A New Truck

If the phone rings late on a Saturday evening especially if the caller turns out to be our daughter, I get suspicious and my imagination goes wild.   I ask my husband if the kids told him why they are coming over in 15 minutes.

I heard the knock at the back door and a sweet “hello” greeting from the kitchen.  I bumped into my son-in-law in the hall.  Mark hugged me like a big bear and I asked him if they came over to tell us they’re going to have a baby.  He laughed and said: “Not yet!”

Then I asked him if they got a puppy.  His embrace still tight he whispered: “We just bought a truck.”

We all piled in the truck and took it for a joy ride.  We made loud oos and awes from the back seat to compliment their rich interior upgrades.

We got back to our house and sat around the kitchen table talking about the day’s events when our daughter, Amy, told us an incredible story.

Amy set out that morning to keep company with a girlfriend whose husband had surgery in a hospital in a mountain city north of us.  As she climbed the interstate she encountered car problems and pulled over on the side of the road.  Her car died and wouldn’t start up again.  About this time, she noticed a big semi creeping up the mountain.  The big semi didn’t make it either and stopped right smack on the interstate itself north of Amy’s location.  Amy was off to the side, but feared for the trucker as several vehicles billowed up the mountain.

Amy used the “slow down” signal with her left arm out the driver’s side window to slow the traffic behind her.

She prayed.

She witnessed the horror of those brisk truckers trying to break their speed so they didn’t crash into the parked semi on the interstate.  She observed a miracle as the talented truck drivers swerved, avoiding an accident.

The moral of this story is twosome.  For one, God answers prayer.  The second point teaches the power of surrender. 

Amy concludes that God used her as a bit player in saving that trucker’s life.  Thankfully, she did not panic or complain for being stuck there and unable to get to her destination.  She called her girlfriend who told her to stay put.

Mark rescued her easily.  It didn’t take him long to get to her and get the vehicle started.

God showed up on the interstate and we see, once again, that when we call Him, He answers!  Not to mention, He led them to a new truck that day too!


  1. Love this story! And yes, God does answer! Perhaps not always in the way we expect, but He indeed answers. The answer could be "No", "Yes" or "Wait a while." He knows our needs and what is best for us. Hugs.

  2. Whew! Your words had me 'right there', watching what might have been a horrific incident. Thank goodness for Amy's cool head! (Where do ya suppose she gets that?)

    Trucks' interiors have sure come a long way, don't you think?

  3. I always love to read stories like this. Thankfully no one was hurt and thankful Amy knew just what to do, to pray! I bet they will enjoy their new truck for many a year and will not forget these events!


  4. A beautiful testimony of how God answers prayer and watches over His children. Have a lovely day!

  5. Wonderful testimony! I believe that God orchestrated the whole thing to save that trucker's life. It says to me that we should be thankful in circumstances like that. Thank you for the reminder. And, it's so great that they have a new truck!

  6. I love to hear stories like this one. And a new truck ...how fun is that?

  7. When our plans don't go the way we want them to, it's easily to get frustrated. Is it ours or must we evaluate that God's is always the best? Even if we don't like the end results. I can easily say "What a coincidence!" But I don't believe in coincidences...But what perfect timing for the Lord to place sister Amy there on that spot first, with her not knowing that a potential disaster could happen. She had the choice of not doing anything. But with that "servant attitude" always sensitive to God's leading put her in that best position to avoid that disaster! How courageous of her!!!

    And what a beautiful reward from the Giver of good things to a humble servant!

    I love that your life's testimonies always increase my faith. It's always a blessing to visit you. God bless you all and continue to guide you and give you all His discernment. Hugs and prayers.

  8. What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing demonstration of God's providential care. I wonder if that trucker had any idea how God used Amy to help him that day? He may never know, but God saw what she did. My dear mother used to pray and thank the Lord for sparing us from dangers great and small, seen and unseen. Sometimes, we SEE the dangers he has spared us from, but think of all the times we don't even know about His protection and providential care? So proud of Amy and how she minded God's voice and did what He was asking her to...so wonderful how she was available, and He rewarded her with a new truck!! Sending you much love, sweet friend. :)

  9. Oh I love stories like this. The interruptions in our life can be God's Divine appointments! ( For us and others) Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Encouraging story...and happy ending, a new truck. Your daughter has a heart for others, you are blessed.

  11. There's a lesson for me in this story... It's so easy to get steamed and miss the opportunity that God is giving us to be a part of His will. Funny, we get to go to and fro as He allows anyway.

    Wisdom and a new truck? I guess it doesn't get any better than that.

    You have a wonderful family with a great sense of our Father's heart. I suspect that's not a coincidence...

  12. I've been missing in blogland lately, but, as usual, I enjoyed your writings. I loved your daughter sharing her good news (the truck) and the heart-stopping story with you. Glad all ended well. God is good.

  13. I believe in these God moments that He is directing our encounters. Bless Amy for having her wits about her. And thank the Lord for bringing them the right new truck. WOW. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  14. She certainly has a calm and collected head - good thing!!

  15. congrats, God is so very awesome.

  16. You are a wonderful storyteller, and I enjoyed hearing this story, and knowing that the hand of God goes before us, and protects us in amazing ways!


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