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Because He Lives I Can Move

Reprinted from March, 2011

I’m currently in one of those places where I lay out all the options and try to make the best decision. It seems, however, like none of the choices are fair or attractive. I know God will help me in my situation; I’m praying for His guidance. I’m clinging to His Word which promises that ALL things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose, Romans 8:28.

I heard a great teaching this week about seeking God’s will.  Surrender to God’s will brings freedom!  He wants me to trust Him for the victory.

The speaker/teacher illustrated his point with a famous painting.

The painting depicts a look of despair on the chess player’s face. He’s playing Satan and his soul is at stake. It looks like Satan is winning. Checkmate!
When Paul Morphy saw this painting back in the 1800’s, he set up a chess board and aligned the chess pieces to match the painting. Being a world champion, he studied the board. He concluded that this painting s…

At the Cross

I’m anchored at the cross this week during Easter season taking an opportunity to pause and remember the awesome covenant I have with a living God; I’ve found nothing that can top it.  Jesus, the perfect One, gave himself as the ultimate prize.  I’m declaring His Name this week and all that it means.     It’s personal, too.
I call Him Peace.  The Hebrew word “Shalom” means nothing is missing, nothing is broken, destroying all that binds to chaos.  There’s no chaos with Jesus; His very name means peace.

I call Him Rescuer.  I’ve had drain problems in my kitchen for over a week.  We bought a larger drain auger.  We poured umpteen pots of boiling water down the drain.  We replaced some of the pipes.  I call on the name of my Lord, “Rescuer.”  So far so good.

In Boxing it’s called the one two punch. While I battled kitchen drain problems over the last two weeks, I also cracked a tooth.  I knew I was in trouble when hot and cold disturbed that side of my mouth.  Thankfully, my dentist in Mexic…

A Warm Woven Hug

The stream of travelers formed a line that stretched over 300 feet before it reached the entrance of the U.S. Customs Office in Mexico.  Low clouds hovered and the wind kicked up rapidly for a long frigid wait.  I enjoyed a chat with the young, affable woman next to me in line as we discussed politics, parenthood and prices of healthcare.  I learned that we shared a mutual faith in God.
My husband noticed our bond as we laughed and tossed our verbal viewpoints back and forth like a friendly game of ping pong.  Most importantly, he observed that she wore a short-sleeved top with her skirt and no coat whereas I had mine zipped to the max.  He haggled with a street vendor and then wrapped a dark brown shawl around the girl’s shoulders.  He chose a good match with a colored weave to compliment her brown hair and eyes.
She leaned in and whispered:  “Your man is kind.”  I answered back:  “He’s compassionate.  Receive it as a hug from Jesus.”
Travelers dread those hour long lines, but it seemed…