless of what happens on the outside…

    Thanks for always making me think… and smile…

    Enjoy your time, sister. I'm praying you and your entire clan.

  11. I love reading testimonies of the power of our God to restore! We all have things and situations in our lives that could use a healing touch from The Master. You bring us so much encouragement Mary!

  12. Hi Mary! I certainly understand the need to take a break from blogging. If that's what you are being called to do...do it! I hope it will be the refreshing, God-filled time you want it to be.

  13. Oh dear Sister in Christ, as I read about your memories from five years ago and how my own heart ached with your family and see how GOD has restored unity again I praise our precious Lord for His power and grace. I remember when your daughter decided to take God at His Word and reached out in forgiveness.

    I also know from my own very personal experience back at the beginning of this year how completely God does this healing when we sincerely seek Him. There were two family members who I needed to forgive and I sought Him how I could do that. Of course, as you and I both know, it is not our nature. I had tried doing it in the flesh...it did not work. BUT THEN GOD! He impressed upon my heart to pray for these two people every day. I have to admit that at first the prayers were pretty selfish...you know the kind..."help them see how they have hurt me." kind of stuff. But I kept on praying and one day the Holy Spirit quickened my spirit to realize that I was genuinely praying for them...out of love...not my own love, but because of God's power! Mary, His timing was so right on...as He always is. As it turns out, because of my father-in-law's illness and then his death it was such a blessing to no longer harbor that bitterness and forgiveness.

    Looking forward to hearing how this new year and your celebration of your Jewish roots goes. You are a blessing!

  14. Oh how I long to draw near to His feet too, and this post just shouted out to my heart, and I rejoiced to hear the cry of your heart as you seek after Him! No other more precious place to be than at His feet! And what a powerful testimony of overcoming by love and forgiveness in spite of the depth of pain you went through. Only our Lord can do such a thing! Have a blessed time sitting at His feet my dear friend!

  15. “The fall Jewish feast days explode with meaning for me as a Christ follower”

    Me, too.

    “Only God can heal like that...”



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