In My Father’s Eyes

"I am not called to be successful.
I am called to be faithful."
Mother Teresa

I got my face cartooned at the fair this spring.  The experience made me wonder if I need counseling.

As John sketched, he asked me about myself.  “Name one thing you like about being retired.”  I replied: “Having time to write, especially short stories, about my life experiences.” 

John put his marker down and leaned forward.  “Well, you’re not a spring chicken so I’m sure you have many stories and you won’t have to make up stuff.”

I asked John to repeat that.  Yes, that’s what I thought I heard him say the first time. 

He asked me if my writings are published and I told him no.  Does that make me not a writer?”  He responds:  It means you’re a ‘Wannabe Writer.’”

I’m glad that I live in a different kingdom than John.  When Jesus called us, He said:  “Follow Me; I’ll make you fishers of men.”  Not “Someday, when your achievements measure up, you can be my disciples.” 

I’m blessed to be on my friend, Nikki’s prayer team.  When her first book received two awards, God opened doors for her to speak to  women in prison to testify to the hope Jesus gives after being abused.  But Nikki has always been a great writer, even before her books published!

When my pastor held up a six month old baby girl and dedicated her to the Lord, a word of prophecy fell on him.  She will grow into a woman who loves God and in the quiet He will give her words to write that will touch people and influence them for His kingdom.

I don’t recall Pastor saying that this word only holds true if she achieves success and fame.  No, she will be a contemplative girl and anointed words will flow out of her onto the paper.  Make room Christian writers; this little Kingdom changer will be joining us one day.

It is Obedience that God looks for whether He tells us to go for that PHD or volunteer in the nursery. 

When I was a young mom, I told the editor of our little town’s newspaper what I would like to read--- that being a society page, sort of, with stories about the residents with recipes to feature as a benefit.  He liked that and hired me on his staff of writers for a mid-week column.  It was a hit.  The request for “that special recipe” got me into many a home, but it was writing their stories that motivated me and made the people feel special.  I trusted my editor’s critiques; I liked seeing the final outcome reproduced and liked seeing my name in print.  I liked earning a paycheck while still being able to be a stay-at-home mom.

I liked my dad’s approval.  He loved my writing and ordered the paper to be delivered to his mailbox.  He clipped every column and neatly kept a binder of them in plastic protector pages.  My folk’s friends treated me like a celebrity when I went home.   My dad was proud of his girl and told them stories I had written about my town.  He even tried some recipes!   It was the cutest thing and embarrassing, too, because in truth I was a nobody, but in my father’s eyes, I was somebody.

In Father God’s eyes, we’re all somebody’s.  There are no Wanna-bees, only somebody’s.

At the fair, I ask my girlfriend, Janet, about my cartoon portrait.  “Does it look anything like me?” I pleaded with eyes begging for compassion.  “Ah, let’s see.” She steps back and evaluates.  “He captured your smile and that’s what we all love about you.”

“I guess so,” I reply.  “Not too bad…for a wanna-be cartoonist!”


  1. Obedience is it! Unless we ARE obedient, we are 'wannabee's'... not at all the same thing is it?
    This was so cute Mary, and I think you were braver than I would be to even have yourself put at the mercy of the wannabe cartoonist. :)
    I love the idea you were able to do with the recipes and their stories.
    I am very sure that you are not a wannabe writer... you always have a good and wise word for me, and it's ALWAYS well written!

  2. Praise God that He does not look for ability, but only for availability! If we yield to His Spirit, He will equip us for whatever mission He assigns us. Love this post! Linked up with you at Tell Me a True Story -- hope you'll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,

  3. Oooh, what a thought-less comment.
    Then again, the spark that fed this post might never have been born.

    I may not know lots - but I'm always drawn to the written word that speaks to the common man/woman and puts us in a place with which we can identify.

    Good stuff!

  4. I think that column you wrote for the newspaper was neat and how sweet your dad saved them! I think that cartoonist was a bit tacky with his remark; glad you saw it that way too. So true how God does look for obedience in us and uses all of our talents he has given us.


  5. Enjoyed this post sweet lady. I am so glad that our Lord loves me just like I am...and I could not agree more with Laurie's statement. So many times I have told the Lord..." I can't do that, or this. I felt in my spirit He simply said, "Cindy, I know you can't! But I CAN! I just need your willingness! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Hi Mary! Sounds like that artist was having a bad day or something. Image saying something like that??

