Praying in Circles

We all have those times when we show up at the restaurant and soon realize that this is not only about meeting a friend for lunch but a divine appointment instead.  That’s how I felt recently when I had lunch with Cathy.

During lunch, Cathy asked me “What’s been going on in your church over the summer?”  That question opened the door to an avenue of hope.  I eagerly shared the mid-week series about Prayer Circles taken from author Mark Batterson, and how the sanctuary was filled with round tables where we gathered in circles to study about praying for our families, our church, our community and our nation.  Then we actually roamed the church grounds with our “circles” and prayed.

I’d been praying for Cathy long before my calendar listed our lunch.  Cathy is worried these days about her daughter.  I mentioned the book I just read:  Praying Circles Around Your Children.  I liked the clever way the author taught about finding a verse in God’s Word that targets the situation and praying that promise from God for our kids.  I liked reading about the creative parents who hung decorated plaques in their children’s bedrooms with their names on them followed by their meaning, calling forth those things in their little lives.  I thought about how cute that would have looked in my home when “Beloved” and “Strength” were growing up!

Imagine us, two moms, having lunch and knowing how the other one feels.  We reminded ourselves that God really cares about the details of our children’s lives.  He cares about her daughter’s illness and my daughter’s upcoming custody battle with the hassle of lawyers and mediation preparation for court again.    We were set up by God for that lunch and His powerful presence lifted and united us.  When we hugged goodbye, Cathy asked me to send her my book.  Now I can’t wait for our next lunch date.  Hopefully, we’ll have praise reports to share!  Until then, we’re praying circles around our children.


  1. Amen my friend, keep praying .

  2. I love it when yowl arrive for a date with a friend only to find out that it is a "God thing"......I love that your church is praying in circles for your families....If prayer is not at the heart of all we do, we can count on it not to work....

    I love your spirit..

  3. I am sure it was a divine God planned get together....I love when I get to experience it, You just know. :) . The prayer circle sound interesting and very informative to a prayer life. Keep us updated on the praise reports. :)

  4. That's what we must all to pray for our loved ones but also especially our children. What a beautiful time that must be between the two of you, planned ahead by our good Father up above. God bless you sister.

  5. Sometimes my prayers are so desperate, I feel like I'm praying *spheres* around them!! I think God would understand!


  6. I loved this post. it was uplifting to see how God orchestrated the meeting with your friend. I have read about "Circle Prayers" too and it's a great book to get us thinking about and doing more praying. I didn't know about your daughters's custody battle but I will be praying for her. And the circles keep on going.and going.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to "pray circles" around my girls. Sorry to hear about the stress with your family... May God bring about beautiful redemption to your family.

  8. God appointments. Love when that happens. And prayer circles...great idea. Happy Sonday. Hope it's a good one.

  9. I love those divine appointments. And I'm almost finished with the Prayer Circles book too.

    Blessings and love,


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