What Does Your Nametag Say?

Would you agree that labels put people in a box?  Blogger friends, when you tell people you’re a blogger, what kind of response do you get?  Let me re-phrase that.  Do you tell people you’re a blogger?  I laugh when I hear connotations of bloggers as though we are all some kind of mindless fools who type at our desktops in the basement in our pajamas.  That just doesn’t sound like my circle of online friends but, then again, I’ve been blessed to interact with inspirational writers who motivate me.

We were working out when my prayer sister, who has a background in Psychology, mentioned that we must remember to pray for Tyler, who recently was diagnosed with autism.  “It’s important that we don’t refer to him only as autistic, but remember that first and foremost he is a Child of God who has autism.  We should call forth all the special things about him.” 

I wasn’t sure I completely understood and asked her to explain it another way.  *smile*

It is tempting to label people and put them in a box and think of them only that way.  Like when guests come to visit and we’re cleaning up my kitchen.  This ALWAYS happens…a confused look crosses their faces when they can’t figure out my kitchen faucet.  I’ve heard myself say: “Oh, I know it’s backwards.  My husband installed it and he has A.D.D.”

My neighbor on the next block installed his fence with the posts on the outside so he can view the beauty of his fence from the inside of his ranch.  And we can view the ugly side.  Backward faucets are as normal to me as the outside fence turned inward is to my neighbor.   IT DOESN’T MEAN WE ARE THE BACKWARD NEIGHBORS.

Pretty Women Seem to Get Favor. 

My friend, Tess, from Russia, is gorgeous.  Her husband was frustrated because the guy at Auto Zone didn’t have the part he needed to fix his car.    Bill went back to his vehicle and explained the part and its function to his pretty, sexy wife and sent her into the store.  Not only did she come out with the part but with two guys offering to install it. 

Note to myself:  Think of Tess not only as pretty but made in God’s image.

Since that discussion during our workout, I’m determined to view people as God’s children first.  God’s children come in different assortments.  Some are brilliant, rich, arthritic, shy, creative, popular, single, mentally handicapped, etc. but first and foremost they are children of the one true King. 

God has no limits!

When we prayed for Tyler, we thanked our Heavenly Father that He is a God of NO LIMITS.  He created that little boy for a specific purpose and we called that purpose forth in him, praising God for it. 

Same goes for you and me.  Some of us are pretty, some of us are slow, and some of us are fast.  Some of us are extroverts, ditsy, perfectionists or anorexic, etc.  We belong to a limitless God and I can just imagine what we, in the family of believers, would be like if we recognized God’s image in each other first and foremost.  Oh, to let “God’s Child” be our identification.

Trust me, if I introduce you to anybody, I’ll remember you’re God’s child.  Then I’ll say:  “Meet _______, a friend of mine.  Not, “Meet_____, a blogger from Wisconsin!  You are far more valuable than any label that I could ever put on you.

Do you have any thoughts on this? 

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  1. What a precious precious post, Mary. I am so very grateful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross back those years ago because I've learned so much from you. It is wise to remember people as God's children and pray that others view us in that manner as well. "Different" doesn't mean "less"...it means that God's design for each of us is different in order to fulfill His specific purposes.

    Hugs to you my sweet friend.
    xo Dianna

  2. I enjoyed your post & appreciate the reminder on how we are to view each other. I'm looking forward to the day when we'll see things clearly--as God wants us to. Thanks for sharing this & for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

  3. I love this!!! What a way to remember who we are. We forget that we are quite often.

  4. I love this!!! What a way to remember who we are. We forget that we are quite often.

  5. Most times when I tell someone I am a blogger.... they say... What's a blogger.
    Great Post!!

  6. Mary, I just loved this! It was funny, and oh so true. And you know what? Not only do I need to fight the tendency to label other people, I need to stop doing it to myself!!

    "Sharon, I'd like you to meet Sharon, a Child of God!"

    Yup, that sounds pretty good!

    (I also happen to be a blogger, and proud of it!)

  7. Oh, this is an awesome reminder to look at others in an entirely different way. Thanks so much for this post!

  8. This may be my favorite thing you've written, Mary!
    You're right. It's so easy to put labels on one another; even those I've never met. How small-minded! Thank God for his limit-less love!

    PS - Honestly, I had to LOL at your description of bloggers in the basement. That struck a chord, no-one outside my immediately family knows that I blog!

