Hear it on Sunday; Use it on Monday: Vision

I heard a good sermon yesterday about vision, and God gave us special effects to go along with it!  We drove to church in pouring rain, the consistent soaking kind, which is pretty exciting in itself since we hardly see it in our desert town.  Our worship songs spoke of “rising up” and entering into the freedom that Jesus died to give us.  A special word of exhortation followed, challenging us to break free from the mud puddles we sometimes like to wallow in and to rise up and embrace God’s will for our future.  Looking back now, I think “Wow, those songs and that special word, even the rain, was a precursor to what the Lord was going to convey.”

So many good points were made about “vision” for our lives and living out the rest of our days in imagination and dreams instead of past memories.  But I like the part about Proverbs 18:19:  A brother offended is harder to be won over than a strong city, and their contentions separate them like the bars of a castle.”  Being yoked to offense blurs the vision of moving forward in victory.  Our pastor compared the past pain of fallen dreams and hurtful relationships to a broken windshield where the crack spreads and hampers our view as we drive forward.  We can’t navigate very well with the hindrance in place and he called us to acknowledge the past brokenness and choose instead to be yoked to God’s grace and mercy for a blessed life.  Isn’t that a good description of a hindrance like offensiveness blocking our vision?

I hope this word encouraged you today.  My post links to Hear it on Sundays, Use it on Mondays, hosted by  Michelle


  1. This was the line that really jumped out at me:

    "Being yoked to offense blurs the vision of moving forward in victory."

    Oh yes. I think that sums up one of the reasons that Jesus exhorts us towards forgiveness of others. I think He knows how much bitterness can destroy the person who was offended.

    I liked your image of being yoked to offense. Yes, tied to it, weighed down by it, forced to trudge alongside it.

    Lord, help us to take on Your yoke instead, and give us a clear vision of where You desire to lead us.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this post today, Mary. I needed it!

  3. Love the picture. Says a lot too. Thank you for sharing Mary. Hugs to you.

  4. Oh gosh, I'd love to hear your pastor someday ... he sounds like such a great communicator!

    This message is timely to me, personally.

    Thank you so much for stopping by with your assurance of prayers ... you've no idea how much they're appreciated!


  5. Appreciate you sharing this my friend.

  6. I like the analogy from your pastor about the broken shield in making the vision difficult to see in relation to our hurtful past. Even now, there are difficult relationships with our families and it's hard for the relationship to progress despite the effort. Many times I found myself it was easier to let Him drive through those circumstances. Knowing it's not me who can move the car but only by His grace. And with Him and only with the Lord I'm able to go far. Thank you for this precious nugget. I pray we get rain, too. Just like with the dryness of my spirit, may His grace and knowledge rain down on His children. Have a great week sister remaining strong in the Lord's mighty power!

  7. I read someplace that we need to put on our God glasses to see the people around us as God see's them...especially the one's most offensive to us...I think we would see their pain and brokenness to the point of compassion for them.

  8. Amen! I'm choosing to be yoked to God's grace. I'm praying for your family.

  9. Mary, this is such a good post. Everyone gets offended at times. Living with an offence does blur our vision and keeps us exactly where the devil wants us...focusing on ourselves.


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