The Daughter I've Never Talked About

Some kids bring home dogs; my kids bring home people.  Amy asked if Angie could live with us when they were in high school.

Tom and I had just transitioned into new careers.   I didn’t think we, as a family, had much to offer.  Amy countered:  “I have the largest bedroom and I don’t eat much.”  I left the room so she wouldn’t see me tear up.  Her dad had the final word and he said: “Yes.” 

Angie and Amy worked part-time jobs after school.  Our youngest attended Jr. High.  Life seemed hard at times, but I admit, our home radiated with laughter!

Challenges for me included:
1. Establishing boundaries
2. Sharing my faith 
3. Teaching about purity from my pulpit…the kitchen island

All three liked boys and they were popular. 

This had to have been when my hair began turning gray at rapid speed.   I learned *survival* praying during this time.

Angie suffered with asthma attacks.

I suffered with migraines.

What does a mom and dad in a home look like?

Angie ALWAYS had a date on Saturday night except for the night she stayed home with Tom and me.  The TV blared in our master bedroom; Tom focused on the screen relaxing on the bed with me next to him reading fiction.  We left the door wide open.  Angie stood in the hallway and asked if she could talk to us about our faith.  I beckoned her to come in, and with that she quickly leaped on the bed between us.  I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say:  “She needs a mother and a father right now.”  She seemed small to me, like a child, and I held her in my arms as Tom shared stories about Jesus.

The Years Passed.

You can imagine my excitement when Angie found me on Facebook several years ago!  I felt humbled and weepy when I read her private message revealing she is a Christian now embracing the principles she observed in our home!

I look back with amazement.  Despite our shortcomings, God saves souls!  It’s not always about saying or doing the right things.  It is about loving as best as we can.

The years went on and so did her health problems, many of them resulting from having to be on steroid medication to survive.

Last week Amy and I took a road trip.

I loved meeting Angie’s family and exchanging memories, enjoying fellowship and a special dinner together.  I forgot how affectionate she is and funny, too.  What do you get when you have a room full of sensitive people:  tears, joy and healing?  

Before leaving town, we gathered with the family for a time of powerful prayer.  Angie opened her heart real big as Amy and I asked God to heal her. 

This week, she will face yet another surgery, a complicated esophagus surgery.  A hip replacement will be next.  Her heart operates at only 35 percent.  She’s 41 years old.

Angie calls herself our third daughter.
Our daughter needs prayer
Our family would love to have you join us in asking God to touch her once again.

The Lord will work out his plans for my life
For your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.
Don’t abandon me, for you made me.
Psalm 138:8 


  1. Another gorgeous header, Mary.
    But more importantly, I'm honored to hold Angie in my prayers.
    Hers n' yours is such a sweet story ... with more chapters still to be written!

  2. Will say a prayer for Angie. How sweet you were able to connect with her and to see where her life had taken her with her faith with those sees you helped plant so many years ago.


  3. Daughter but no blood relation? Definitely she is! And she had been!

    I sort of choked up because what I felt was the immense love from our Savior that flowed through all of you/your family as His instruments of love and grace and which Amy had felt and was drawn to.

    A friend I considered my "sister" I had often visited and helped after she lost her only sibling, was often baffling for my own oldest Christian brother vacationing with us at that time how I could consider someone not blood-related as my "sister." I would never forget his statement that immediately was uttered:

    "Lord, I'm sorry. I forgot. We belong to Your big family..."

    He never questioned me anymore after that whenever I would bring her name up or shared stories about our adventures as "sisters"...

    The Lord gave me the perfect time sister Mary for me not to only pray but also to be blessed with your compassion and love for others. I almost focused on the negatives, same with my family (as we have my hubby's brother and his family vacationing here now. I'm so glad how quickly the Lord reminded us (my family) to focus on His truth, love and grace. No matter what dart of lies, pride, and confusion thrown with not just my family but with them, truly , the Savior's love and grace always win!!! To the Lord be the glory forever. I love this story sister Mary and the more inspired I am to always be doing something good, not for me, but for our good Lord. Love you sister! I will pray for Amy and your family, too after this...Have a great week ahead, remaining strong in the Lord's mighty power!!!