    How fun that you wrote for a newspaper! (FYI: that means you've been published) I really liked your thoughts on the little baby and writing. Who knows what path God will send her down? It may be that she writes beautiful stories for her children, or for general publication. The point is, she will be a witness!


  7. Your stories always draw me in. I'm glad he captured your smile otherwise he wouldn't be much of an artist:)

  8. When my work gave me a hard time about my disability and God comforted me and only by His Word, He affirmed in my heart that there is no disability when we serve our God Who is able. It is a matter of trusting in Him completely and "obedience" like what you said.

    I love your stories because I know they always come from your heart. You make us laugh, cry, ponder, and also challenge us to never wane in loving and trusting God.

    There is no hurtful arrow from the enemy if a heart is coated in His love and care. You bless us...And I'm grateful to have crossed paths with you.

  9. In Father God’s eyes, we’re all somebody’s. There are no Wanna-bees, only somebody’s.
    I love this line above for it means God does not need our works to love on us or bless us, or use us. Great post.

  10. Words of truth and encouragement, Mary. Often I feel *less* because I'm not published or some other dumb reason. But, I know that God uses me as I am faithful to His calling. And, after all, that's all that matters anyway. That we live to serve and please the Audience of One!

    BTW, I think you're a spring chicken! And maybe a wannabe comedienne!


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. SORRY, I had to delete my last comment because of a mishap...I should proofread them before I click "publish". LOL! But, here it is...hopefully corrected this time.

    Little did he know! All of us who read your blog LOVE your stories. And do you know why we love them so much? Not only because they are about you, but also because of the beautifully skilled, intriguing way you WRITE them!! It was a very insensitive remark and so far from the truth. Thank you for sharing your heart here, for the many times you have brightened my day with the precious encouragement you leave on my blog, and for following Jesus with all your heart. You are a valuable, dear gift to all of us out here, and we love you dearly. So thankful for you, dear friend, and continuing to life Amy in my regular prayers. :)

  13. I think that caricature is perfect! I made my girls get one the last time we went to Universal Studios. That was a long time ago… glad I did. Good for you, that's gonna mean so much to so many.

    Great point about being recognized by the world. Paul's simple letters weren't meant to be in the best selling book of all time, he just did it with the right heart… That's success in our Father's economy sister…

    And yes. You indeed are a writer. God knows the world desperately needs more Christian writers and His word doesn't need to be on the best seller's list to touch a soul and change it's destination...

  14. If you're writing -- and you are -- you are a writer. Simply because we are not famous or celebrities or published writers doesn't lessen all we can give to the world. Happy to visit this writer.

  15. People easily judge us sometimes, but good to know that God knows us.
    So intresting to read your life story and I must say" you are a writer".
    I haven't published a book either that was sold, but I call myself a writer. I write for God my daily walk with God:)

  16. My Dear you ARE a published author! That cartoonist was mean and he thought he was being cute, but not so. I loved your last line that he was a wannabe. I have three books, because I paid to have them published. I wanted to leave a nice bound copy for my family when I leave this old earth. Some were kind to purchase all three (or one) of my books, but most sit in a corner still in a box. They did make nice Christmas gifts for my kids and grand kids. :-) Thank you for sharing your sweet story with us here at Tell me a Story.

  17. I am glad we are all somebody in God's eyes and not "wannabes"
    I don't need to measure up to any person's standard.
    Obedience to God's Words is enough!
    Many Blessings to you and I did enjoy this post.

  18. So true. I am a writer not because I am published. I am a writer because God made me one. I just have to follow His lead. There is nothing "wannabee" about that. ;)

  19. Writers are writer the moment they write. :) I loved this story! It doesn't matter if we are published or not--I have been calling myself a writer for many years before that first publication. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful example!

  20. Wow, This is just again another fascinating story of how God works in our lives just simply doing our passion, whatever we do, singing, writing or anything, God use us to make His name known ( i am touched with the jail ministry). And as we are used by God, He gives us more and more to take us to a higher level of our talents. :)

  21. Thank you so much for this: "In Father God’s eyes, we’re all somebody’s." That's beautiful!

  22. We are the apple of His eye. Thanks for this beautiful reminder.


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