At the Cross

I’m anchored at the cross this week during Easter season taking an opportunity to pause and remember the awesome covenant I have with a living God; I’ve found nothing that can top it.  Jesus, the perfect One, gave himself as the ultimate prize.  I’m declaring His Name this week and all that it means.     It’s personal, too.

I call Him Peace.  The Hebrew word “Shalom” means nothing is missing, nothing is broken, destroying all that binds to chaos.  There’s no chaos with Jesus; His very name means peace.

I call Him Rescuer.  I’ve had drain problems in my kitchen for over a week.  We bought a larger drain auger.  We poured umpteen pots of boiling water down the drain.  We replaced some of the pipes.  I call on the name of my Lord, “Rescuer.”  So far so good.

In Boxing it’s called the one two punch.
While I battled kitchen drain problems over the last two weeks, I also cracked a tooth.  I knew I was in trouble when hot and cold disturbed that side of my mouth.  Thankfully, my dentist in Mexico had an opening since I don’t have dental insurance.  The upside is I lost two pounds eating soft food and the downside is I needed a root canal.  The dentist gave me a smoking deal on a Zirconium crown.   I am, as you know, royalty—the daughter of the King.  I call Him King.

I call Him Defender.  It was not Tom’s fault he landed in the hospital last October.  The surgeon goofed up.  We didn’t make a big deal about it.  Now we are slapped with a hefty co-pay in addition to the one we paid and we are contesting.  Jesus is our defense.

I call Him Provider.  I always told my 2001 Alero he will have to break up with me.  I will never leave.  Third gear is almost unattainable now and my mechanic quoted more than the car is worth for a new catalytic converter.  Do I need that anyway?  God will provide just the right vehicle for me.  Can’t wait to write the post about it….someday.

I call Him Healer At the cross, I ask healing for my man.  After his near-death experience last fall, he continues to experience side effects.  He was diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea affecting his nervous system.  The Sleep Center gave him a dismal report claiming he needs immediate care as he stops breathing too long when he falls into the dream phase and he might not wake up.  It has been 20 weeks now and the VA has just approved the procedure.  It is true folks that vets die in the process sometimes; the VA budget attack due to the infiltration of Syrian refugees leaves them shortage of medical staff and money.

We Have Healing in our Covenant
Jesus heals and I believe it for Tom not only physically but mentally; he also suffers from anxiety.

I call him friend.  When I pray, He answers!

He disciplines me like a daughter.  But did He have to take my car away?  It’s irrelevant.  He’s shaping my character.  I call him Father.

Do you ever embark at the foot of the Cross?  How do you call Him?


  1. LOL, I have tried to leave comments twice and my Internet flicks on and off right as I'm trying to send them. I'll have to do this quick; I love how you listed the names of our Lord, he is that and so much more! I know he will provide mightly for you in his perfect timing!

    And I thought there was only one cross up there in Sedona? Was the last time we were there in October.


  2. Beautiful! God is close by in all our circumstances. He's our Champion. He most certainly is my Savior, my Deliverer, My Healer, my Provider. Have a blessed evening.

  3. My Lord and my God!

    Thannks for this post. I love it!

  4. I like what you wrote; it's where faith meets real life--life in the trenches. I too have central apnea and it's a very serious malady. If it's any encouragement, once you get set up with the VA to treat this, they are good with providing what you need.

  5. It's awesome to "be still" and be able to truly reflect on the Lord's grace, mercy, etc...etc.. Loved all the Names you mentioned. With a cross being a "plus" sign, it just reminds me of what we have truly gained when we surrender to Him. Everything in our lives is just a "plus", trials or not. Lifting you up sister & your family for all of your needs to be met by our Good God. Love and prayers.

    "Here my hope is found
    Here on holy ground
    Here I bow down
    Here I bow down
    Here arms open wide
    Here You save my life
    Here I bow down
    Here I bow down..." - Chris Tomlin's "At The Cross"

  6. What an encouraging, comforting post, sweet Mary! I am SO sorry to know that your dear Tom has suffered for so long, and it is just SO sad that our VA system is in such a state that dear veterans die while waiting. GOD is in control, and He never takes His eyes off dear Tom, even when he is sleeping. We had a similar situation with my husband, and it occurred to me later how many, many nights he was without a C-Pap machine (years actually) and how many times GOD has sustained him and his life, even when I would fall asleep and not be awake to nudge him during his episodes. He is a faithful God, Who is there all the time, praise His name. I do trust you will find the right car...He knows what you need, dear friend. He already sees your next car, and I am so thankful you got your dental work done reasonably. Trust your drain issues are behind you, too. Sending you much love and many blessings!

  7. What a beautiful example of seeking God in the midst of trials! God is my comforter, my peace, and my refuge. In times of trouble we must turn to Him and remember He is in control. Thank you for the reminder!

  8. What a precious post Mary! At the Cross, at the cross, where I first saw the Light............Oh how I love the CROSS but more importantly the ONE who gave His life for me! So sad that our VA is the fix they are in. Praying for your man! Happy Easter. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Mary, I just loved everything you talked about here. I loved as you recited the names of Jesus, and how you applied each of them to events in your life. Yes, He is those titles, but He is also the One who brings these things to our lives.

    I call Him...often!!


    (Hoping for healing for your hubby. And I can relate to the unremitting anxiety. So sorry he suffers from this, too).

  10. This is so powerful, I'm a bit at loss for (adequate) words.

    I'm so sorry to learn of Tom's latest challenges! Prayers going up! (My Tom suffers from anxiety as well. Oh, what to do with these dear menfolk!!!)

  11. Powerful post, my friend. "Nothing is missing." That's what really hit me like a ton of bricks. What we have inside us is all we need. The other stuff? Just pebbles in the road of this short life.

    I so appreciate your heart and perspective on all matters. I believe that's why our Father continues to give you the desires of your heart. Including a better ride... which I'm looking forward to hearing about!

    Happy Easter to you and all of yours, sister. Praying for you and Tom. May the worry, doubt, stress, fear, and dread be conquered by the shalom of our Savior.

  12. As usual, you got people to smile and rejoice at the way you shared the info. Thank you much!

  13. You shared so eloquently just how the troubles of life are there, and present in your life and YET! With HIM there is hope, in every dismal situation, there is hope to be found - only in CHRIST! I will pray with you that the Lord will provide the car you need, health and healing for your Tom, for the drain problems in your kitchen, and give praise that your tooth problems were fixed in an affordable way. After all, it does take impossibilities, and problems in our lives for us to see the miraculous, and I always remind myself of that when troubles seem to overwhelm. Indeed, at the foot of the cross, there is where joy unspeakable can be found, just as you shared in this post! May the Lord bless you richly this Easter weekend with an outpouring of His blessings, as only HE can!

  14. Your post reminded me of the song I just posted. I believe everything you wrote and because I do, I am a blessed women. Happy Easter

  15. Your post reminded me of the song I just posted. I believe everything you wrote and because I do, I am a blessed women. Happy Easter

  16. Beautiful post! Don't you love ALL of His names. Each one attesting to His grace and mercy.He is risen! Happy Easter!


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