  9. I loved the fence on backwards so the owner could view the pretty side. May we always see the beauty side in all our friends and loved ones. I have a black friend, but I only think of her as my friend not my black friend. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  10. Oh Mary, I love this post. It can be so easy to think of people in terms of labels and I see it done every day. I was just reading Psalm 139 and reminding myself of how God knew me before I was born. He knit me together in my mother's womb. He knows all the days of my life. How awesome is that? I am a child of God. That's my name tag and I'm forever grateful. Now I want to view others through His lens of love and mercy.

    And I'm so glad that I know that you do not sit in your basement typing out posts as a blogger. I love that we can read each other's words and see that we both love the Lord. What a marvelous common language we both speak. So glad we've met in person and I hope we get to see one another again Mary.

    Blessings and love,

  11. I loved this post! This is such an important issue. I still remember when I finally started seeing myself without any labels. It was scary and liberating at the same time. 'I am God's daughter' is the only one that matters!

  12. Great post-such truth! One of my granddaughter's is on the Autism spectrum and as a toddler got some special ed help from the state. It was a blessing and her parents pulled her when she was three because they didn't want her labeled and put in a box so to speak. She is an incredibly gifted girl with such talents; I think they were right-so that no one would think less of her.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  13. Awesome reminder of who we really are! And each one the perfect part of the body of Christ and the church! Needed this one. Thanks, Mary.

  14. For the first time ever, a few weeks ago I had someone suspect I was a blogger before I ever mentioned it. :) Mainly because I'd asked about taking pictures at the monastery where we were having a retreat. I love your reminder that we're to identify and see others first as God's children! It could change everything.

  15. Really great post! Identity is such a big deal and there are so many ways in which unwittingly keep ourselves and others from embracing all of who God made us to be. Certainly resisting the temptation to label is a good way to reverse the trend and encourage one another to express the full spectrum of our personhood and potential.

  16. As usual, you shared really neatly and you got lots of people on your heart! So, we're blogger sisters, one way or another. Bless you.

  17. Wonderful post sister! What a beautiful reminder to this child who suffers from seasonal allergies and had to go thru xray to make sure I don't have reflux that might cause such annoyance. Still awaiting result so pls pray for me that my sinuses be restored and overall health.

    At work, as they seldom see me as a Per Diem since, one excited nurse I used to work with asked me how was I doing upon hearing about the struggle I had to go thru against some people in higher positions who gave me a hard time with regards to my limitations of not being able to work more than 8hrs.

    I confidently replied...."Even if I am going thru tough times I am okay and doing well...because of Him!" as I pointed my index finger upward. She didn't know what to say next.

    Sometimes, in the midst of life's storms though, it's easier to be overwhelmed with rough seas and darkness all around when the truth is...if I just looked straight ahead, the Beacon never wanes in guiding my way with Its Light.

    So thank you sister Mary for reminding me again that we are His children. Fixing the tattoed tag in my heart as I read your post. So grateful to be a part of blogosphere because I met many wonderful siblings in His Holy Name....Like you!

    Well...I blog in my PJs sometimes...and when I was encouraging a new nurse to read the posts, she seemed to have gotten afraid and promised me she would read them. Then she stayed out of my way the rest of the shift. Blogging is one thing but I know, we represent the Lord with the words we put out here. So may He guide us with His wisdom.

    Sorry for the short comment... I forgot to bring the tea as I rushed to drop by. Hugs and prayers to you sister. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power!

  18. Labels define people and often those labels put people in boxes. I think though just living our lives...showcases who we really are. Great post.

  19. Such a great post, Mary....I think our society today feel it has to put people in boxes and label them but it's definitely not God's way. I have even felt boxed in at times because my gifts were different from other women I was serving with but I know God wants me to be the person He created me to be and not pretend to be like others just to be given approval...This happens in the church all too often....Thanks for this insightful post....I hope you are having a great weekend....

  20. May we see others as God sees them -- each unique, created in His image for His pleasure and His specific purpose! Thanks for the wonderful post and for your sweet comment on Saved by Grace!
    God bless,

  21. I love your post. I'm being reminded that I'm a child of God everywhere I turn lately. I guess God wants me to "get it" finally. I think I do.

  22. I love the fact that I am God's Child and God has no limits. Simply beautiful.
    God Bless


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