  4. I meant "Angie" not "Amy" and btw, my friend's name is also "Angie"... :)

  5. Hi Mary! I wondered how long Angie stayed with you... But the length of time doesn't matter much, does it. It's the love and acceptance you offered her at a time in her life when she really needed stability. And she needed Jesus. God knew you were the right place to be, migraines and all.

    God uses you in very powerful ways my friend. I'm so glad you got a chance to see her again, and to get caught up on her life. I am SO sorry about her health challenges, and at such a young age! I know your prayers and love again will act to help her face her challenges. She'll be in my prayers too.
    Monday blessings,

  6. Oh Mary, this post has brought me to tears but joy in my heart as well as I read of how your family gave of yourselves. God has honored you my friend. Praying for your sweet Angie and asking our Lord to show Himself mighty! Thanks for your willingness to share this with us. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. It's a blessing to lift up this precious girl in prayer today. What a wonderful story to share, Mary. God used your family as you shared your love and HIS love with her. She will never forget, neither will you. The stories like these are all a part of our life's book. This is a chapter from yours that blesses all of us who are reading it. I loved this!! :)

  8. What big hearts you and your family have! You were just what Angie needed and I'm sure the time spent in your home helped to plant the precious seeds that grew her faith in Jesus. I am agreeing with you for healing and restoration for Angie! Our God is indeed able and oh so willing to touch His beloved children!

  9. It's nice to meet your other daughter. Will certainly lift her up in prayer. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. It's great to meet you!

  10. Such a beautiful story, Mary. I'll be praying.

  11. A daughter in deed and we do pray now for Angie that God will give the Doctor's wisdom as they treat her. May her angels surround and keep her safe and perfect her healing and health. This is such a blessed story how Amy brought her home.
    Our daughter Nancy was 12 when she came to live with us. The school would not accept her as we were not related, so they suggested we become Foster parents. After a lot of red tape and visits from Social Services our 'daughter' came to live with us for 5 years. God orchestrated times of learning just for her. Today she claims us as her parents and family and indeed she is one of our daughters.
    Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  12. What a wonderful legacy for you and your husband. Not perfection, just striving in love. This post stabbed my soul, sister. I'm praying in ernest for your third daughter. Our Father knew you'd wear that title and He knows Angie's path. May He bath it in a softer light.

  13. That's a beautiful story. What you did wasn't easy but it all paid off.

  14. This is so lovely & true. At several points in my own young life I was 'that daughter' . Looking for something, yet not knowing what, I learn about stability- what normal looks like at the homes of many families such as yours. You opened your doors, your hearts and made space at the family table for just one more and so often the least of these.
    Let me be another encourager this very day at what a difference you made in the life of your entire community by being Jesus and loving the lost. Honored to pray for you all. Blessings indeed, slwh

  15. What a wonderful influence you were to Angie. I can imagine your thrill at her finding you again and hers also. God is bigger than we imagine. He held her in the palm of his hand and when it was time, you learnt of her salvation. xx

  16. this really touched me and yes yes yes I'm praying for Angie. Nothing is impossible with for Him.

  17. It touche me too. And I agree with Crystal: God is bigger than we imagine. And so ... His ways are often so different than we can imagine. Stay confident: our Lord knows what is best.

  18. "You can imagine my excitement when Angie found me on Facebook several years ago! I felt humbled and weepy when I read her private message revealing she is a Christian now embracing the principles she observed in our home!"

    I just wowed! I just prayed for angie. Just like on my latest post, God will never leave us on our weaknesses, He fights our battles! (deut 31:6).

  19. Oh, dear friend! This touched me so much! I will be praying for Angie. Bless her heart. This is such a sweet story...the seeds you and your family planted in her are still growing, praise God! I am still praying for Amy, too, and believing God for a miracle. :) Much love to you.

    1. Angie is so grateful for prayers. Me too. I hate seeing her suffer so much. Bless you for caring.


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