It's My Car and I'll Cry If I Want To

This is a true story about my car.  I’ve been nervous driving it for months.  It started dying out en route last October.  I took it to my mechanic twice and he changed out several parts upon suspicion.  His computer analyzer showed nothing was wrong so he could not solve my problem.  I poured gas treatment into the tank in case there was any water in the gas.  It still died out!   Hubby gave me three choices.  1) I could drive his truck.  (And smell like a cigar everywhere I went.)  2) Drive it like it is learning the knack of shifting it in neutral and starting it up again while in motion or 3) stay home.  And he told me to stop fretting; it will get fixed eventually; worrying will not help. 

Months passed.  My prayer partner was so patient praying with me to uncover the mystery of my car’s bad behavior.  I asked the ladies in my Bible Study to pray too.

I purchased this car eleven years ago and even though it’s old now, I’ve always liked it.  I remember back then how I prayed for direction for months while saving my money for a car.  I remember the morning Hubby took me out “just to look.”  I pouted when he showed interest in an old Nissan that needed a little work.  B.o.r.i.n.g. c.a.r.   The saleslady wrote up the paperwork and I tugged at his shirtsleeve and whispered:  “I hate this car.”   He told the sales gal that he needed some discussion time with me and that he would call her by Noon.  When we got home, I  researched the strengths and weaknesses of the Nissan verses the 2001 red Alero Oldsmobile that caught my eye every time I drove past the used car lot in our town.  I won’t bore you with the facts, but my research persuaded him.  In fact, when he could see on paper that we could save over $1000, he got his coat and we headed out to test drive the Alero.  By Noon, he called the Nissan dealer and told her we bought another car.

My Alero was not perfect when I purchased it in 2003.  The college professor that previously owned it put almost 100,000 miles on it driving from the Indian reservation to the campus every day.  I paid $5,000 for that two-year old car back then and that included tax.  The sales manager assured me it would be a great little car for me around town and maybe Flagstaff or Phoenix.  He should only know it has safely taken me to San Diego and back six times.   In eleven years, I have only had to put $1,300 in maintaining it and that included $500 for new tires. 

Getting back to my present frustration, I began to praise God for providing such a reliable vehicle for me over the years.  I always felt like He led me to that car.  Praise works; complaining doesn’t!  Suddenly, I got the idea to join the forums on Google where a bunch of people talk about their car repairs.  I copied and pasted all my Alero research and showed my print out to my husband.  The man is not a car guy, but like me, he likes to save money.  We both are do-it-yourself types so I felt that I had him in my back pocket.  He liked my info about MAPS which has something to do with the manifold pressure sensor but he never thought to check that.  The sensor was in good shape, but the eight inch hose to it was disintegrating!  It actually crumbled in his hand as he took it out.  The guy at the auto parts store thought, like us, that this could be my solution.  He gave us the hose free of charge.  We changed it out and now my old car drives beautifully.  Even in the rain.  Even when I have to stop abruptly!  I feel secure again.

The story of my car hose reminds me of God’s grace.  It’s free and it restores me.  It makes me happy and it liberates me.

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  1. I have a car that I love, and it's now 16 years old. So, I get the car stuff. We do get attached, don't we?!

    I love that God cares about all of our *stuff* - the big stuff and the smallest details.

    Ride on, Mary, ride on!!


  2. Loved reading about how praising works, but complaining doesn't! Why is it that it takes us so long to figure that out when we are in the middle of a crisis or hard time?

    Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing about your experience!


  3. What a wonderful story!
    I'm so glad you stuck to your guns and didn't buy the B.O.R.I.N.G. Nissan.
    It's been a real long time since I 'loved' a vehicle, and now I'm at the age, I just want something reliable!
    Sounds like you and your shiny red Alero were meant for one another. :)

  4. I have discovered so much and saved so much money but investigating things on Google, before going out and making a major purchase or repair. Having a dependable car (esp. as a woman) is so important. Glad you were able to get it fixed properly and inexpensively!!

  5. I love it that you asked your prayer group to pray about your car. God truly gave you wisdom to do the research on line and then to include your husband in the mystery of the disintegrating hose. Thank you for sharing with us here at 'Tell me a Story.'

  6. Good reminder that worrying gets us nowhere. Amazing that I think when we are not seeing things in the shadow of troubles but instead seeing them in His light, fretting do disappear. Knowing that He is always there for us. Great analogy with His grace. And what a great car! I can't imagine the memories you had kept in your heart where it brought you. You're inspiring in the way you try to search for what's ailing the car. And in the end, He indeed rewarded you with the solution! God bless sister and have a wonderful week, going for more miles because of the strength He gives.

  7. Hi Mary! What a beautiful story! And all that work and worry for a hose?
    Cars are like electricity to me...a complete mystery. I love that you looked into Google forums, and that it helped. God was nudging you there.
    My SIL had an Alero, and it was jazzy looking. I can see why you'd want it over the boring Nissan!

  8. Gotta love a story with a happy ending and a girl with unending devotion… You go girl!


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