My Daybook

For Today…February 2, 2015

Outside my window…a cloudy morning, 55 degrees expecting to reach 67!

I am thinking…how grateful I am for all the rain over the weekend.

I am praising God for… the way He sent His angels to help my husband and our friends get their big van unstuck in the mud last Saturday night after two hours!  It was an unfortunate end to a lovely dinner party at our house.

I am in prayer for…a close friend of ours who just checked into the VA hospital for cancer treatment today.

I am thankful for…the gift of a renewed membership at the Recreational Center in town!

From the kitchen…cooking 15 Bean Soup with Kielbasa and crusty bread for dinner.

I am creating…a special homemade card for a friend’s birthday party next weekend.

I am excited that…I have the funds to fly to Chicago this June and visit my family.

I am hoping (trusting) that…my granddaughters will get well and stay healthy and that the ear infections and high fevers will cease.

I am looking forward to…getting my hair cut in a few days.

I am reading…Until Tuesday, by Luis Carlos Montalvan, a story about a wounded warrior and the golden retriever who saved him.

One of my favorite things is…receiving a bouquet of flowers in the middle of winter.  Thank you to my daughter, Amy!

A few plans for the week…Hubby and I are going into the mountains tomorrow afternoon and spending the day in a favorite town there to do some shopping and a special lunch!

A favorite quote…"Do you wish to find out the really sublime? Repeat the Lord's Prayer" – Napoleon

A favorite scripture…The grace (spiritual favor and blessing) of the Lord Jesus Christ (the Anointed One) be with your spirit. Amen (so be it) - Philippians 4:23

A picture thought…Here I am holding my birthday cake while being sung to at my dinner party last Saturday night!

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  1. Oh how I wish we had 55 degree weather right now!! Have fun in the mountains!

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday to you, Mary!! (29 again, right?!)

    I love your daybook! I find it interesting that we all have this mixture of good and bad things in our days. And yet, in it all, we are always in the Presence of the Lord, the Anointed One.

    Amen, so be it!!

  3. Love this 'Daybook' forum, Mary! I may give it a try one of these days.
    ... Mostly, I love how happy you sound.

    Wishing you and hubs a wonderfully memorable excursion tomorrow! Drive safe and (if you're headed where I think you may be), don't look down. LOL!!!

  4. Wishing you a belated happy birthday:)
    I enjoyed reading your daybook. Love to get to know you more lovely friend:)

    Here is very cold. Minus three degrees and snowing!

  5. I am so glad to see that you were able to do a Daybook Entry, Mary. I so enjoyed reading it. The fact that you are making a special birthday card for a friend brought a smile to my face.

    Hugs to you

  6. You're beautiful smile with your birthday cake says it all...and I love reading your daybook. It feels like friends just sharing their worlds....


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