I Like Church Lady Clothes

I didn't have any looks, I didn't have any talent, and it was easy for me to say to the Lord, "I don't have anything." If you only knew where I came from ... this leetle-bitty town with no more than twelve hundred people in it. So ... anything I am today, He is the one who has done it.
Kathryn Kuhlman

I’m a sucker for feminine blouses.  My favorite one is a white lightweight Polyester V-neck style with ruffles down the center and neck.  The sleeves are long and then a big ruffle surrounds the wrists.  Ladies will know it as the “Romantic” style.  I wore this top with a royal blue skirt to church this morning.  Who knew the fun that would be in store for me.

My greeting partner met me at the door of the sanctuary and right away razzed me.  “You wore your Kathryn Kuhlman blouse today!”  I laughed.  Remember Kathryn?  She was the gifted TV Evangelist who prayed for people to be miraculously healed.  I use to watch her with my Mom when I was a teenager.  We were awestruck at the dramatic way she ministered on stage and then the lame would walk and the deaf would hear.  We believed every miracle we saw!  I dream of praying for people and seeing lives changed like that.

When we weren’t shaking hands and greeting people, I got a laugh from my partner when I began to raise my arms and sway and smile real big.  My usher-husband left his post and came over and asked me what I was doing.  I told him I was pretending I was Kathryn Kuhlman. 

The best part was after church when we stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  Hubby continued teasing and said “Are you going to come in with me in those church lady clothes?”  I told him “Absolutely,” and muttered to myself that I hope I embarrass you.

The multi-tasking clerk at the checkout was able to answer my hubby’s questions, scan our items and converse with me, asking if we just got out of church we were dressed so nice.  “What did the Holy Spirit say to you today?” she asked.   I answered that the lesson was on the true kind of worship that God wants, not Phariseeism that lacks heart and soul and is just for show.  She nodded in agreement.  Then I offered to pray for her today because I too once had to work on Sundays and know how it feels to miss out on fellowship with believers.  I said a few more inspiring words and she handed me my receipt with this sentence.  “You were placed in my line today; please don’t forget to pray for me.”

You know some things are just God ordained.  The sermon reminds me it’s not about pizzazz and perfection, but a humble heart.  It’s not about church clothes or prayer styles with dramatic flowing sleeves.  It’s about sharing the love of Jesus with every one we meet.

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  1. OK, I just got chill-bumps at the part where the check-out gal spoke to you about prayer! :)
    Who's ever to guess who He puts in our paths any random day?

    I'm not familiar with Kathryn, but your visual makes me smile!

    Have a blessed week, dear friend!

  2. I loved reading your post, Mary! The way you express your desire for femininity is precious! And you know, the Lord knows exactly which line to put us in, does He not? Love your desire to please Him!

  3. Very cute, Mary! I do remember Kuhlman - she was kind of a hoot! I would love to see a picture of you in your blouse and skirt. I'll bet you look adorable.

    And how exciting about the market encounter! Seems like the Lord has God-ordained appointments for us all the time. Best to keep our eyes and ears (and hearts) open for them!


  4. Hi Mary! What a wonderful witness you were yesterday! (I loved the muttering under your breath about wanting to embarrass your husband!)

    God really spoke through you to that check-out lady, what a blessing! For you and for her :)

    Happy Monday!

  5. What a wonderful thing to do - to stop and pray with a stranger. You never know. sandie

  6. Awesome post. If the blouse was used to share truth and pray for strangers, I say wear it every Sunday! Good for you, love you and your husband's style!

  7. I love it when God places us right up front where he wants us to be (in the check out line). I remember Kathryn Kuhliman too. We took our children to a couple of her meetings. Thank you for sharing your delightful story with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

  8. I remember Katheryn Kuhlman and her blouses LOL Mary You have a cute sense of humor. I love ordained meetings with people....I would place her note in your bible...so special.

  9. So inspiring to let God shine from the inside out.
    You and your husband is very sweet together. I love your conversation. I can just feel the love. Nice knowing you Mary:)

  10. I love that you wore your 'church lady' clothes and I bet you looked beautiful! How sweet that clerk was, doesn't that just make your day!

    I remember touring K.Kuhlman's former home when I was a teeneage, not sure why I was there, but I think she had been in a church my friend was now in. I also remember watching her on our black & white TV.

  11. Hi Mary -

    I enjoyed this piece. Delightful.
    Thank you.


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