Remembering Ginger

My sister and I are crazy for nicknames.  We’ve nicknamed each other and our husbands.  I remember having a conversation with our mom when she turned 90.  She told me she wished her name was Ginger.  My sister was ecstatic.  We found a nickname for mom.

If I had to describe Ginger’s personality, I would say she was a cross between gruff Betty Davis and naïve Doris Day.

Ginger was born in 1915.  A tomboy, she competed in sports; her favorite being baseball.  She loved hot dogs, sauerkraut and ice cream.  She liked perfume, crocheting, dogs, books, needlework, ceramics and babies.

Ginger worked as a hair stylist.  She owned her own beauty salon, Gloria’s, where she specialized in Marcel Waves.  The year was 1938.


Mom and dad married in Chicago in 1940.  They raised three children and one exceptional darling…me.  At least that’s my perception!
As kids, we grew up in a home fragrant with hard work ethics, respect, reverent faith, outstanding home-cooked meals at a dinner table, discipline, hospitality, home-baked desserts and lots of Johnny Cash and Pavarotti. 

Ginger left this earth in 2012 at 96 years old and I’m thankful for being given so many years on this earth with my mother.  What I miss mostly about her was her sparkling sense of humor and devoted prayer life.

Today I’m remembering Ginger.

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  1. Sweet tribute to dear Ginger.

  2. Your darling mother (Ginger) was full of spice and life. Having her own beauty shop and making a home in those days was a balance not many women could handle. We too had home cooked meals at the table so I can relate. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story honoring your mother here at "Tell Me a Story."

  3. Hi Mary! I love that cross between two opposites. Aren't we all like that? And for her to own her own business in that time was extraordinary! I bet she really knew how to get things done :)

    You have made such a loving tribute to your Mom today, I know your Mothers Day will be a little sad for you, but so happy for her in heaven.

  4. This cute, cute tribute made me smile - both last night and today.
    What an amazing gal, your mom....
    I'll bet she'd be really tickled to read these words!

    Happy Mom's Day in advance!


  5. Oh how much you must miss your beloved mom sister Mary! I know "miss" is not even the exact word.

    What a beautiful lady she was and how loving she must be to her family! Can I call her the Proverbs 31 mother?

    Happy Mother's Day to you sister! hugs...

  6. To my dear sister... Your words came from your heart, Pinky. My heart felt so full of love for you as I read your "Remembering Ginger". Your words exuded that special bond you had with her.

    I can picture you as you enjoy your granddaughters, playing, sharing and walking in the light with the Lord.

    Happy Mother's Day dear one! I love you! Poopsie

  7. beautiful tribute to your mom..what a blessing to have such a fulfilling and long life with three children and one very exceptional darling one :)

  8. wow. loved this read and your tribute to Ginger!!!! Happy MOther's Day to you Mary....

  9. What a precious tribute to Ginger! She sounds like she was *ahead of her time* in the way she lived her life. And yes, just for today, you can be the darling of the bunch!!


  10. Good morning sister. I read your message at my place after doing my daily early morn devotion. I just want to let you know that your hubby is always in good Hands same with you as you await his treatment in Yuma. I always pray for my sisters/brothers I know in blogland but even better when we pray for specifics. I know. ..they're "nailed"....May you both remain strong in the Lord's mighty and blessings.

  11. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful mom. I think you inherited many of her traits and learned well from her.

  12. Absolutely priceless memories...and I love the way you share such special-ness with us, Mary. I'd say you were probably correct in remembering the way you described yourself. ;) Hugs


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