A Warm Woven Hug

The stream of travelers formed a line that stretched over 300 feet before it reached the entrance of the U.S. Customs Office in Mexico.  Low clouds hovered and the wind kicked up rapidly for a long frigid wait.  I enjoyed a chat with the young, affable woman next to me in line as we discussed politics, parenthood and prices of healthcare.  I learned that we shared a mutual faith in God.

My husband noticed our bond as we laughed and tossed our verbal viewpoints back and forth like a friendly game of ping pong.  Most importantly, he observed that she wore a short-sleeved top with her skirt and no coat whereas I had mine zipped to the max.  He haggled with a street vendor and then wrapped a dark brown shawl around the girl’s shoulders.  He chose a good match with a colored weave to compliment her brown hair and eyes.

She leaned in and whispered:  “Your man is kind.”  I answered back:  “He’s compassionate.  Receive it as a hug from Jesus.”

Travelers dread those hour long lines, but it seemed like minutes to me.  I lapped up intelligent, deep conversation with her about the joys of life as well as its challenges.  We arrived at the gate and finally passed through customs.  It felt good to be back in our homeland.  I tucked my passport in my wallet and said goodbye to my brown-eyed friend. 

My husband led the way to our parked car and I slid across the front seat thanking him for just being him!  “You have no idea what you just did,” I told him.  He thought he provided warmth to a cold, shivering woman.  His kind act went much deeper than he imagined. 

His countenance fell when I told him that my Kingdom sister, despite her astute communication skills and upbeat attitude carries within a hurting, heavy heart.  Her husband filed for divorce and shows little interest in her and their four children.  She is a woman in desperate need of a loving touch because her heart is broken.

Every woman wants her husband to love her; every woman wants her man to validate her and cherish her.  I imagine the emptiness of her soul.  I imagine the lost, dark place inside and I wonder what it feels like to be ignored from the very one from whom she needs approval.

I ponder the strangers I meet daily.  They look and act like everything is rosy and yet who knows if, on the inside, they carry a wound that’s unbearable.

Mrs. Brown Eyes pops into my mind at times and I say a prayer.  I ask God to anoint that shawl with His warmth and affection so that every time she wraps it around her shoulders, she feels His embrace loving her everywhere that her soul hurts. 

A surprise hug from Jesus, that’s what the shawl really communicates.  Aren’t hugs like that the best kind?


  1. Hi Mary! I can just see you beaming with the love of Jesus, talking to your new friend. How open she was with you! And you and your husband were just like angels to each other. This is such a beautiful story of how we can be Christ to each other, without even knowing it.

    Bless you and your lovely husband, and of course, Mrs. Brown Eyes. Something tells me she won't soon forget you both either.

  2. You're absolutely right about wondering how strangers we meet daily may,carry different weights/burdens in their hearts. A lot of people may mile but don't always reflect what eats them inside. What a great act of love from your thoughtful hubby. Same with you for showing how much you're willing to converse with her though you don't know her personally. Isn't it awesome when we receive His love and in return, be able to share it among hurting ones. I haven't been blogging much as a dear friend is in deep need as she is a selfless caregiver for many years to her loving mom. She always says thank you to me and I said I haven't done anything major. She said a lot of times, just a friend's presence is all she needs. That's my prayer as I'm sort of in retirement for now from Nursing. For the Lord to give me discernment and be able to reflect His love to those who are hurting.I'm always inspired by your love. First, for the Lord. And then the harder part, for others.
    I also want to thank you for sharing Prov.3:6. Prov.3:5 is what I had instilled in my son's heart. I always remind him not to forget verse 6 because that will always remind him to always include the good Lord in everything He does. So thank you for touching me w/your warm visit.Hugs and blessings to you awesome sister!

  3. And of course it was no coincidence that you happened to be in line with this young woman. I am sure she will always remember the thoughtful gift your hubby bought for her and I'm sure she'll be in your prayers for many a day.


  4. Betty has echoed my own thoughts! Like that lady trucker with whom you brushed shoulders last year, I believe He put you in these ladies' lives for good reason. May they carry the warmth of your love all their days!

    PS - (your) Tom done good!

  5. Thank you for this touching message.May God bless you today and all days of your life.

  6. My wife, Susie, is the kind of person who bumps into opportunities to help and serve those who have a heart felt need. She has been a blessing to so many. It's like our Lord, Jesus who wraps us in His robe of righteousness, and the effect is deeds of righteousness in us.

  7. So beautiful Mary and so true.
    Blessings to you and your sweetheart...love you!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  8. I'm reminded of the powerful words often attributed to Plato: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."

  9. This is a different perspective here, i get to see a woman, her thoughts bout love, This is really beautiful mary, made me think again and see life in a different perspective.

  10. What a beautiful story! I'm sure that lady will never forget it.

  11. Beautiful post. I believe that every person we meed daily has something going on in their life. It may small in comparison to another or vise versa but it's something. I always try to show kindness and I have prayed for the Lord to give me sensitivity towards others. I appreciate this post as I am reading it this morning with my coffee and asking the Lord now to place someone in my path today that I can minister too in some way. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Nice to hear about you and your husband. A blessing to know what and how you do much to and for others. Thank you.

  13. Mary your sweet husband was led of the Lord to select just the right color and a shawl to warm her heart as well as her body. We just don't know what others are going through. Each has a burden to bare while some show it on their face and others do not. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at Tell me a Story. http://letmetelluastory.blogspot.com/

  14. This story reminds me that there are no coincidences in life. God has His plans. So great that you and your wonderful husband got to play a part in His plan that day. It really is the smallest things that can be so huge. Blessings to you and yours.

  15. Mary your sweet husband is a prince among men! What a blessing to someone struggling and needing a bit of kindness.

  16. What a precious act to give... it is more precious to give than too receive! Thank you for this gentle reminder... give when nothing is expected, that is where you find the richest blessings indeed! Blessings and hugs to you today, a prince of man you have for sure!

  17. Your dear husband is truly a gem! Wow, what a kind, Christlike act of grace! Such a blessing, and that dear woman will never forget it...or him...or you, my friend. I am still unable to figure out my email issues and am not receiving your blog posts. As far as I can figure it out, it is due to the recent changes in Google, and I can no longer receive any emails from the "noreply+feedproxy@google.com", which is where your blog emails are generated from (for those who are subscribed via email). I was wondering if you had ever considered using your email address as the return address or using another means of sending them out (such as mailchimp)? If I am no longer getting them, I am wondering if some of your other subscribers may not be getting them either? God bless you, Mary. :)


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