If I Could Call Mom in Heaven

I find myself wondering these days what a conversation would be like if I could call my mom.  If I could dial Heaven and chat with her, what would she say to me after living awhile in her eternal home?

I heard an awesome message this week by Patricia King.  She shared about the time she witnessed a glimpse of heaven during worship.  “Heaven is a joyful place.  I know this because everyone was laughing!”  She said.  “It’s nothing like this realm with all our problems and contentions.”

Oh, worry does such a number on my joy.  I really needed this encouragement to lighten up. 

So if my mom and I did have that chat, she would probably listen to  how responsibly I’m dealing with life’s daily details.  But then I think she would mention the importance of exchanging the heavy burdens for a lighter yoke with my Savior.  I think she would urge me to get an eternal perspective, reminding me that I’m just “on a very short journey” and my life really is only a vapor.  Mom would understand my prayer life and passionate love of God’s presence.  After all, she was my model prayer warrior—a true intercessor who lopped off a few enemy heads in her day fighting spiritual battles to save and protect her children.  She would tell me to do what I can do and then trust Jesus for the rest.  She would admonish: “don’t lose sight of your final destination.  It is a joy unspeakable here and it’s full of glory—an eternal party awaits you.”

Yeah, I think that’s what she would say if I could phone Heaven and chat with her!

God has made everything beautiful for his own time.  He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from the beginning to end.  So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.  And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11-13

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  1. What a wonderful post and what honor you give to your special Mom....Obviously, she was a great example for you and what a blessing.

    She would be so proud that you are a prayer warrior and that you impact so many lives of those around you....

  2. Mary,
    What a lovely tribute to your mom and a blessed encouragement to us!

  3. Yesterday's message was all about Martha and Mary. And though Jesus was patient with all of Martha's flustered worrying, He reminded her of what was truly important.

    Mary chose the better thing...

    ...Mary chose Jesus - just Jesus.

    May I put aside the anxieties and distractions that steer me away from Him.


    (P.S. Can't wait to meet your mom someday!)

  4. Oh Mary, I think that conversation was a complete ditto of what my own conversation with my own mother would be. Thank you for saying it so well. In my heart, I know this is right! :)


  5. I know my mom would say to not worry. I want to have that eternal perspective. And I can't wait to get to heaven.

    Blessings and love,

  6. The first part of that Ecclesiastes verse is one of my absolute favorites. Thanks for linking up with #HearItUseIt this week, Mary.

  7. I'm blessed to still have my mama with me, but I have a feeling that my daddy would say much of the same thing as your mama would say to you.

    A beautiful tribute to your mom, Mary. :-)

  8. There have been so many times something has happened and my first instinct is, "I can't wait to call mom." It's been 9 years now; I wonder if that feeling will ever go away?

    Your words (OK, HER words - lol) are so very reassuring!

    Have a lovely week!

  9. Oh Mary, your mom sounds just like my mom. Though I still have the privilege of calling my mom for now.
    And I am a lot like you. Sometimes I let worry crowd my joy but when I focus on the eternal picture it immediately lightens.
    Thank you for this post today my friend. Such a wonderful reminder that I myself needed today.

  10. That was an awesome post! Because there is truth in it! If not for His wonderful promise, forever our minds would be wondering about uncertainties.

    I was thinking about my mom, too the other day...Realizing how much I missed her and a lot of things I wasn't able to do with her when she was here...Because life is short...

    But I rejoice in knowing that someday...in His place...we can do many things...Not just for one day..Or few month and even years...

    Forever...So unfathomable...

  11. Your conversation with your mother was beautiful!

    Do you see the follower thingy you have on the right side of your post - you have 127 people following you. Now you have 128!


  12. I loved this post. The lessons are the best....and your memories of your mom...and the amazing woman she touched me.

  13. What a wonderful thought. To call my mother in heaven would be such a great joy. I'll be pondering this for awhile..

  14. what a heartwarming post. Your mother was admirable and so are you now too:)


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