When Trouble Comes, Sing!

When you are going through a hard time how easy is it for you to praise God, especially in song?  I find this hard to do!  That's what I'm talkin' about at Women Walking With Jesus today.  Please visit me there and let me know what you think!  Click here


  1. What a blessing it was to read here today, Mary. Anytime I am out in a vehicle and there is something that causes me to tense up this song arises from within me...not something I really do consciously..."Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul" I can actually feel my tense muscles begin to relax!

  2. So true, Mary!
    Whether an olden well-loved hymn or a fragment from 60's rock, when we release our voices, the (physical) transformation is pretty amazing.

    PS - Did you ladies ever get your steak dinner?

  3. So glad you stopped over to visit. We both love pink, Myra -- what a honey -- and friendship. Please come and visit often and I am your latest follower.


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