The Beauty of the Desert

I found beauty in the desert this last week, but not the way I expected.  My husband wanted to get out of Dodge for a few days, so we made plans to visit Bullhead City at the northwestern tip of AZ touching Laughlin, Nv.  It’s our state’s hot spot and not uncommon for temps to reach the mid 90’s in April.  I know!  We lived there for ten years and raised our girls in that town when it was just a little fishing village.  Today it reminds me of a mini Phoenix!  Tom missed some of the guys he worked with so it was time to connect again.

The mountain range just before descending into town is ever breathtaking!  We stayed at the Tropicana in Laughlin, on the Colorado River. 

We ate at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, El Palacio.  Memories flooded us when we shopped, drove down the street where we use to live and wished the present owners would water the palm trees more.  We enjoyed meeting up with a couple we have been close with over the years.  We talked endlessly about the “old days” when we attended church together and social gatherings with so many who, like us, left that little town before the big boom.

The mornings are crisp and the dry heat feels great!  However, sadness hit my husband early one morning when he attempted to surprise his former co-worker and learned that Bob passed away last year.  Not only Bob, but another guy on the crew also died.  They never were able to retire.  I gave my husband lots of hugs and then cheered him up by taking him to Oatman, AZ. 

Oatman is a fun little town in the mountains where the burros greet you as you enter. 

The town has a cafe, saloon, post office, shops of all kinds and a candy store.  When I got back to my hotel room, I spread out the loot.  Do you see anything you would like?  I bet I ate it!

Our road trip was a pleasant drive and provided us with closure.  I miss the bougainvillea that grows beautifully there.  It’s such a delicate pretty flower, but the vines are thorny, kind of like life!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I have traveled those very same roads, and Oatman is one of my favorite places! I almost felt like kidnapping one of the mules for a pet! Can you imagine me riding around up here in the mountains on one?! Uh!

    Have you guys ever been to Joshua Tree? It's another beautiful desert that always speaks to my heart.


  2. Hi Mary,
    It's so great to see you again. It's been a long time!
    What a special trip you and your hubby got to take, even though there was some sadness along the way.
    Your goodies from Oatman look yummy. We may have to visit there some day. Stopping by from Sharing His Beauty.
    used to be openmyearslord--I'm now Heart-Filled Moments

  3. Many were the days that Terry & I meandered remote Arizona roads & towns. What a wonderfully diverse state it is!

    I also know how disheartening it can be to discover an old friend has left. The world dims a bit when their place in it is vacant. Thank God for the hope we have in Him!

  4. That's kind of in my old neck of the woods, Havasu. I've spent a lot of time in that area as well. It is pretty. The mountains are wonderful.

    Glad you guys got away. I'm sorry for your husband's losses. Life is short, glad your using your wisdom to take advantage of what you can. I need to take notes...

  5. It is good to get out of town every so often. I am glad you trip has some happy memories to go with the sad ones. Thank you for sharing your true story with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

  6. What a neat trip. I recognize a lot of those candies from when I was a little girl! HOPE you have an awesome rest of the week!

  7. I love the desert. We used to go to Palm Desert as I grew up, and I have so many fun memories, but I don't think we ever had a tray filled with THAT many goodies!! I had to double click to see everything in detail... a sweet feast!

  8. So sorry to hear of the sad news for your husband, but glad you had a good trip otherwise. :) It is always good to go back and re-visit places that resurrect good memories. Thankful to have met you today. God bless!

  9. Awesome trip, bless you dear.

  10. That sounds like such a fun trip. So glad you got to go. We drove out that way last summer when we went to Winnemucca, Nevada to pick up a dog. The terrain is beautiful but so different from the Ozark Mountains we live in.

  11. That sounds like such a fun trip. So glad you got to go. We drove out that way last summer when we went to Winnemucca, Nevada to pick up a dog. The terrain is beautiful but so different from the Ozark Mountains we live in.

  12. What a wonferful trip that binds you more together. Thanks for sharing the picture. Now I have an idea how it looks like out there;)

  13. We had to make a trip to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and noticed all the pretty yellow flowers along the road, it was a pleasant trip. This past week we were in Illinois visiting family and I did the same thing. Looked up some friends, drove around the neighborhood I grew up in, shopped in the same shops I did when I was a teen. The town's numbers are staying the same which amazes me because there is not much work to be had there. Those kind of trips are relaxing for me. Glad you two got to take one.

  14. what a great roadtrip. Even in the picture those mountains look breathtaking. Makes me want to get out there and take a roadtrip. Have a great weekend.

  15. Hi Mary! I really miss that prickly pear fun to see so much of it in your Oatman photos. I'm so sorry that your husband had to find out that way about the deaths of his co-workers. I hope the trip made the sadness less difficult.

    The candy? I remember having those little dots on the paper when I was a kid. How fun to see them again :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I just read your sweet comments on my blog, and I am in tears thinking about the pain Amy is going through. I will definitely be praying for her and believing God to send her a baby of her own. My heart goes out to her in so many ways. Please tell her I am praying for her, and I understand.


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