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Testimony Time

Girlfriends have a way of getting you to tell your secrets.  I'm sharing my testimony today.  If you want to know more about the real me, checkout Cheryl's web page, Homespun Devotions, where yours truly is in the hot seat.    Click here...

A New Truck

If the phone rings late on a Saturday evening especially if the caller turns out to be our daughter, I get suspicious and my imagination goes wild.   I ask my husband if the kids told him why they are coming over in 15 minutes.
I heard the knock at the back door and a sweet “hello” greeting from the kitchen.  I bumped into my son-in-law in the hall.  Mark hugged me like a big bear and I asked him if they came over to tell us they’re going to have a baby.  He laughed and said: “Not yet!”
Then I asked him if they got a puppy.  His embrace still tight he whispered: “We just bought a truck.”
We all piled in the truck and took it for a joy ride.  We made loud oos and awes from the back seat to compliment their rich interior upgrades.
We got back to our house and sat around the kitchen table talking about the day’s events when our daughter, Amy, told us an incredible story.

Amy set out that morning to keep company with a girlfriend whose husband had surgery in a hospital in a mountain city north…

Two Alarm Fire

Evening had fallen and I decided to take a break from my computer and grab some coffee in the kitchen.  Red and white blinking lights from two fire trucks surprised me as I followed the flash of their rhythm glaring in my front kitchen window.  A fire broke out about five acres east of our property. 
I grabbed my phone and ran out to my front deck and stepped in the thick blanket of smoke.  The polluted fog pinched my eyes.  I looked up and saw a back hoe making its way over the hill and onto my street.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Wow, the “hunter” arrived on the scene hurrying with his equipment.
The hunter lives behind me with five hunting dogs that drive me nuts.  The dogs live in a pen unobtrusively until they get hungry and he’s not home.  Once, he left them home alone for an entire weekend. 
My neighbor, Renie, tells me he’s a nice guy; she knows him from church.  I’ve heard wonderful things about him and his hunting adventures in other countries.
I’m still not sure how I feel …

Hidden From Sight

Imagine retrieving your mail at the local post office and walking out to the parking lot to find the townsfolk swarming around your vehicle. That happened to the guy who parked near us.  People gathered around his car taking photos.  Excited neighbors asked him questions about his 1956 restored classic shiny red and white Chevy Bel Air convertible. 
I picked up our mail and got into our truck and noticed my husband missing.  Where did he go?  He joined the Bel Air crowd taking photos with his cell phone.
Next thing I know, he slides into our front seat and flashes a photo under my nose of the guy’s hot model.  “The neat thing about this car is the gas cap hidden under the driver’s side rear tail light,” the husband informs.
I learned that not only is this beauty appealing to the eyes, but her not-so-pretty part was hidden from view.  She looked good from every angle.
With two close girlfriends in tow, I drove halfway across the state to attend a Christian women’s luncheon several years …