Two Alarm Fire

Evening had fallen and I decided to take a break from my computer and grab some coffee in the kitchen.  Red and white blinking lights from two fire trucks surprised me as I followed the flash of their rhythm glaring in my front kitchen window.  A fire broke out about five acres east of our property. 

I grabbed my phone and ran out to my front deck and stepped in the thick blanket of smoke.  The polluted fog pinched my eyes.  I looked up and saw a back hoe making its way over the hill and onto my street.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Wow, the “hunter” arrived on the scene hurrying with his equipment.

The hunter lives behind me with five hunting dogs that drive me nuts.  The dogs live in a pen unobtrusively until they get hungry and he’s not home.  Once, he left them home alone for an entire weekend. 

My neighbor, Renie, tells me he’s a nice guy; she knows him from church.  I’ve heard wonderful things about him and his hunting adventures in other countries.

I’m still not sure how I feel about him.

On the bad days with his dogs, I block out their barking with my white Bluetooth headphones and turn up my playlists real loud.  It crossed my mind a few times to pay him a visit and communicate how the barking amplifies into my master bedroom.  

I watched the hunter assist the fire trucks, amazed how he rode that back hoe like a mad man kicking up dust in every direction.    I gained a new respect for his abilities and his willingness to help our neighbor.

The fire was out by sunset.  The fire trucks left and the hunter returned home. 

Left with my thoughts, I realized once again its difficult living together in a community.   I’m praying for patience these days and acceptance of others who are different than me or what I think is acceptable and proper. 

I want the hunter on my side.


  1. Oh dear. I hope no one was hurt?
    God will give you the grace you need and the patience to live with them.
    Hugs Mary

  2. I can see why you would want the hunter on your side. Oh, my, it does take much grace to live together in unity, especially when one is doing such annoying things. Bless your dear heart. I do trust all is well with the ones who were victimized by the fire, and that God will help you to be able to tolerate the ones who aren't as thoughtful as they should be. Love and appreciate you, sweet friend!

  3. I hope no one was hurt in that fire. I do agree that we have to work at it, living in a community. My neighbor and her family are very vocal people and can get loud. They come to visit and then leave just about the time I am trying to get to sleep. Their goodbyes are prolonged and loud. With all that occasional irritation, she is always there if I need a helping hand. I hope that the dogs don't cause you too much distress!

  4. praying no one was hurt. praying patience for you dear, I love you.

  5. Isn't that the truth?! Living and working among those with differing values can - and sometimes does - bring out the worst in us. Don't you know, some days Mr. God must be up there watching and just shaking his head.

    PS - Nevertheless, I'm concerned about those poor dogs being left w/o food or water! Can anyone talk to him?

  6. I hope it is not going to be a long fire season, scary with the fire at your place, glad it got out out very quickly. It is hard sometimes to know how to approach someone or live close by someone who might rub us the wrong way, in your case it is definitely affecting your well being with the dogs barking. I think praying is the best thing to do for understanding and patience indeed.


  7. I hope nobody was hurt. And although I cannot relate to your barking dogs, I definitely can relate to noise. I live in an apartment and sometimes the neighbours are very noisy (loud music, television or just plain yelling), and I even have a small fan in the bedroom which I use often at night to block out the noise...and yes, sometimes the noise goes until early hours of the morning. Sending you a warm hug and lots of love.

  8. Hunter though meaning he does hunt/kill animals for leisure?
    I can't reconcile good people and people hurting animals. :(

  9. I'm glad that your property wasn't damaged in any way. And I appreciate your thoughts about opening our hearts to those who *rub us the wrong way*. I've got some people in my life right now who are very difficult to deal with, and I chafe against different personalities and disagreeing perspectives. I am learning how to love my "enemies" - the people that aren't always easy to love. But growth is hard!!


  10. This one should hit home with each of us. In some way or another we all have someone (or many someones!) in our communities that are difficult for us to live with. I'm glad you were able to see your hunter neighbor in a new light.

  11. A good word for all of us! I'm glad you didn't have danger for your property. But I would also agree that the hunter would be someone to have on your side.

  12. I think that is a lesson we are all trying to learn. It seems the more I struggle with it the more opportunities The Lord gives me to practice.;-)

  13. I might not know what was going on in your mind upon seeing the smoke/fire but I sensed calmness despite...However, curiosity must have been increased upon seeing "the hunter", as it's not easy to see a diamond in the rough took action, much more to help out! But what beauty to discover that a fire in the neighborhood was the reason the diamond in the rough shone!

    Don't we all have those kind of people?And aren't we all diamonds in the rough before the Fire summoned us so we could take actions to be in line with that Loving Spirit?

    How true sister Mary, though other's perceptions of him are awesome might not be the same of what we feel inside. But I believe, that your sparkling heart, (maybe you're not aware?) is what he curiously is watching,too!!! Ahhh...what polishes an ordinary diamond but another beautiful diamond. Beautiful because it was refined by the Spirit's Holy Fire!

    I'm glad you're okay,same with those around you in your neighborhood. That would be awesome to have the hunter on your side! I would wish for the same ;)

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  15. If you were ever in need - the Hunter would be a good person to be on your side !!!! Indeed. Sorry about their barking. Perhaps he needs an automatic feeder if he is gone long. Or you could volunteer to feed his dogs next time he is away - - - hummmmm ??? I am so glad the fire is out and no one was hurt or buildings destroyed. Thank you for sharing this exciting story with us here at TEll me a Story.

  16. Thank you! We need to be reminded that, people who seem difficult from a distance are often helpful friends up close.

  17. WOW! What a story! Yes, there's lots of difficult people out there in this big old world for sure. I often wonder at times if maybe some might think of me as that difficult person. I hope not... I pray not....and I try really hard not to be! I've also found that once I got to truly know someone that they didn't seem nearly as difficult as I thought at first. Thanks for the lesson in your story. I think I might have just needed that today. Hope all is well from the fire and that everyone is okay. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. That's usually the way it is, isn't it? We never know who people really are until we see them in times that test their spirit. Not perfect, none of us are... but I hope that all of us are like the hunter when trouble comes to our neighbors.

    His actions speak volumes... great post, sister.

  19. What a good story! I get frustrated when dogs bark endlessly, too. The hunter seems good and kind, though.


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