Year 42 And Still Holding Hands

Rumors say throwing rice at the bride & groom as they leave the church culminated because it was harmful for the birds and the environment.  How about the bride and groom?  I remember how it stung my face and landed in my dress and hair!  Here we were back on August 7, 1971, leaving the church and notice he is holding my hand as we headed into the onslaught of rice-fall.

Reflecting back over 42 years, he’s held my hand through a lot.  We faced good times together of owning a new home, delivering babies, making investments, job promotions, traveling to exotic places, a grandchild.  We clung to each other in the not-so-good times of sickness, failures, job loss, and deaths of our parents.

I’m reminded of the wise words Sherri Rose Shepherd speaks about:

Watch your thoughts . . . they become your words.
Watch your words . . . they become your actions.
Watch your actions . . . they become your habits.
Watch your habits . . . they become your character.
Watch your character . . . it becomes your legacy.

We’re working on that legacy part and guess what?  We’re still holding hands!


  1. OK, you two are just too cute!!

    Congratulations on your anniversary - may you have a wonderful 42nd, and many more to come!


  2. You two are precious! Happy Anniversary. My parents celebrate their 60th today. They are awesome examples of that love too.
    I hope you had a wonderful celebration.

  3. Congratulations on 42 years...I love the point of your post that you have held hands through the good and not so good times of your marriage...What a sweet example to your children that reveals the love you share.. It shows on your faces....

    And yes, I remember how the rice stung...I have to say I am glad they stopped that tradition.....

  4. Congratulations to you and your hubby on 42 years of marriage! You are one year ahead of us and guess what? We are still holding hands too! Loved your post today, Mary!

  5. precious my friend, happy anniversary.

  6. You are ewriting a beautiful love story and I pray you are both blessed in a special way today, and for many, many years to come!!

  7. Congrat's on a wonderful legacy! We just celebrated 35 yrs, despite what others thought. I know your family will cherish their inheritance of love seeing you through.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Congratulations! What a beautiful tribute. Lovely pictures, Mary!

  9. What a lovely couple! Happy Anniversary sister Mary and take care. God bless you both.

  10. I love that saying, had never heard it before. What a blessing for you to be holding hands after all this time! May you have many more moments so precious!

  11. Congratulations. You are a lovely couple....may you continue to hold hands.....♥

  12. So beautiful!
    What a legacy of true love!
    Blessingss upon you both!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo


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