An Ending or a New Beginning?

Working alongside my husband in the marketplace over the past 18 years prepared me for what was to come when we approached our mid-sixties!  Retirement is a transition alright!  It calls for change physically, emotionally and financially.  I like eating dinner at Noon or mid-day! 

It's only been six weeks but they have been heavenly if you’re like us and like to get things done.  Projects have been put on hold for way too long here at the old homestead so we’ve been crossing things off the old, wrinkled “to do” list.  We’re far from done and new goals are emerging! 

Here’s a peek at some accomplishments.  We rebuilt the front porch and painted it.

We painted our propane tank!  It’s kind of nice to camouflage that big white tank and make it more garden friendly.  Thumbs up!

That’s a quick look at my summer.  How are your summer days going?


  1. sending you love, hugs, and prayers.

  2. Mary, it's wonderful to "see" you here again. Have to admit, I was a bit taken aback when I saw you use the "R" word on FB ... but was too caught up, I guess.

    And here, in an earlier fantasy, I imagined DH and I perhaps buying a place from you and Tom someday. (All the same, it was a NICE fantasy.)

    Many blessings for happy days ahead!


  3. Retirement is wonderful but it is a big adjustment....I remember the first months after my husband retired we did the same thing you're doing catching up on all those projects we had let slide...But then you get into a nice routine and the freedom in your schedule that comes is absolutely wonderful....Retirement is a "fine" time of life.....

  4. Congrats on your retirement! That is wonderful news. It is an adjustment, and you have to learn a new way of living. But my husband and I love it! :)

  5. Everything looks great! I'm very thrilled for you and your hubby :)

  6. You guys are so industrious! And the *fruit of your labor* is wonderful!

    Our summer days?

    We just returned home after being evacuated for four days due to a raging wildfire that came within a mile of our home and town.

    So, this summer we are grateful - to firefighters, to our community, to prayer warriors - and to the God of the skies who sent rain at JUST the right time.


  7. You will love your free time....I do. These are the times you have looked forward to not look back but always look forward and enjoy:)


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