Dad was a Romantic

The best thing about my father was the way he loved my mother.  Dad was a romantic. 
My mom told me she met my dad for the first time at a family gathering.  She said he was the most handsome man in the room.  He was pretty dapper in his day!

I loved his happy temperament.  My kids always got a kick out of his excitement when we arrived at grandma and grandpa’s for a visit.  His favorite saying was “How sweet it is!”  He loved the simple things:  a home-cooked meal, family, playing cards, watching the ballgame with my mother.  We teased the heck out of him for being such a staunch Cubs fan, but he would laugh it off and say that somebody has to be for the underdog.  They were his team and he was loyal even though they hardly ever won.  That says a lot about a man!

My dad was the best dancing partner a girl could have!  I remember a beautiful waltz with him at my wedding.

Whenever I am missing dad, I don’t have to look too far.  Both of my brothers are clones!  They look like him, walk like him and are faithful husbands in good times and in bad.  They chase those “I miss dad blues” away, every time.  It took me and my siblings a while to figure out what true boldness is.  We finally realized later in life, that it is “consistent strength under pressure.”   That’s boldness to us.  It was not always easy to get along with our spirited mom, but our dad demonstrated a bold love that stays the course and his calm, loving ways made it look like a piece of cake.

As Father’s Day approaches, I am thankful for my earthly father.  He left behind a legacy of a man who knew how to love his wife and children and grandchildren.  No wonder it was so easy for me to believe and accept my Heavenly Father’s love!

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  1. Beautiful tribute, Mary. It was especially touching, as this will be my first Father's Day without my dad. As time moves farther from his passing in January, I am remembering more and more of the good times, and the things that I appreciated about him. I'm glad that because of my Heavenly Father's love, and the gift of His Son, I will be able to see my dad again.


  2. Such a precious tribute to your father, bless you.

  3. Love this tribute to your daddy, Mary! He sounds like the sort of man I would have enjoyed knowing.
    These pictures are precious - particularly him all 'duded up' at your wedding.


  4. What a sweet tribute to your dad, Mary! All of the things you mentioned about him that made him special are things I recently read about in a book entitled, Created to be His Help Meet. The things that he loved are things that we as wives need to be doing as our ministry to our husbands. Thanks for sharing such special memories with us, Mary. xo

  5. So lucky you are! What a nice memory. Very touching to read it. Yes, happy Father's day!

  6. A Dad who gets excited when his grandchildren visit is a granddad they shall always remember. Your mom was a blessed woman to have a man who loved her dearly (and loved her children too)!! I have an idea that YOU were Daddy's little girl. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  7. Hi Mary! Oh my, what a loving description of your Dad. A true blessed you were to have him for a role model. I'm sure your husband is not much different.
    Blessings to you on this Father's Day weekend, and I hope your memories will wrap you in a hug from him. How sweet that is!

  8. Hi -

    I so enjoyed that read and the photos.

    And your red hair flow in your wedding photo --woo wee. Yes.


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