A Blanket for Amy

We eagerly await the arrival of our granddaughter and it seems she is in no hurry to be born into this world being already nine days past the due date!  I can’t wait to see her wrapped in the shell crochet patterned white blanket made by my mom whom my daughters refer to as Granny.  Here’s the story:

Every one of us has been wrapped in love by one of Granny’s blankets or throws.  When one of her grandchildren announced a baby was on the way, Granny got busy creating a baby blanket that her newest great grandchild would enjoy.  The story invokes tears when our oldest, Amy, received a package in the mail from Granny just after reaching her 90th birthday.  The present was a white baby blanket that Granny made and sent with a note saying that his baby blanket is for Amy.   Amy cherished the thought and stored the treasure on the top shelf of her closet filled with hope that she someday would conceive.

That was over eight years ago.   Granny passed in January, 2012.

When Amy arrived in San Diego she told us the rest of the story.  As she packed for the trip, she felt led to go to her closet.  That’s when a package fell from the shelf hitting her on the side of her head.  Turns out it was the blanket and Amy instinctively knew to pack it and bring it and gift it to her sister who is naming her baby after Amy.  Now the story is complete.  The blanket made with so much love is, indeed, for Amy.   

This gift needs one more thing...a blessing, so in adding to my mother’s loving stitches and as “The Grandma,” I’ve composed a prayer for this baby’s shawl:

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for a new baby to love and cherish in our family.  Wrap baby Amy with your love as she nestles in this baby blanket.  Bless her parents with peace and wisdom as they nurture their new baby.  I pray that you will fill Susanna with a gentle spirit as she steps into the role of a big sister.  May your guidance and compassion always lead this loving family.”  Amen


  1. What a beautiful story! It touches on so many elements, not the least of which is the precious linkage connecting one generation to another ... then another ... etc. So excited for this new chapter in all your lives to unfold or, in this case, to be delivered.


  2. If I didn't "know" you, I'd swear this was a Hallmark moment.
    Then again, no. Not even Hallmark couldn't conceive something this beautiful.
    Through my teary eyes, I too am so excited for this new chapter in your lives!


  3. Such a precious story, bless you.

  4. So touching and sweet. Yes, as a grandmother, good to leave something nice to our grandchildten. You gave me an idea:)

  5. Hi Mary! Congratulations on the new little one. I hope she is born by now? And this blanket story is so touching. God gives us such wonderful families and traditions.


  6. Oh, Mary, this was beautiful! Can't wait to hear all the details about the arrival of your granddaughter. (And may it be soon?!)

    I love heirlooms like this. And what a legacy of love your mom left behind.


  7. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story,” your beautiful story and how the lovely blanket reached Amy. Grandma must be smiling up in heaven by now.

  8. What a blessing!!! Just grabbed my heart, filled me with smiles. Thanks.

  9. What a sweet story! And that blanket, I'm sure, will be a cherished heirloom for many generations to come!! Already, I see what a blessing this little one has brought to every family member!!


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